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What’s PDF2GO?

PDF2Go does not fall short of living to its name. It is a very convenient Excel to PDF converter online service that delivers nothing else but the best in output quality. It has gained popularity due to how fast it does its conversion tasks in an easy way on top of being absolutely free. Any size of Excel file can be handled which ultimately determines how soon you get the output. Of course, large files will always tale some more time to convert compared to smaller files. In this PDF2Go review article, we are interested to know all the features you are opened up to once you give it a go. Without further ado, let us get into the PDF2Go world and take a feature tour.

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    More in PDF2GO

    Conveniently Convert Excel To PDF

    To convert Excel to PDF being the core business, PDF2Go aims at giving you the best experience as much as possible. This tool is not selective in the types of Excel files it can handle as it works with both old XLS and newer XLSX formats out of the box. An OCR feature is also available in case you have to extract data from scanned files. The process of converting Excel spreadsheets into PDF is very straightforward I have to say. You just need to upload the target Excel file for conversion, select OCR if need be, choose a language of choice, save the changes and then finally get started with the conversion. 

    No Software Installations

    The convenience brought about by an online tool is that it does not require you to download and install any packages on your device. All you need is a stable internet connection to handle your Excel file uploads and PDF downloads after the Excel to PDF process is done. You are able to save on your computer resources both the processing power and the storage space on your hard disk. On top of that, you are secured from malware that can attack your computer, especially when installing some tools. This PDF2Go review has ascertained that all you need to do is navigate to the website and get started with Excel to XLS or Excel to XLSX right away.


    The accuracy that is offered by any Excel to PDF converter tool is of ultimate importance. It comes in handy when you need to share high-quality PDF files after converting from Excel. This is achievable since the original formatting of the original spreadsheet is retained even in the eventual PDF file. It would be a big disappointment sharing disorganized content to other parties in a way that it cannot be comprehended. In addition to the accurate conversion, the PDF files are printer optimized and very shareable over the internet.

    Safe and Secure

    Whenever you are using an online tool, privacy and security of uploaded files are always of very big concern. Consequently, PDF2Go assures you of safe usage of their tool without any worries. Any Excel files that you upload and the converted PDF files that you download are always deleted from the servers once you are done with them. This is on top of employing very secure servers that cannot be breached making your Excel to PDF conversion tasks open to third parties. Better yet, there is no manual checking and forwarding of any information to third parties. At the end of it all, you can rest assured that it is a very safe process with all file right reserved to you as the user.

    Convert Both XLS and XLS

    A PDF file format is always more versatile and most of all very appropriate especially when sharing with your preferred parties. In our task of interest, we need to convert Excel spreadsheets into PDF format for convenience during further actions. PDF2Go makes sure that no one is left in this train no matter the version of Office you are using as it supports both XLS and XLSX formats of Excel.

    Convert On The Go

    PDF2Go lives true to name by being exceptionally flexible and reliable. Being an online tool, you will be able to access it on any device and from just anywhere in the world including at home, in the office or when on the move. This online Excel to PDF tool will have you sorted out within no time without much hassle hence save you not only time but also the effort.

    This feature tour has proven very eventful considering the number of features we have identified that come with this tool. Will you give PDF2Go a run and experience all these features? Which feature have you loved most about this tool? All in all, it is a wonderful Excel to PDF converter tool that is delivered to you free of charge. There should be no excuse if you cannot convert spreadsheets to PDF with great levels of convenience.

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