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Nitro Pro is a comprehensive PDF reader, creator, editor, converter, signer, and takes the lead as the best alternative to Adobe Acrobat Pro. it has been crafted with the user in mind and is guaranteed to take your productivity a notch higher, thanks to the instinctive Microsoft Office-style interface that poses no steep learning curve.

You also get to accelerate your productivity even further through the use of nifty add-ons (on Internet Explorer and Office) for that extra and direct control over PDF files. This way, you can take on tasks faster and still deliver exemplary results without breaking a sweat. The good thing is that Nitro PDF can be used on either an individual or business setting, although exclusive to the Windows platform.

Before we dissect Nitro Pro to find out all the features that are at your disposal, we first jump into a quick summary of the pros and cons.

Pros & Cons of Nitro Pro

  • A rich PDF editor
  • High-quality output with format retention
  • Lets you fill forms digitally
  • Cloud integration
  • Offers batch processing and printing
  • PDF splitter, merger, and annotator
  • An Office-like interface
  • Lets you secure and sign documents
  • Limited processing in free mode

How to Use Nitro Pro

Key Features in Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro comes with a plethora of features that place it at the top of most PDF tools there. This review seeks to bring to your attention the highlight features you are to meet the moment you get started with this wonderful tool. Let’s begin!

PDF Converter


PDF conversion is a core function of most PDF tools and Nitro Pro has not been left out on this train. Basically, it helps you transform any PDF into Microsoft Office format equivalent like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, RTF, plain text, images, among others.

You will love that you get very high levels of layout consistency by carrying over all the images, fonts, and overall formatting. Format retention goes a long way to save time and effort that you would have needed to make necessary edits.

Unlike other similar programs, you get the feature to directly convert emails (including entire folders) and attachments into PDF for that convenient archiving. Amazingly, you can save yourself lots of time and effort by taking advantage of the much-coveted batch processing feature.

PDF Creator


When it comes to PDF creation, one thing you will appreciate is just how the original layout and formatting are maintained from the original document to the converted PDF file. This means that you get to save a ton of time that could have been used in correcting errors and formatting issues.

The other thing is universality whereby the created PDFs can be opened with any PDF program like Adobe Acrobat Pro, among others. How about document scanning? Nitro Pro is one of the few apps that can create a PDF file directly from a scanner, saving in PDF, or sending to the printer.

Even better, you are opened up to the PDF/A format that plays a very big role in helping you archive PDFs better, especially long-term. Looking to create PDFs professionally, Nitro Pro has all the perks you need.

PDF Editor


The ability to edit PDF files is a feature that many users look for and Nitro Pro is at the forefront to make sure you are enjoying one of the most comprehensive PDF editor tools. The versatility here cannot be overemphasized as it covers text adjustment, image swapping, adding corporate logos, among other options that give you total control over the document. Here is a breakdown before various editing tasks you can accomplish;

  • Add, edit and delete text/images
  • Copy and paste the text into Microsoft Office documents
  • Extract, insert or rotate PDF pages
  • Add dynamic bookmarks
  • Add watermarks
  • Directly add page numbers
  • Make a PDF interaction by embedding hyperlinks and adding attachments
  • Add, edit, and remove PDF Bates Numbers (best for indexing legal docs)

No matter the PDF design you are working on, Nitro Pro gives you all the necessary tools to bend it to your preference. That is why you are also opened up to a built-in OCR tool that helps convert scanned or image-based PDFs into editable and searchable text documents. The multiple languages and high accuracy levels akin to none other ensure that you need not retype content.

PDF Annotator


Nitro Pro provides a fully-fledged PDF annotator tool that proves very handy when it comes to document collaboration. Let’s say you are working on a PDF document as a group, Nitro Pro lets you highlight, add comments, callouts, shapes, and text to the areas that need attention from the other contributors.

A big plus here is that all the comments done with this tool are universally compatible with any PDF software out there. Even better, you can also reply to previous comments to provide feedback and track all notes easily by combining them into a single PDF document.

