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What’s NovaPDF?

All of us at one point or the other have used Microsoft Excel program to create spreadsheets especially when you need to organize data into rows and columns and perform mathematical calculations. However, when it comes to sharing, it may not be the most convenient format as it can be marred by alterations which can mess with the overall original formatting. To avoid that hassle, NovaPDF saves the day by letting you convert your spreadsheets and workbooks into PDF files. By converting the Excel files to PDF, you are opened up to convenient sharing. What features does this tool offer to give the best? Let us find out below.

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  • 1. NovaPDF
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  • 2. TalkHelper PDF Converter
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    How to Convert Excel to PDF with NovaPDF

    The process is very simple and ultimately very straightforward. It entails the steps outlined below that can be followed by anyone even if they have not used the tool before.

    • Download and install NovaPDF on your Windows PC.
    • Open the target Excel spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel program.
    • Go to File then Print and when asked to choose a printer, select NovaPDF.

    Even before you can finally finish the conversion process, there are various options that you can tinker with to make the output even be better than it is. One of these options entails how you want the conversion to be done. To be specific you can choose from three options including; printing the active worksheets, printing specific areas of the target worksheet or simply the entirety of the open workbook.

    Finally, click on the Print button after which you will be prompted to choose a preferred directory where you want the PDF file to be saved.

    You do not have to hassle finding the file in order to open it as it will be opened automatically in your default PDF file software after a successful conversion.

    NovaPDF Add-In

    When installing NovaPDF for the first time, it gives you the option to install add-ins for Microsoft Office suite. This is an option that will be already selected by default and it will add in all the supported Microsoft Office applications including Excel that we are interested in. In addition to that, another tab referred to as NovaPDF will let you create PDF files directly from the Office interface with just a single click. This makes Excel to PDF conversion process just like a walk in the park on top of being very time conservative.

    To use the NovaPDF Add-in, follow the steps below;

    • Open the Excel file that you need to convert to PDF.
    • Click on the NovaPDF menu on the Microsoft Excel program.
    • Finally, click on the Save As PDF option after which choosing the file-saving directory will follow and it is from that directory that you will locate your converted PDF file.

    The add-in is set up with the default settings during installation in case you are doing your first Excel to PDF conversion. However, there are add-in options that can be customized as the need may arise to get the best out of the resulting PDF file. Below, we look at some of the Excel to PDF options that are presented by this top tool.

    Advanced Options

    With the advanced options, you will be able to modify several settings including choosing your default PDF printer and when you want to save the document – is it before or after converting it? In addition to that, you can modify details like the document information, transforming sheet names to organized bookmarks on top of printing the entire workbook. Regarding the document information, it entails personalizing the output PDF file with metadata like the Author, Title, Subject, Tags and more. Excel sheet names can be converted into PDF bookmarks bearing the same names for easy identification in the resulting PDF file.

    Links Management

    NovaPDF has dedicated options that dictate the various ways in which links can be handled when converting from Excel to PDF. These include;

    • Generating PDF Links -When you select this option, all links in the current Excel sheet are detected and converted as active links in the resulting PDF document.
    • Converting cross-document links – Basically, this option will convert links that open other external documents.
    • Using Relative paths – This is best suited when you are dealing with non-absolute links for final PDFpaths.
    • Changing file extensions to PDF – when coming up with the aforementioned cross-document links, all links pointing to other files can set to PDF files sharing the same name or location path.
    • Converting cross-reference links – By enabling this option, you will convert links that navigate the reader to different areas within the same Microsoft Excel document.
    • Converting Internet links – In case you have hyperlinks in your Excel sheets, they will be converted appropriately so that they point to the correct Internet addresses in the converted PDF file.

    As you may have noticed, Nova PDF has a plethora of features and advanced options that give you total control over your Excel to PDF conversion tasks. This review article has not even exhausted all the features you are to enjoy when you get started. I believe it is time to download this great tool, install it and find more goodies when you need to convert Excel to PDF.

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