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OmniPage Ultimate



OmniPage Ultimate is the best OCR software for SMBs and larger businesses that aim at maximizing productivity. Using this program, you get to convert scanned or image-based PDFs into both editable and shareable format, resulting in a smooth workflow.

Kofax OmniPage Ultimate is a business-oriented OCR software that strives to cut down on the time spent, costs of operation, therefore culminating into a convenient way of managing and sharing documents. It is through the OCR that data from scanned documents or images becomes ready to use and make meaningful information out of.

Some of the supported output editable formats cut across Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), HTML, Corel WordPerfect, ePub, searchable PDF, and more. Before we dive into the various features at your disposal, here are some of the OmniPage pros and cons;

Pros & Cons of OmniPage Ultimate

  • Integrates cloud services
  • Presents a powerful OCR with a touch of automation
  • Boasts a text-to-speech feature
  • Over 120 OCR languages are supported
  • Supports batch processing
  • High levels of accuracy
  • A pretty intimidating and confusing interface
  • Windows-only app

How to Use OmniPage Ultimate

Key Features in OmniPage Ultimate

In a quest to help individuals, small and large businesses accurately digitize images and scans, OmniPage Ultimate delivers a ton of options that gear you towards that editable and searchable document you have been looking for. Here are the most outstanding features;

Deliver Searchable Documents


Unless you retype content, data from scanned PDFs or images can prove quite a hassle to reuse. Luckily, this is only a short-lived hurdle when OmniPage Ultimate comes into play. Using the specially designed eDiscovery Assistant feature, individual or multiple PDFs can be converted into searchable documents at the click of a button. From there, it is just a matter of copy-and-paste to use the text data.

High Accuracy

The superiority of an OCR is defined by how accurate the recognition is. OmniPage has invested greatly into the delivery of accurate results no matter how complex a PDF is. Amazingly, this tool strives to greatly improve the document layout before letting you export the output to your preferred format.

Batch Processing

In a business setting, the quantity of documents to OCR is usually large. Of course, processing one document after another proves to be not only tedious but also overly time-consuming.

To help with this, OmniPage Ultimate allows for the processing of multiple PDFs all at once, thereby reducing the time and effort it would have taken. Even better, it is possible to schedule batch processes, from emails or normal folders, and enjoy real-time OCR thanks to the implementation of unattended automation.

Lots of Recognition Languages


OmniPage Ultimate, a Kofax craft, lets you OCR documents from almost every corner of the world. To be specific, you are opened up to over 120 OCR languages that make it quite easy to edit, process, and store documents no matter the language. By matching the document language and the OCR language, the accuracy levels are boosted further.

Integrates Scanners


If your PDFs are coming from a scanner, OmniPage Ultimate lets you OCR the images or PDF files, directly from that specific scanner. The best thing is that a wide range of scanners is supported including desktop, mobile scanners, besides multi-functions and all-in-one printers. Reducing the number of steps to obtain editable output equivalent goes a long way to save a ton of time to the overall workflow.

OmniPage Launchpad


This is another special feature that helps you to OCR any format regardless of where you are on the network. With this feature, you can conveniently archive and use any device to access the documents. The idea here is that you can perform OCR tasks while on the go without being restricted to a desktop.

As a bonus, Kofax OmniPage Ultimate also lets you instantly OCR pictures into text, whether from a smartphone or a digital camera. Amazingly, you also get the chance to proofread the output text. How else does it get better than this?



OmniPage Ultimate is generous and very considerate to present you with a free trial period for you to have a taste of the features offered. The trial period comes with obvious limitations and only after buying the premium version can you bridge this gap. OmniPage Ultimate costs $499.


OmniPage Ultimate has presented itself as the ideal OCR software, especially for businesses that wish to expedite the overall process of obtaining editable content from scans or images. Its accuracy levels are unrivaled, and the batch processing feature coupled with automation goes further to save the organization even more time. Whether you need to OCR scans into any format and send via a network, look no further, OmniPage has got you covered.

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