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novaPDF, a Softland craft, is a PDF software that is installed as a virtual printer to help in PDF creation, among other tasks like merging and securing PDFs on Windows. This program works the magic for you by delivering only high-quality results after every task. It is fully compatible with the Windows platform, making it very reliable.

Better yet, novaPDF does not need programs like Adobe Acrobat to achieve full potential or functionality. Further, it can be integrated with Microsoft Office products to realize tasks even faster tasks.

novaPDF aims at saving time for you, keeping your PDF documents safe, saving money for you, and greatly improving PDF collaboration. No matter the PDF file load you throw at this software, expect everything to run flawlessly. The best thing is that you are able to monitor each process in real-time. Here are some of the novaPDF pros and cons.

Pros & Cons of novaPDF

  • Batch processing is available
  • Offers conversion templates and profiles
  • Features add-ins for MS Office
  • Provides universal printing options
  • Allows for PDF linearization
  • Supports PDF/A standards
  • Offers PDF editing options
  • An overly intimidating interface
  • PDFs cannot be converted into other formats

How to Use novaPDF

Key Features in novaPDF

novaPDF has been fine-tuned to deliver excellent features that are geared towards a fluid and efficient workflow. Here are the highlight features that you can make the most out of;

Create PDFs


novaPDF gives you one of the easiest ways to create PDF files from any printable document you can think of via the printer driver interface. We can refer to this in simpler terms as converting other documents into the PDF format equivalent. To be specific, you get to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, HTML, TXT, among other formats into PDF via the included universal printing mode.

This task can be motivated by the need to share content in an unmodifiable format or help reach an even wider audience without the need for specialized viewing software. The layout and formatting are retained in order to ensure the information reaches the audience as expected. For instance, any hidden hyperlinks and bookmarks are carried over into the converted PDF file by this avid PDF creator.

Secure PDFs


Aside from being an avid PDF converter, novaPDF goes on to offer ways that help secure PDFs making it possible to restrict access. Amazingly, novaPDF supports the powerful 256-bit AES encryption that lets you set document passwords that restrict viewing, printing, or copy-pasting content.

Also, when haring, you can apply digital signatures that can be used to confirm the authenticity and integrity of a PDF file. Through this kind of document security, you need not worry that your document will be opened by unauthorized parties.

Merge PDFs


novaPDF recognizes the need for consolidating documents into one for that easy and convenient management. Softland provides the tools necessary to merge or join multiple PDFs into a single PDF.

Also, you can merge pages from other PDFs into another document at the click of a button and rid yourself of the need to deal with multiple documents every time. The best thing about this feature is that the original quality of the merged files or pages remains intact to guarantee high-quality output.

PDF Linearization

If you are planning to share PDFs that support viewing from the web, this is a feature that you should not miss implementing.

With it, you enable a user to view the PDF file directly from the web without the need to download the document. novaPDF simply optimizes the input file to fit streaming compatibility. This translates into convenience and saving of storage services. Using the fast web view feature, streaming PDFs is way easy and rids you the need to set up PDFviewing software on your computer.

Extra Features

Besides the features outlined above, novaPDF has even more in store for you. Here, we will list out some of the other features including;

  • Offers PDF watermark and stamp options for personalization
  • Presents a considerable amount of PDF editing features
  • Allows you to embed fonts
  • Offers batch processing capabilities
  • Boasts PDF/A compliance
  • Lets you tinker with the PDF metadata and user tags
  • Offers after-save actions
  • Can automatically upload documents via SFTP or FTP
  • Offers templates to simplify the PDF stitching process for you
  • Can conveniently share PDFs via email
  • Lets you define private printing profiles to reuse settings
  • Apply compression and downsampling

Softland has thought through your PDF needs and therefore goes the extra mile to provide you with pretty much all your need to present your PDF documents better. It is unlikely that you will miss the much-coveted PDF features.


novaPDF offers a free 30-day trial period for the three editions, Professional, Standard, and Lite, before opening you up to pretty versatile pricing criteria. The good thing about the pricing here is that it is a one-time purchase which is usually preferred in comparison to the subscription model. If you are looking to use this PDF software for personal endeavors, you have the following  license plans to choose from;



novaPDF Professional


novaPDF Standard


novaPDF Lite


For businesses, license prices are available as below. Fixed licenses are assigned permanently while the Floating licenses are assigned temporarily.


License Prices

novaPDF Edition

Fixed Computer

Floating Computer

Fixed User

Floating User

















novaPDF has found home with many users thanks to the kind of superiority it displays over other similar programs. It goes a long way to make PDF printing easy besides a ton of extra options like merging, watermarking, converting, creating PDFs, among other options.

Also, the versatile pricing allows you to pick a paid plan that is affordable for you. Developers will also fall in love with this program since there are ways to integrate PDF creation capabilities into other programs. Of course, for a fully-fledged experience, obtaining the paid version is highly advised. The interface may intimidate you at first, but once you get familiar with it, you will be smooth sailing all the time.

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