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PDF2Go is an online PDF editor and converter tool with an impressively huge list of features, including compress, edit, merge, protect, unlock, repair, split, and convert PDFs.

As one of best PDF to excel converters, it provides an easy way to turn PDF documents into Excel speedsheets effortlessly.

With this online PDF editor, you get to work with some of the most popular file formats like PDF, Microsoft Word, TXT, ePub, OpenOffice, RTF, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, SVG, ODP, PPT, PPTX, among others. This review will let you in on some of the outstanding features but before we do that, let’s look at the pros and cons;

Pros & Cons of PDF2Go

  • Supports batch file processing
  • A built-in OCR tool coupled with deskew options
  • Integrates popular cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox)
  • Secures uploads and downloads with 256-bit SSL
  • Multiplatform online program
  • Functions as a PDF compressor and editor
  • Allows you to process files from URLs
  • Limited and ad-laden free versions
  • No e-sign or watermark options

How to Use PDF2Go

Key Features in PDF2GO

PDF2Go supports all the popular web browsers (Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, and more) to deliver almost every sought-after feature to manage documents, and especially concerning PDF files. Below are some of the top features that PDF2Go boasts;

Convert PDF to Word


If you are looking forward to making editable Word documents out of PDFs, this online PDF converter app is all hands in for that comprehensive and convenient process. Both the old DOC and the latest DOCX formats are supported to give you that feeling of flexibility.

Also, you get to process both native and scanned PDF files thanks to the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature.  You can either choose to convert the image-based or scanned PDFs into images or utilize the OCR to extract editable text for you.

Here, you also choose between the layout and text recognition methods for the OCR; besides rocking automatic mode or picking the OCR language manually. The final output Word documents can have even more accurate text when you opt to use monochrome recognition. This way, you can forget retyping or copy-pasting text from PDF files into Word documents.

Convert JPG to PDF


As a fast online solution, PDF2Go offers an effortless way to convert JPG images into the PDF format equivalent. By doing so, you open your images files to a wider audience and that extra convenient viewing.

Again, you can still use the OCR tool here to extract text data and save in PDF format or ignore it to generate a PDF file containing images.

Even better, you are allowed to fix crooked images using the special deskew option, besides picking your preferred version of PDF output. Apart from JPG, you are open to processing other image formats including TIFF, PNG, and GIF.

Compress PDF


Ever encountered an instance where you cannot upload a PDF file on a certain website to file size limitations? In such a scenario you either edit the content to reduce the size of the PDF or abort the process altogether.

Luckily, PDF2Go comes in to save the day by providing ways to reduce the file size without compromising on the content. This PDF compressor tool offers two main compression modes; basic compression (outputs a medium file size at high quality) and the strong compression mode (delivers a small file size with medium quality). Past these modes, you are opened up to preset options that are based on the DPI you are looking for without the need to tinker with any options.

And when the need arises, you can compress PDF files even further by turning the pages into grayscale. With the reduced PDF file size, you can now jump the file size limit hurdles with ease. DPI-wise, here are the various presets;




















High/Color preserving


Edit PDF Documents


PDF2Go also allows you to edit PDFs without the hassle of setting up robust software like Adobe Acrobat on your computer. You are provided with the most common and important PDF editing options like the ability to;

  • Add and edit text (font/line/background color, font style/size/formatting)
  • Draw freehand using the pencil feature
  • Apply whiteout where necessary
  • Highlight certain document areas
  • Draw full or dashed lines
  • Draw indicator arrows
  • Draw shapes (rectangle, ellipse, polygon)
  • Embed images
  • Pan and zoom the document

All these options help you to deliver a PDF file that communicates the intended information in the most efficient way. For instance, readers can know areas of focus, see highlighted content, and more. A properly edited document goes a long way to guarantee easy comprehension, and as an online PDF editor, PDF2Go has more than enough tools for that.

More Features

That’s not all, PDF2Go has even more features that guarantee an even more all-encompassing document management process. Specifically, this PDF tool also allows you to;

  • Protect PDFs – Restrict opening and allowed permissions (printing, copying, modifying) by setting passwords to secure documents from unauthorized access.
  • Unlock PDFs – This feature allows you to remove passwords from a PDF to rid you of the tedious need to input the password every time.
  • Rotate PDF pages – If the pages in a PDF are not properly oriented, use this option to rotate them accordingly.
  • Sort and delete PDF pages – For a proper organization of a PDF, you are allowed to arrange and delete pages that are not needed.
  • Web PDF optimization – With this option, PDF2Go helps you to prepare PDFs for that convenient, proper, and direct viewing from the web without the need to download the file locally. This way, PDF2Go allows you to enjoy PDF streaming, fast web view, and web sharing.
  • Split and Merge PDFs – Here, a PDF can be divided into individual pages or sections. Also, multiple PDFs or pages can be combined to form a single and easy-to-manage document.


  • Repair a PDF – In the instance, a PDF file is broken, this is the PDF2Go’s powerful toolset you can call to rectify the document.
  • Make a PDF searchable – This feature helps to turn an image or scan-like document into a PDF that you can search specific content from. For the best results, ensure to include all the languages contained in the target document.
  • Change PDF page size – Unlike the compress function, this feature helps you to choose a preferred prest page size (A series (A4, A5, etc), B series (B2, B3, etc), C series, and more), or even a custom size depending on your needs.



PDF2Go is available in 3 packages (Unregistered Free, Registered Free, and Premium), and in each, there are certain features that make each package have an upper hand over the others. Here is a breakdown of how PDF2Go is priced.

PDF2Go Package


Unregistered Free


Registered Free





PDF2Go Unregistered Free vs Registered Free vs Premium

As mentioned, these PDF2Go packages differ in terms of the features offered and in this review section, we will look at the main differences to guide your choice. As a heads up,  the Premium version of PDF2Go does not feature any advertisement on the website.


PDF2Go Package


Unregistered Free

Registered Free


Tool access

All tools

All tools

Full and unlimited access

File size

Limited (50MB)

Higher (100MB)

Unlimited (8GB)

File per conversion


More files



PDF2Go is bound to give you a very fulfilling experience in regard to document management. It presents itself as an avid online PDF editor, a reliable PDF converter, a superior PDF compressor, among other nifty and important features, all under the same roof.

With availability on all platforms and featuring browser extensions, you are not in any way chained to a specific platform, therefore, it lives up to its name that you can process documents on the go. Both beginners and pros can make the most out of this web app and the pricing is also quite affordable.

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