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iSpring Free Cam

iSpring Free Cam is a pretty straightforward screen recorder with a simple and intuitive user interface. The simplicity that comes with this software makes it easy to use for a first time user. From the moment you launch iSpring, you can jump right away to start your recording or work with recent recordings if you have worked on some projects before. iSpring Free Cam will let you record the full screen, an application window and also a specific region on the screen. Better yet, you can opt to open new windows of applications inside the recording area. This can be helpful when you have like to show where a user should navigate. For instance, you may want to show where the viewer can locate some files on their Windows PC.

iSpring Cam Pro – Free Download

Product NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
iSpring Cam ProWindows 7/8/8.1/10Free DemoFree Download
TalkHelper Screen RecorderWindows 7/8/8.1/10 Full VersionFree Download

Get Started with iSpring Cam

To make the carrying of tasks even more efficient, several hotkeys are provided though not as many as you would wish to have. You are provided with three customizable hotkeys that include Pause/Resume (F9), Stop recording (Esc) and Discard recording (F10). If the provided defaults do not suit you, you can always choose your own keys for these tasks. iSpring Free Cam has you covered on the shortcuts for the main activities during screen recording.

Audio-wise, this software has several ways that you can tinker with. You can choose to capture audio from the microphone or the system audio from an application or the operating system itself.

In addition to that, iSpring lets you set up the kind of microphone you are using with an option for Headset microphone, Desktop microphone, Webcam microphone and any other kind of audio capture device that you may have.

These microphones are different in the quality of audio that they capture. iSpring Free Cam will advise you on the microphone to use for best audio. The microphone you choose will enable you to include narration in your video for that extra informative touch. You are also not restricted when it comes to adding background music to your video recording as iSpring will be able to include it in the final output.

When making a video recording, the cursor forms an integral part of the video. iSpring Free Cam has several ways that the mouse can be useful in the recording.

You may want to emphasize some parts of the video for better understanding for the viewer and this software enables you to show the cursor and better yet highlight the same cursor for enhanced visibility.

What you can achieve with the cursor during a screencast will determine how much a viewer will be able to follow on the areas of interest. And for that matter, iSpring also gives an option to include mouse click sounds for more emphasis.

iSpring Free Cam comes with an inbuilt video and audio editor to enable you to give an extra touch to the recording in terms of the content output required. Once you have recorded the screen, iSpring gives you a preview which also includes editing tools at your fingertips. The tools may not include all that you may be looking for but will surely provide you with the most common ones so that you can edit on the fly. These editing tools include;

  • Zoom – This tool will let you zoom in on portions of the recording so that you do not make any mistake on where you need to do some changes. Once you are done with the zoomed selection, you can always revert to show all the recording on the timeline.
  • Noise removal – When you opt to include audio in your recording, it may come out with a lot of noise especially with background noises. Amazingly, iSpring Free Cam is able to get rid of all that noise at the click of a button. You never have to worry about the external noises that may be around you during screencasting as you will always have that removed by iSpring. Moreover, you can always silence any part of the video that you feel should not have any audio.
  • Audio polishing – You can always spice up the audio even more with iSpring Free Cam. You are able to adjust the audio volume or even mute it completely during the recording. In addition, you get extra effects to play with including fade in and fade out for that professional feel.
  • Deleting and trimming – When using this app, you may record some content that you do not need in your final video. In this case, you should not be worried as this app gives you a tool to delete those specific parts of the video to remove them completely. If the video is taking more time or you feel it should be shorter, a video trimming feature is provided.

What Else

Once you are satisfied with the final video, iSpring Free Cam gives you an option on whether to save the video or share directly to Youtube. To use the Youtube sharing feature, you have to input your login details on this software. With that, you will have cut on the amount of time and effort it takes to share to the Youtube platform. Regarding the format iSpring saves the output, you will have a WMV file in HD (720p) quality. This is a great quality to ensure that the viewer does not miss or have trouble viewing any part of the video.

That is basically what you get with the free version of this software. To get more features like webcam recording, you have to upgrade to the iSpring Cam Pro and obviously at a cost. You get a 14-day trial to experience the extra features which include;

  • Picture-in-picture mode
  • Annotations
  • Multi-track timeline
  • Transitions
  • Video introductions
  • An interactive working are

I have just named a few of the features in the pro version and you can always explore the wide range of features once you are convinced to upgrade based on your needs. This iSpring review has proven that this software will enable you to make a screen recording in a professional way making it very informative as per your goal.

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