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Whether you are running gaming, business, technology, beauty, music, travel, or sports YouTube channel, IntroCave is here to ensure that you take things a notch higher. IntroCave enables you to realize this by opening you up to various video intros that you can apply in order to bring in a notion of branding to your channel and at the same time boost your viewership.

Actually, you need not hassle looking for programs to give you fancy motion graphics whereas IntroCave has just any kind of template that you may be thinking of. You will not just get any kind of intro templates but ones that are of the highest quality and at the end of the day make your project look professional all the way. To be specific, you get resolutions of HD and Full HD depending on which one augurs the best with you. In addition,  efficiency is always of the essence when using any software and that is why IntroCave ensures that your preview does not take more than 3 minutes to make, and ultimately, the final YouTube video intro also does not take ages to render.

On top of that, you will have a heaven of time selecting your preferred template since they can be grouped by category, duration, keyword, or customization so you just need to pick your preferred one. Enough with the introduction, let us now learn exactly how to make a YouTube video intro with this awesome piece of online software.

How to Make a YouTube Video Intro With IntroCave

This online video intro maker program has made it very easy to get that YouTube intro you have been having an idea about but you lack the right tool to implement it. The template categories will majorly carry the topics of your channel, the duration is how long you want the intro to be while the customizations cover on the components you need to work with be it text only, logo only, or even a combination of both among other media assets. Grab your favorite web browser and navigate to to get started. For a comprehensive experience, make sure you create an account with IntroCave and after that pick your template of choice ready for the customization process.


Choose a Template

When browsing the templates, you will notice that each has some details that include the duration, number of texts, and images in that specific template even before you can actually pick it. Hovering the mouse cursor over the area labeled 1 will open a preview of the template while Label 2 gives you the details of the components. Once you are satisfied with your choice, hit the “Customize” button at the bottom as shown by Label 3.


Customize the Template

On the next page, you will be shown a bigger preview of the template as can be seen below and all you need to do here is click on the large “Customize This Video” button referenced below in order to continue.


Personalize Text

By default, the template will feature text that is related to IntroCave and that means you have to adjust that in order to fit your topic and branding of your channel. In the new interface you are opened up as shown below, replace the text in the input box under Label 1 with your own, and then hit the “Next Step” button labeled 2. Going by the template used in this guide, this is the first main text as seen in the preview and here below as “Change Text 1”.


In the next step, we now have to adjust the second text as shown below. I believe you are able to identify the “Change Text 2” text below. This is more of a subtitle text so just input it in the box shown by label 1. When you are done with that, you simply have to click on the button labeled 2 to continue to the next step of the tutorial.


Add Some Background Audio

To make the YouTube video intro more captivating, it is advisable to include some audio be it in the form of music or a voiceover. IntroCave provides you with a dedicated step and page where you are able to do all this in the most convenoíent way. From the referenced drop-down menu below, you can choose to use the original audio that came with the template, choose to have no music at all, upload your preferred audio or alternatively choose an audio track from the IntroCave stock library. Depending on which one you pick, you will be able to access a relevant interface to help you accomplish the task at hand.


For instance, let us say we decide to go with the stock library audio as shown by Label 1 below. IntroCave will open you up to a rich list of categories of audio under Label 2 and depending on which one you pick, you will be able to preview it using the controls under Label 3. It is prudent to match the audio with the theme of your template to avoid confusing your audience or even making the whole intro horrible.


Submit Your Changes

On the same interface where you have been adding an audio track, you will find the section below. By clicking on the “Submit Customizations” button shown below, you will be able to have your changes taken into account for the processing to start. It is here that you will also get information regarding the server load which in turn affects how long it takes to get the results and even at that, you are assured that after around three minutes, the process will be done.


Download the Finalized YouTube Intro

Just like the editing process, this YouTube video intro maker reiterates the simplicity of use by not letting you go through any hassle at all to download the rendered intro. Once you get the indication that the processing is complete as shown under Label 1, it is now the perfect time to grab the intro and save locally on our computer for further actions. Easy peasy! Simply click on the “Download Video” button labeled 2 to mark the end of the tutorial to make a YouTube video intro using IntroCave.


Depending on the template you picked, the assets to adjust may be different but the good thing is that this guide has given you the flow of steps so that you do not have to get stuck anywhere in this process. Looking back at the steps we have followed, you will realize just how easy and quick it is to get a professional-looking video intro with a reliable online YouTube video intro maker like IntroCave.

Now that you are familiar with getting around this online program, it is time to get the most out of it by tweaking that template of choice to obtain a masterpiece at the end of the process. You can finally kiss goodbye to bulky software that also happens to cost a lot when you consider that all you need is an efficient process to make an intro no matter the level of skills. The good thing is that you can now save yourself a great deal of time and effort by having this tool form part of your arsenal. This is definitely a cave worth venturing into.

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