3 Online PDF to Excel Converters That Allow Convert 500 Pages at Once


During the times that we interact with PDF files, you find that you are not dealing with so many pages and thus the process is not a headache at all. However, when it comes to processing multipage PDF files with an aim to convert them into the Excel format equivalent, the need for specialized programs to handle that is realized. And by multipage we are referring to 500 pages and more which is a pretty bulk PDF file when you need to convert.

While you may lack offline converter tools to handle this conveniently for you, we have gone the extra mile to bring you the best online PDF to Excel converter programs that are able to bridge the gap for you in the simplest and most convenient way. The reason you need to go for an online PDF converter is to escape the setback that your computer may not meet the requirements to handle a PDF file with 500 pages adequately to convert and deliver the expected results without struggling. By working from the cloud, the process to convert PDF pages in bulk becomes easy on Mac, Windows, or Linux without any restrictions or mishaps. Here are 3 tools to convert PDF to Excel online that can manage 500 pages or more without breaking a sweat.

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1). Investintech Online PDF to Excel Converter 

Investintech is a free tool to convert PDF to Excel online that has a good share of wonderful features like the ability to allow you to convert 500 PDF pages all at once. This automatically translates to the capability of this online PDF to Excel converter to handle batch conversion without breaking a single sweat. You will not only work on native PDF files but also have the apt chance to process scanned PDF files conveniently thanks to the incorporated OCR feature that is at your disposal for free.

Working with this program to convert 500 pages is also made even simpler when you consider that the much-coveted drag-and-drop feature is also supported on top of the native file explorer method. To convert your PDF pages into XLS, XLSX, or CSV, here is the process on how to do that.

      1. Open your web browser and navigate to www.investintech.com/able2extract.html
      2. Import a PDF file with 500 pages or more. Simply click on the area or more conveniently drag and drop the target file into the area indicated on the interface.
      3. Wait for the upload and conversion process to complete. The moment your PDF file is uploaded, the process to convert PDF to Excel online will start immediately.
      4. Download the converted Excel file. Click on the “Download File” link to save the converted Excel file in your computer ready for further actions.


Without taking too much time or effort, this online app will convert all your 500+ pages in a way that will not in any way compromise the layout or formatting of the original data. With this tool, you are just moments away from a fully editable Excel spreadsheet.

2). SimplyPDF

SimplyPDF offers a very convenient method to convert multipage PDF files into the Excel format equivalent with some extra goodies. Extra goodies in the sense that you are able to recognize forms, detect hyperlinks, headers, footers, and lists that may be in your PDF files. It is an online PDF to Excel converter app that delivers quality conversions that go a long way to see you escape the need to reformat and rework the converted XLS, XLSX, or CSV files.

For convenience, you can opt to have all logical tables in your PDF file merged into a single Excel file that is easy to manage. Not forgetting the included OCR that makes converting scanned PDF documents feel just like a walk in the park. Here is a guide on how to make the most out of this software.

      1. Head over to https://simplypdf.com/Excel on your favorite browser.
      2. Select the PDF to Excel conversion mode. Click on the middle icon that has the Excel logo.
      3. Add a multipage PDF file with tables. Click on the “Select a PDF file to convert” button to add the PDF file with 500 pages or more.
      4. Adjust conversion parameters. Make necessary adjustments to the parameters displayed or click on the “Show more options” button to access extra options.
      5. Start the conversion process. Simply click on the “Convert” button to start the upload and conversion process. When all that is complete, click on the “Click here to download it” link on the popup that appears to download the converted Excel file.


No matter the number of PDF pages you are looking forward to converting, this is the ideal program to give you just the kind of output you want without the need to hassle much. Now that you are familiar with the program and how to use it, it is now time to make the most out of it.

3). Zamzar Online PDF to Excel Converter

Zamzar is another simple and instinctive piece of online software that will come in handy to help you convert PDF to Excel online. No matter the platform you are on, Windows, Linux, or Mac, you will be able to get started with this program without any limitations. Working on the cloud means that processing a PDF file with 500 pages or more becomes easy without taking a toll on your computer resources. Actually, in just a matter of three steps, you will be done with the conversion process and as a result, save yourself a great deal of both time and effort.

For a large document with many pages and that can take some time to convert, you can input your email address so that you can be notified once the output is ready for you. Below, you will get to learn how to use this online app.

      1. Open Zamzar online. On your preferred web browser, open https://www.zamzar.com/convert/pdf-to-xls/ page.
      2. Open a PDF file containing 500 pages or more. Click on the “Add Files…” button to import a PDF file from the local storage.
      3. Choose an output format. From the drop-down menu, select one among XLS, XLSX, and CSV as your preferred Excel output format.
      4. Start the conversion. Simply click on the “Convert Now” button to kickstart the process and once done, click on the “Download” button to grab the output locally.


By delivering one of the simplest methods to convert a PDF file of 500 pages or more, Zamzar has really made a name for itself and any user getting started with it will have no disappointments whatsoever in the end. It will deliver the expected results in a satisfactory way.

Three choices await you in regard to converting 500 pages or more of a PDF file without the need to go through complex processes to set up the software on your computer. You have not only come to know of the apps but also have the accompanying guides on how to use any of the tools. Grab one of these tools and sail yourself to a convenient process of converting multiple pages of a PDF file into the Excel format equivalent.

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