iSpring Free Cam Full Review and Alternatives

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iSpring Free Cam



iSpring Free Cam is an industry-leading screen recording software that also doubles as a video and audio editing software. It also delivers an overly instinctive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to get around this software for Windows even for novice users. As a screen recorder, this tool will help you capture footage from the entire scream, a user-defined area, and also a running applications window.

It also empowers the user with the ability to launch new application windows in the selected area – this is ideal especially when one is working on a tutorial or guide.

This software boasts of video editing features that can either be used on the captured footage or pre-existing projects that you have to refine before sharing among other actions.

It has in fact played a very big role in eLearning by being the perfect authoring tool that can make responsive courses on top of quizzes directly from supported apps like PowerPoint. To be specific, the iSpring suite will convert slides into SCORM or HTML5 at the click of a button, all for free. It comes out as a simple, efficient, and quality-oriented screen recorder without any hidden cost or limitations.

Let us have a quick look at the pros and cons which summarize what to expect from this program even before you dive into the more refined details of the features you are opened up to.

iSpring Free Cam – Free Download

Product NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
iSpring Cam ProWindows 7/8/8.1/10Free DemoFree Download
TalkHelper Screen RecorderWindows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download

Pros & Cons of iSpring Free Cam


      • Ease of use – iSpring Free Cam is a pretty simple screen recording software with no viruses or ads.
      • Video editing features – Though not much, this software gives you access to some basic video editing options like trimming or cutting any unwanted parts of the recorded video.
      • Direct sharing – It incorporates some socials like YouTube, Facebook, among others making the sharing process very convenient.
      • No time limit – iSpring solutions do not limit you on how long you can record the scream and rest assured that the output will not have a forced watermark.


      • Can’t take screenshots or record the webcam – Unlike other similar apps, this program is not capable of taking snapshots let alone recording the webcam.
      • No annotation tools – This screen recorder does not let you tinker with the captured footage in regards to annotations like drawings, adding shapes, among others.

How to Use iSpring Free Cam: A Quick Guide

Here, we give you a summary of the steps that you need to follow to realize the core function of iSpring – screen capture.

      1. Download, install and launch iSpring Free Cam.
      2. Click on the “New Recording” button.
      3. Choose your preferred recording mode – full screen, region, or application window.
      4. Click on the “Start Recording” button (Red icon).
      5. Hit the “Done” button to finish recording or hit the “Esc” button.

iSpring Free Cam Key Features

iSpring is home to some of the most sought after features when it comes to screen recording. Consequently, this screen recorder software will give you that comprehensive experience in a variety of tasks like audio/video lecture and narration recording, normal screencasts, video tutorials, and guides among others with all the convenience possible. Let us look at the key features that this iSpring Suite program boasts of.

Powerful Screencasting


iSpring takes the core task head on to ensure that you have pretty versatile experience in regards to screen recording. This is evident considering that there are several modes you can choose from just as hinted in the introduction section.

One is the full-screen mode that allows you to capture footage from the entire screen, it is also possible to select a region to record, and the other is whereby a user can record a specific application window like that of a web browser. Mind you, it is possible to open various windows in the selected area depending on what your screencast entails.

While recording the screen, it is possible to zoom in on areas of focus so that the target audience will know where to put their attention. This way, one can understand the video better and also avoids the need to explain a lot in the form of a narration.

Moreover, iSpring Cam helps you get rid of any unwanted parts that were captured using the video trimming feature. This way, you get to have a video of the right length and just the content you need thanks to the incorporated video editor.

Versatile Audio Capture


This software does not just capture the audio but does that in a manner we would say is just one of a kind. For starters, this screen recorder can capture audio from the mic or even system audio from the operating system itself or a running application like a game.

At the basic level, it lets you capture audio from various sources like a connected headset, an external microphone, the webcam microphone, and any other audio capture device you prefer as long as it is supported.

On top of capturing the audio separately or together with the video, this program boasts of some audio enhancing features that you will love. The top one is that it has a noise removal feature that basically gets rid of noise in the audio and especially from the background. This means that even in a bit of a noisy place, iSpring Free Cam will still deliver clear audio in a matter of clicks.

It also makes it possible to enhance the audio by boosting the volume, applying fade-in and fade-out effects, and even the option to remove audio completely from the screencast using the built-in audio editor. At the end of the day, audio is polished to have a professional feel.

Great Support for eLearning


This app for Windows has got course authors covered as it has the necessary tools to drive the education process. Specifically, it will not only give you screen-capture capabilities but will also open you up to handy features.

With this screencasting tool, it is easy to add interactive quizzes in the video, including slides, questions, conversations simulations, not forgetting the support for various eLearning formats – SCORM, AICC, xAPI, and cmi5. iSpring can also optimize your screen recording for the web thanks to full support for the HTML5 web format. What’s more is that the output delivered can be viewed across all platforms without much hassle – Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac.

Enhanced Efficiency


iSpring Cam delivers an interface that does not pose any steep learning curve thanks to its simplicity and intuitiveness. Through a simple drag-and-drop option, you will get to accomplish various screen recording tasks much easily.

On top of that, this tool features hotkeys that go a long way to facilitate quick task completions. For instance, the F9 key will Pause or Resume recording, Escape (Esc) will Stop the screencast while F10 will Discard the whole recording altogether if you need to start afresh.

Better yet, iSpring Free Cam lets you customize these hotkeys to rock your preferences or even avoid conflicts with any other hotkeys you have set for other programs.


Once this program has grabbed what you needed, it will not leave you at that. It also keeps in mind that you have to share the output. As a heads up, it is prudent to note that this program only outputs HD videos with the WMV file format but mind not as it is clear enough to not struggle to make out the content.

Of course, the output can be saved locally or directly shared via the integrated YouTube video-hosting service. Basically, all the features so far are available on the free trial version of this app, and brace yourself for even more features with iSpring Cam Pro.

After the 14-day trial is over and you are satisfied with the features delivered, upgrading to the paid version will open you up to extra features like PiP mode, webcam recording, annotations, a multi-track timeline, video transitions, intros, an overly interactive experience among other features that will guarantee a comprehensive and fulfilling screen recording and editing process.


iSpring Free Cam is definitely a tip-top screen recorder and video editor software that is the perfect artillery to use when you need to make screencasts, refine them, and eventually share in just a matter of a few clicks. It strives to make the output professional to the greatest extent and rid you of the need to have multiple programs on your computer. With this screen recording app, your screencasts will never be the same again.

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