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IntroChamp has been voted as the best online video intro maker and thus it is not unfounded at all to term this program as the champion just as the name suggests. It has in a big way made the process of customizing dynamic video intro visuals be pretty easy and at the same time save you a great deal of time and effort.

The ease of use is realized by making use of the hundreds of template intros that you can choose from in order to turn your intro idea into reality. The good thing is that no matter the kind of video you are working with, you will be able to find the perfect intro to go with it. Actually, IntroChamp will definitely exceed your expectations by not just delivering any kind of YouTube video intros but ones that are eye-catching and captivating as much as possible. Besides the reiterated simplicity, speed is also of great essence and that is why IntroChamp ensures that applying your preferred customizations does not take ages to get done with.

On top of that, you are not just limited to what comes with the template since you also get the chance to include your own media assets cutting across logos, images, texts, and videos. In turn, you will have been opened up to personalization on a whole new level. If you are meeting this program for the first time or just in case you do not know how to implement it, this article brings you the comprehensive guide below to bridge that gap for you. Read on to find out more.

How to Make a YouTube Video Intro

As mentioned in the introduction, working with this tool will be just like a walk in the park once you have familiarized yourself with its working. A spoiler alert even before getting to the step by step guide is that crafting intros with this program is an overly simple process that does not require any prior experience. In addition to that, you need not set up any installation package on your computer because this piece of software provides its features all in an online environment. What this translates into is that you only require a web browser and a good internet connection to get started.

Pick Your Preferred Design Intro Template

IntroChamp has a cornucopia of templates so once you visit, browse through the templates available and pick one that promises to bring out your intro idea just as you would like it to be. Looking at the interface below, you are able to identify where the templates are starting and the “Category” option at the top in the instance you want to narrow down your options. You can preview the template by hovering the mouse cursor over it in order to play.


Customize the Intro Template

To start customizing a specific template of choice, you have two options that you can use to kickstart the process. Labels 1 and 2 show you what you need to click on in order to open the relevant interface. This is no complex step at all but rather a piece of cake that should take just a matter of moments to complete.


Adjust Texts

Going by the template that is the point of reference in this tutorial, we have two texts that need our attention. IntroChamp makes this process very convenient for you as you just need to replace the texts under Labels 1 and 2 with your preferred ones that match your YouTube channel. As you can observe, the case is different to show that the texts are not of the same size.


Add an Image Logo

Personalization does not end at the texts since you also have the chance to include an image of choice and especially a logo once you move to the “Images (RGB)” section. Here, you are directed on the supported image formats and at the same time the maximum size for the file you can add. Therefore, use the “Choose file” button labeled 1 to browse for the logo image natively and in the instance, you do not have one, IntroChamp has got you covered as can be deduced under Label 2.


Spice Up the Intro With Audio

A YouTube video intro is still good when just in the form of a video but becomes even better when you incorporate an audio track that blends perfectly with the footage. By moving to the “Audio” section, you will be open to add MP3, WAV among other formats of audio tracks but keep in mind not to exceed the specified limit. In this section, click on the indicated button so that you can add your audio track of choice. This is an optional step that you can skip in case you do not wish to include any audio.


Adjust the Color

To ensure that your YouTube video intro matches your theme, IntroChamp is generous enough to let you in on a feature where you can tinker with the color. As shown below, you have several colors to choose from depending on what augurs the best with you. Activating the radio button to the left side of any color will be what it takes to rock it in your intro and to make sure you are not mixed up by the names, you have a color preview too for each option. Again, this is another optional step that can be left out in the instance there are no color adjustments necessary.


Save Changes, Preview, and Order

Now that we have adjusted pretty much all that is necessary for our template, it is the perfect moment to save the changes so that they can take effect just before we get a preview of what to expect. Just below the customization section, you will be able to identify the “Save and Preview” button shown below.


You will be taken to another interface where you will have the window below to help you preview how the final intro will look like. The rendering process does not take a lot of time and in just a matter of seconds, IntroChamp will have the preview ready for you. In case you need to adjust something, you can hit the “Try Again” button to head back to the editing mode. Otherwise, hit the “Order Now” button to proceed.


In the order section, you are presented with resolution options names 720p and 1080p depending on which one you prefer. On top of that, you also get the chance to specify the video format you want for the output among the supported MP4, MOV, and WMV formats. After that, all you need to do is specify your payment details before IntroChamp can let you download the final high-quality YouTube video intro without any intrusive watermark whatsoever. This will mark the end of the process to make a video intro using IntroChamp.

Just like that, you have managed to obtain a catchy video intro without having to dig very deep into your pocket. Actually, this service is way affordable when you compare it with when you have to purchase a too pricey app to give you the same in a process that also happens to be tedious and overly time-consuming. Luckily for you, with IntroChamp as part of your artillery, the hassle of making YouTube video intros is long gone. You can rest assured of no disappointments at all especially when you put this tutorial into good use.

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