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I believe at some point or another, you have come across an online program and you have an idea of the convenience that it brings. InVideo falls into this category of software and is ready to take you on a video editing journey like no other. With it, you are opened up to amazing videos which you are to work on efficiently. As an online video editor, it gets rid of the need to set up cumbersome software no matter the platform you are on; Windows, Mac, and Linux. Actually, the only prerequisites to get started with this tool include just a good internet connection and a modern web browser.

In addition, it is a pretty simple app that features built-in templates that come in handy even when you have no prior experience in regard to video editing. On top of that, it has a rich stock library like for instance videos that can be used to spice up your clip even further. Other elements that you can implement include unique fonts, music, overlays, among others. In fact, with the ready-made assets it comes with, the video editing process is not that complex at all, and at the end of the day will feel like just a walk in the park.

Creating personalized videos feels like a breeze all thanks to nifty features like social media integration that sees to it that you create content aimed at a specific target audience in the best way possible. InVideo also boasts of being multilingual which comes in handy too to localize content as you see fit.

How to Edit Video Online with InVideo

While most of us have been accustomed to offline pieces of software, online versions are also important as we can work with them from anywhere or device without that feeling of restriction. However, you may not be able to do much by just jumping to a program without an idea of how to get started. While offline programs are usually a lot easier to get started with, online programs may need you to figure out where to start unless you are directed where to start. When you visit the InVideo website, you may be stranded but that should not worry you anymore as here is a tutorial that you can follow to get you familiarized with how it works. Just make sure you have a good internet connection to handle uploads and downloads as we dive in to realize what InVideo has in store for us.

Getting Started With InVideo

To access this online program, simply visit the web address using your preferred browser in order to arrive at the interface below. Labels 1,2 and 3 show the various modes that you can choose from depending on the task at hand. Each of these will offer sub-modes that help you refine the category further. As for our case, we will opt for a blank template matched with a wide 16:9 aspect ratio as shown under Label 4 although you are free to choose your own depending on the video you are working on. Once that is done, you just need to hit the “Start Editing” button labeled 5 though you have to register to access the video editor.


Upload Your Media Assets

By media assets here, we mean all the video, audio, and images that you wish to appear in your final clip. On the resulting interface, navigate to the “Uploads” section labeled 1 and then hit on the “Upload” button labeled 2 in order to open the native file explorer way of browsing for files. Remember to note the size limit indicated but at the same time take advantage of the option to add files in bulk.


InVideo gives you the chance to directly trim your video the moment you import it even before you can even upload it as can be seen below. You have a preview of the video, the “Trim Video” button under Label 1 or alternatively, upload the video without trimming using the button labeled 2. At the same time, you can add more files using the button labeled 3.


On successful addition, you will have the dialog box shown by Label 1 and your files will be listed in the “Uploads” panel shown by Label 2 ready for you to use on the timeline.


Add Media to the Timeline

InVideo takes a different kind of approach when it comes to this process unlike what other programs do. First, you need to create a new scene with the “Add Scene” button labeled 2 or alternatively use the already added scene labeled 1. Next, drag the uploaded video onto the preview window as shown by Label 3. If you need to include audio also, hover the mouse cursor over the audio file you added and hit the plus icon shown by Label 4.


Insert Text into the Video

InVideo lets you add various forms of text into the video and especially when you are looking to title the video to highlight what the video or section is about. Simply hit the “Text” shown by Label 1, choose from the standard text under Label 2 or the text templates under Label 3 if you are looking for that unique feel. Once you have identified the one you like, click on it to add to the timeline based on where the play head is although you can always drag the title to your precise point as shown by Label 4. Also, you can use the placeholder to define how long the title plays in reference to the video. The region under Label 5 lets you customize the text further like the text itself, style, color, shadow, animation, and all that can be previewed under Label 6 to get exactly what you want.


Refine the Video

When we talk about refining, we are looking at the video-specific editing tools that bend the video to our will. To do this, select the video from the preview window as shown by Label 1 in order to open the various tools on the right-hand side. Under Label 2, you will be able to crop and trim using the relevant interface, loop, and even remove audio. Under Label 3, there are lots of options to tinker with including the playback speed, video resizing, video animation on top of color changes. Making these adjustments should not be complex at all with InVideo.


Spice Up the Video With Effects

With InVideo, applying effects is quite easy as can be seen below. Hit the “Effects” labeled 1 to open up various categories of effects and pick the category that suits you like for instance the one shown by Label 2. From here, you now need to choose the effect you want on your video and just click on it to apply. You can also apply Stickers and Shapes just like we have done here.


Apply a Masking to the Video

Depending on the video that you are working on, it may be necessary to apply some masking in order to conceal some parts of the video or even have a special effect to the video. You will find this under the “Enhancers” panel labeled 1 that also carries collages on top of masks for Twitter or Instagram posts. After picking the “Mask” category labeled 2, choose your preferred mask as shown by Label 3 and click on it to add. After that, you will be able to resize the mask to your preference.


Now that your video is pretty much done in terms of editing, it is time to export the project in order to get a shareable video file. At the top right corner of the interface, hit the “Preview & Export” option to access the interface that will help you render the final video. And just like that, you have managed to successfully edit your video with InVideo without the need to go through cumbersome software installation processes on your computer.

Bottom line is, InVideo is a powerful program that takes through an online video editing process that is really eventful and reliable. The various templates that help achieve various tasks make it not necessary to have any prior experience to video editing and in so doing accommodates first-time users with the ultimate ease. Therefore, you can rest assured that this wonderful program will sail you to awesome videos at the end of the day.

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