Nemo PDF To Word Converter

Unlike many of the PDF to Word converters available on the market today, Nemo is a free tool that gives you just about the same thing that you will expect from a handful of the paid ones out there. In this Nemo PDF to Word Converter review, I will be looking at the things that make this converter stand out among its peers as one of the best free PDF to Word converters available today.

In this review, I will be doing a critical review of Nemo that will contain the pros and cons of the app while also discussing the various features it has. This will be done from a strictly user-experience angle because it is important to able to deliver an unbiased review.

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Nemo PDF To Word ConverterWindows 7/10$29Free Download
TalkHelper PDF ConverterWindows 7/8/8.1/10$29.95Free Download

Nemo PDF To Word: A Quick Analysis

Nemo is a one-paged software that packs all that you will need into one interface. When it comes to interface appeal, you may have to rank this app low. This is because of the rather bland overview it has. However, all that it lacks in beautiful display, it made up for in functionality and efficiency.

Nemo Converter

From a user angle, I kind of like how that the whole app is easy to use and the buttons are placed in a conspicuous area. Conversion from PDF to Word on this app will only take some few steps and you have your converted files without any fuss.

Also, at the right-hand corner is a button that takes you to the website where you can also carry out your conversion tasks there. Personally, I think that is an irrelevant thing because I already got the app, why would I need to go online to do the same thing. It was the other way round, it will be understandable.

Output and Efficiency Test

So, I tested a 14-paged PDF document in the Nemo PDF to Word converter and it only took me some 4 easy steps to get the job done. First, I clicked on the “Add Files” button, then I uploaded the file to the app. After this, I clicked the “Convert” button and it took about 14 seconds to get all done, that is one-second to convert each page. This is fairly great as some app takes way more time to convert similar documents.

After this was done, I got a pop-up that asked how I want to access the file: to open the file directly or to open the folder. This is a good one because I may just want to share and not edit, so I can choose between opening the file or the folder where it is located.

after conversion

The next thing I did was to take a look at the output. For this, I was quite impressed because aside from a few minor color issues, everything on the output Word file appears very much intact and great.


In the text part, just the formatting of the color was affected. About 95% of everything came out just as they appeared in the original document. This goes to show the efficiency of Nemo and with what accuracy it performs conversion processes. To further confirm this, I converted a graph filled page and the output was just as good.

out put 2

Nemo PDF To Word Converter: Features

Aside from the good grade output that you get, the app also allows you to select specific page(s) on the file you want to convert. This means that if you are working with specific pages, you do not need to convert all the pages. You just tick the “Page Number” button and type in the pages you want to convert.

In the same vein, you can choose whether you want the output as .doc format or as a .rft format. This creates more room for you to make choice of output that you will like to get even within the Word format circle.


In conclusion, Nemo PDF to Word is a relatively good converter that has all the features that you will need in a PDF To Word converter. The icing on the cake, however, is that it comes free of cost and has both web and a downloadable application.

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