Unlike other apps, you have the option to compare PDFs to find out how they differ between versions. When you need to mark the status of a PDF file arises, worry not as Nitro Pro has a nifty digital stamp feature at your disposal. The best thing is that you can choose from the built-in stamps, come up with your own, or from a custom image.

Another special feature is whereby one can take measurements like distance, area, and perimeter in a blueprint, CAD file, and drawings in PDF format with ease, before printing.

Merge Documents


Within moments, Nitro Pro makes it possible to combine PDF files among other document types to facilitate easy searching, organizing, reviewing, and sharing. And even after obtaining the single output file, you still have the chance to refine the output further by extracting pages, converting any page or page ranges into images, or even reverting the merge process by splitting.

By merging PDF files, you bring about an extra touch of accessibility and cohesiveness, helping the target audience find everything in a single, easily manageable document. The fact that you can merge related content into a single file rids you of the hassle of handling multiple documents with related content, and Nitro Pro gives you all the necessary tools for that.

Sign PDFs


Nitro Pro is here to see into all your signing needs using the exclusive QuickSign feature. With this feature, you can sign and send back PDFs in a matter of moments without ever leaving the Nitro Pro interface. Through the use of digital signatures, the validity and identity of a PDF file can be ascertained since the document is encrypted and locked to guarantee a very high level of security.

This means that you can verify the source of a document and still ensure that a PDF file gets accessed by the right party. Better yet, both electronic and digital signatures can be applied depending on preference – most programs will not give you this.

Fillable PDF Form Creator


At one point or another, you may encounter a PDF form that you can’t just seem to fill properly or as you would wish to. Luckily, Nitro Pro jumps in to save the day by helping you create fillable forms that can be adjusted digitally. This is through the use of text boxes, duplicating text fields, and bringing general flexibility to the formatting process.

Still, other documents can be transformed into dynamic forms that are easy to fill. We have previously talked about signatures and during the PDF form filling process, you get to add your signature and even request from other collaborators to the form. You end up with a clean form that is way better than what you may have achieved with another PDF editor.

Secure PDFs


The security of documents is always of great concern and having a program that can guarantee this is always a big plus. Nitro Pro is the right program for the job as it gives you several ways to protect a PDF document. To be specific, you get to;

  • Define access permissions (copying, extracting, viewing, editing, printing)
  • Redact sensitive information
  • Apply digital signatures
  • Add passwords
  • Authorize access based on digital IDs
  • Apply Nitro Pro’s Chain of Trust that verifies the sender and signature validity

To make the document even more secure for you, you have access to advanced encryption options to ensure that the PDF file does get exposed to third-party access.

Cloud Integration


Working from the cloud brings a ton of convenience and while not many tools have the luxury of this feature, Nitro Pro makes it possible for you to work while on the go also. Through the use of cloud services, you are guaranteed a flawless workflow. To be specific, you can view, open and save PDFs in Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive, depending on which one laces your shoes best.

The other advantage of this integration is that collaboration becomes way easier since you eliminate the need to send attachments that are bound to hit security risks. Apart from the cloud integration, the included Microsoft Office plugin lets you create PDFs directly from Office programs with total control over the file size, PDF/A compliance, link conversion, and more.

Nitro Pro Pricing

Nitro Pro offers a 14-day free trial version for you to experience all the available features. Once you have exhausted the trial period, Nitro Pro goes for a one-time license priced at $159 per user. It is advisable to go for packs as they give you very discounted prices. For businesses, the Nitro Productivity Suite is your best shot with custom pricing for teams and enterprises.


Nitro Pro takes into account all your needs to deliver an all-encompassing program that helps take care of all tasks that touch on PDF files. Whether you are looking for a PDF reader, converter, OCR, annotator, signer, merger, and more, look no further as Nitro Pro has all the necessary tools for that. Terming it as professional editing software is not far-fetched at all considering the ton of features covered in this review article.

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