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Images carry a lot of information just like the saying “a picture of a thousand words” hence conveying a complex idea in a simple way. Images can be in the form of JPG, PNG, BMP and other formats depending on preference. At some point, you may be required to convert the image to another format for some reason.

For instance, you may be required to upload a file in the form of a PDF file but you just have the target file in an image format like JPG. This will call for the services of a conversion tool to handle JPG to PDF conversion. Jpg2pdf is a great tool to help you in making such conversions in a few clicks.

This Jpg2pdf review aims at finding out all the features you will enjoy when you get started with this JPG to PDF conversion tool. This tool lives on the internet hence saving your computer resources like storage and processing power meaning that you do not need to go through the cumbersome process of installing any programs. Besides that, this Jpg2pdf review has explored the following features;


Combine Images

Most of the time, you may have just one image that you need to convert to PDF and the process is very straightforward and quick. However, converting one of these images one by one into individual files can result in many files for content that is related. Luckily, Jpg2pdf is here to help you combine related images into one single PDF file. This will save you storage space on your computer and make sharing to target audience very convenient.

No Registration Required

Some of the similar functioning apps, this app does not require any information from you in order for it to work. When using other apps, you may be required to register with your email address to access services but Jpg2pdf does not collect any information from you. You will get to convert JPG to PDF instantly without any deals pf signing in or signing up.

Flexible File Addition

Convenience in adding files for conversion is very vital. Jpg2pdf has you covered when it comes to this process. You are able to add files by browsing normally from the browser using the file explorer. In case you have multiple JPG files that need to be converted to PDF, Jpg2pdf supports batch processing and thus batch file addition is possible.

When browsing for the files, you can select multiple JPG images to make the process less time-consuming. Better yet, a drag-and-drop feature is available to enable you to add files without the need to use the file browser method.

No Watermark

For all of us, we do not like when our documents are overlayed by watermarks that do not relate to our content. Some application makers will force watermarks on to you unless you purchase their premium versions but Jpg2pdf does not do such a thing at all. You are assured of a watermark-free PDF file after conversion from JPG. This is a feature that Jpg2pdf boasts of and that which user can enjoy when they get started.

Automatic File Correction

Jpg2pdf brings you this handy feature that saves you considerable time that would otherwise have been used in making further edits after JPG to PDF conversion. This Jpg2pdf review has realized the automated features at your fingertips. One of the features is that your file will be auto-rotated to fit the correct orientation for the output.

Besides that, images are optimized and scaled down without the need for any interaction from you. All these features happen without compromising on the original resolution at all. You may not notice the difference between the input JPG image and the output PDF file in terms of resolution apart from the obvious file extension.

No File Size Limit

I know most of us will enjoy this feature. Jpg2pdf does not limit you on the size of the file that you can convert. Upload any file regardless of the size and this app will handle the rest for you. The only thing to note is that, based on the size of the JPG file, the upload may be quick or take time depending on the internet connection.

This Jpg2pdf review cannot be complete without this handy feature that many of us will love. Nobody would like to be restricted in JPG to PDF conversion because of the large size of files a user has.

There you have it. This review has covered all the features that Jpg2pdf delivers. Does it fit as your go-to tool when it comes to JPG to PDF conversion?

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