Minitool Movie Maker Review & Free Download

Minitool Movie Maker is not only available as a free download program but is also the ultimate choice when you need that powerful video editing program. In fact, this software will not pose any limitations which consequently means that you are free to be as creative as possible. To make things better, it features a simple and overly intuitive user interface without any steep learning curve no matter your level of expertise. Adding files, transitions, titles, among other effects feels just like a walk in the park.

First-timers can take advantage of the incorporated templates that go a long way to ensure you have an easy time making movies and trailers. You get to do all this on a simple timeline that is very easy to understand and actually shows you where to place video clips and transitions unlike with other video editor programs that let you figure out all that on your own. On top of that, you have a video trimming feature that lets you split your clips into manageable segments that you can color correct and give them that perfect aesthetic using filters and 3D LUTs.

Some special features that you are also opened up to include a speed controller that lets you slow or fasten the playback in addition to the animated pan-and-zoom effect. Minitool Movie Maker makes sure that your project is automatically saved every 5s so that you do not have to redo the project when the power goes. How exactly do you get to enjoy all these features? Read to have a comprehensive answer in the tutorial below.

How to Use Minitool Movie Maker

When you are not in a position to purchase those robust and powerful video editors that are quite over the edge when it comes to price, a video editing software like Minitool Movie Maker comes in to bridge the gap for you and provide you with the necessary tools to help you achieve the same goal all for free. Unlike other free video editors, Minitool Movie Maker will not at all place any intrusive watermark in your video and consequently, you get to have that clean and professional-looking video at the end of the day. Apart from getting to know the features that this tool boasts of, we have gone the extra mile to bring you a step by step guide on how to accomplish various tasks using Minitool Movie Maker. Strapon and let us dive right into the guide once you have installed and arrived at the interface below.


Import and Add Media Assets to the Timeline

Even if Minitool Movie Maker does not support the much-coveted drag-and-drop feature when it comes to adding files, importing media is still convenient using the native method. To do this, click on the “Media” icon labeled 1 and use the icon labeled 2 to add your media assets. Once added, they will be displayed as shown by Label 3 and all you need to do is place the media assets on the timeline as shown by labels 4 and 5; though ensuring you are placing each on the right track. The window labeled 6 is very helpful to preview your changes.


Split and Add Transitions

To split a video file into parts, move the play head labeled 1 to the exact point that you want to do the splitting and then click on the scissor-icon shown by Label 2 to perform the split. You have two options to choose from here depending on your preference. Next up, we need to add a transition between our clips and Minitool Movie Maker happens to have a unique feature whereby it ensures there is a transition space between two clips you add as can be seen between clips A and B. simply navigate to the “Transition” tab labeled 3 and from the results in the window below, pick your preferred transition and drag it to the transition area labeled 5 as shown by Label 4. Confirm that the transition is applied using the preview window.


Adjust the Video Speed or Reverse

This is a special feature of Minitool Movie Maker that gives you control over the speed of playback and even use the reverse feature when the need arises. To do this, click on the video clip on the timeline as shown by Label1, then hit the speed control icon labeled 2 to reveal the options that you are opened up to as shown by Label 3. All you need to do is pick among Slow, Fast, and Reverse options depending on which you need to implement and define the speed except for the reverse option. By playing with the speed, you are able to realize the slow-motion effect in your clip.


Adding Filter Effects

Simply navigate to the “Effect” tab labeled 1 which will open you up to a whole lot of effects that you can choose from. The good thing is that you get to have a preview of the effect even before you can apply it. When you have found your preferred one, simply drag and drop it into the target clip as shown by Label 2. You should be able to notice your video change in the preview window. You will use this method to add Text effects to the video especially when it comes to titling.


Add Motion to the Video

This is another special feature of Minitool Movie Maker that you get to enjoy and is different from the slow-motion feature covered earlier. Basically, this feature will move your video in a specific direction of choice as it plays and is helpful in pointing the audience to the areas of interest in the video. Just like the normal effects, applying motion to your video is pretty easy too. Navigate to the “Motion” tab labeled 1, pick a preferred motion type and then drag it into the target clip on the timeline as shown by Label 2.


By managing to go through the tasks above, you have accomplished pretty much all that Minitool Movie Maker has to offer in regard to video editing. After you have reviewed your project and have had satisfying results, all you need to do now is use export the final video file keeping in mind to define parameters that fit your needs. From there, you are ready to share the output video with your target audience.

Minitool Movie Maker is definitely a powerful program that does not in any way fall short of greatness in regards to video editing. Even when you are not sure how to go about the video editing process, you have a cornucopia of templates to choose from that will give you an idea of how to tackle the project at hand. With the flexibility, simplicity, and intuitiveness of Minitool Movie Maker, the video editing process becomes a reliable and satisfactory process that brings out the professional video editor in you.

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