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Looking for an all-around screencasting app? Look no further as you are in the right place. Monosnap is a Mac OS X perfect choice when it comes to taking snapshots, capturing videos and editing all in a fast and easy way. Depending on the task at hand, you will be able to accomplish each without much hassle. Consequently, the output can either be a screenshot or a full motion picture that can be shared to friends or target audience on any preferred platform.

Monosnap will enable you to capture screenshots and screen records, edit them on the fly and be ready to share within no time. This review will dive even to greater depths to find out what makes Monosnap such a great screencasting tool for the Mac OS X. This app comes free of charge so no need to spend any money to enjoy the features but it would be a good thing supporting the developers with some donation.

Capture Without Restrictions

Monosnap gives total freedom when it comes to recording the screen. You are able to record the full screen, a region on the screen or even a selected window. The mode to implement primarily depends on the task at hand and ultimately the intended goal. You just need to choose one and Monosnap will adjust itself accordingly to suit any of the modes. Before you start recording the video, you can set the framerate to work with and in addition to that, decide on the quality level (low, medium or high). Screenshots are saved in either PNG or JPG formats

Besides recording the screen, Monosnap enables you to also record the webcam. This can be done as a screenshot or better yet include footage when recording by implementing picture-in-picture feature. The webcam will appear as an overlay on the recording window allowing you to personalize the video easily. If you have more than one webcam connected to your Mac, this app will let you choose on the one that you prefer to use.

In terms of sound, Monosnap can capture system and microphone audio when need be. Each can be recorded separately or even at the same in combination with the video recording. You are free to opt out of recording audio by directing the software not to capture any system sound or even microphones.



This is a nifty feature that comes in handy when you want to record a selectable region. You get preciseness to the level of a single pixel to make sure you are as accurate and exact as much as possible. This is achievable due to the Monosnap 8x magnification feature that is automatically activated when cropping the area to record. A small preview window is provided so that you can see exactly where you need the cropping to reach.

Rich Editing Tools

In this Monosnap review, I found out that annotations are the most when it comes to putting emphasis on either the screenshot or video. When you take a screenshot, you get access to annotations afterward but for a video, you can annotate in real-time. Let us outline the annotations and other editing features to expect from Monosnap;

  • Arrows – With arrows, you will be able to point the viewer to areas of interest or where to find something.
  • Rectangles and Squares – Monosnap will let you draw these to mark a specific area where a viewer should drive his/her attention.
  • Lines – Lines are useful when you need to highlight certain areas by underlining. You can also use it to mark a connection between points.
  • Ellipses and Circles – Just like rectangles and squares, these will be used to put a boundary around an area of interest.
  • Text – Monosnap enables you to add text that can form part of describing what is happening on the screen.

  • Arrow with Text – This comes in handy when you need to add a label on your recording or screenshot to enhance better understanding for the viewer.
  • Pen – The pen will allow you to freely on the screen depending on the point you want to drive home. Since it is freeform, you can draw anything that you feel will enhance understanding.
  • Blur – In case you are dealing with sensitive information, you can hide that with the blur tool. You can also use it to hide unwanted parts of your recording that you feel the viewer should not see.
  • Cropping – Monosnap lets you crop out areas that are not important in the final output.
  • Resizing – With this feature you either increase or decrease the size of a file especially in terms of resolution making it either bigger or smaller than the original file.
  • Rotating – Based on how the output should be like, Monosnap can rotate the file clockwise and anticlockwise to suit a specific goal.
  • Image importing – Monosnap empowers with an option where you can include external images as overlays on an already taken screenshot at the click of a button.

Besides these features, Monosnap also lets you define an external editor in case you are not satisfied with the inbuilt one.


Monosnap empowers you with hotkeys to make sure you accomplish tasks like screenshotting fast and conveniently. Better yet, you can customize the hotkeys to fit your favorite keys and not be forced to stick with the defaults. Compared to other similar software that does not offer shortcuts, Monosnap is less tedious and saves on time. It takes more time when one has to keep interacting with menus and option to accomplish tasks than when you have hotkeys for the same.

Free Cloud Storage

Yes, you have read right, Monosnap gives you free unlimited cloud storage for your screenshots. However, you do not get this offer just like that without having to do something. For you to enjoy this wonderful service, you have to create an account with Monosnap. From there you unlock all the goodness that comes with cloud storage services. Being able to store your snapshots online goes a long way in minimizing computer resources usage and specifically the local storage space.

Saving and Sharing

Once you have captured what you need, saving can be done locally or uploading the content to the cloud as discussed above. A link will be generated automatically which can be shared as need be. You also get a clipboard feature when saving snapshots. They are saved to the clipboard so that you can paste them to a destination of choice.

There you have it in regard to Monosnap review. A featureful application for your Mac OS X.

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