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PDF URL Converter is an online tool brought to you by InvestInTech PDF Solutions to help you convert PDF files into HTML documents. With the tool living on the web, it means you do not need to go through the cumbersome process of installing software and plugins on your computer. However, to use this tool, you are required to have a good internet connection that can handle PDF file uploads. It is a very simple tool to use as we will learn more in this review article.

PDF URL Converter is free of any charges meaning it is a great tool when you do not have money to go for a paid PDF to HTML Converter. Besides being a free tool, what other features do you get? This PDF URL Converter review article seeks to find out what features you expect at your disposal once you decide to get started. Find out more below.

Getting Started

When you opt for PDF URL converter web tool, getting started is pretty simple. The process takes you through two steps only. You just need to navigate to the tool website, upload the target PDF file to be converted to HTML and then start the actual conversion process. This is definitely a simple process to handle even for a first-time user.

Easy File Addition Process

We have seen that PDF URL Converter deals with uploads as a way of adding PDF files for eventual conversion to HTML files. You can add files in two ways depending on which one is most convenient for you. You are able to browse for PDFs via the default computer file explorer or optionally implement the drag-and-drop feature.

From experience, the drag-and-drop feature is usually more convenient as you do not have to do a lot of folder and file browsing. With it, you will be able to add PDF files faster and directly for conversion.


Once the PDF file has been converted to HTML, this tool automatically generates a URL where you can preview how the conversion has been done. A Preview button is available when the PDF is converted to HTML and clicking on it opens a new tap where your HTML file will live till you want it deleted. You will use the same link of the preview to share the HTML document to a target audience of choice.

Enjoy Fast Conversion Process

With PDF URL Converter, the PDF to HTML conversion process should happen within a short time but is dependent on two factors. Depending on the size of the PDF file and the number of conversion processes in the queue on the server, the speed of conversion will vary. The small the PDF file and the low the server load, the quicker the conversion to HTML and vice versa.

Privacy and Anonymity

You have come across tools that require you to provide a personal email address in order to obtain the output. Contrary to that, PDF URL Converter process does not require any other input from you apart from the PDF file to be converted. Therefore, you are guaranteed anonymity when using the tool at all times as no information is collected from you.

Delete Files At Your Discretion

In this review, we have noted that the input  PDF file is converted into an HTML document that lives in an autogenerated URL on the web. This URL links to the output HTML file on the PDF URL Converter server meaning that the file can be deleted once the use of the file is no longer required.

The process of deleting the file requires you to contact the tool provider with the exact URL for the HTML file to be deleted. Once your message is received, the file is deleted immediately and will no longer be available on the previous URL.

Try out this free online tool and enjoy all these features outlines in this review article. It is simple, efficient and most of all convenient. Try PDF URL Converter today.

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