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As we all know, PDF file format is very popular in document sharing but falls short when it comes to indexing in the web for most of the search engines. Only the complex and well crafted top search engines are able to index PDF files. However, if you need even the simple ones to be able to index the content as required, you need to convert the PDF document into HTML.

To perform this kind of conversion, you require specialized tools like IntraPDF which will feature in this review article. By converting the PDF to HTML, you will make the content more accessible and be open to reaching an even bigger target audience.

What makes IntraPDF a great choice when you have to convert PDF into HTML? This question and more that you may have will be answered when you read on through this IntraPDF review article. Without further ado, let us get started.

Preserve Formatting

One of the most important things to consider when doing any conversion is how the formatting in the original file is handled. There are apps or tools which will mess up with your formatting like graphics, text, and tables forcing you to redo those specific parts.

However, that hassle changes when you decide to use IntraPDF. This software will maintain everything as it is in terms of formatting from the PDF file and the eventual HTML file. Every element will have the original formatting without any changes at all.

Maintain Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks provide easy shortcuts to various destination sections in a document both internal or external. Therefore, hyperlinks in your PDF file should be maintained even after you have converted into HTML. That is exactly what IntaPDF does; it will automatically transfer all PDF links to the HTML file with support for all kinds of navigation hyperlinks. Better yet, this tool will be able to include external documents links and also links to other pages of the same file.

Support Raster and Vector Graphics

Images are very important as they convey a message in a simple way that would otherwise have required a lot of words. In our review, we have come to confirm that IntraPDF has full support for raster and vector graphics. This translates to the capability of this tool to process both of these graphics to render them in high-quality when inserted in the resulting HTML file. No compromise at all will happen to the original images in the PDF.

Maintain Bookmarks Tree View

In case you are looking for a PDF to HTML conversion tool that will not mess with bookmarks in the original PDF file, IntraPDF is here to give you exactly that. This PDF to HTML conversion tool will preserve bookmarks as they were before and even after converting. It gets even better, conversion is done regardless of the language your document is written in.

Maintain Fonts Layout

When we write our documents, we prefer specific fonts to go with our content for the best look. It would be very inconveniencing to have our PDF files change font layout when converted into HTML. Luckily, IntraPDF is here for you to make sure that font sizes and colors are maintained when converting PDF to HTML. You are guaranteed to have your fonts correspond with both the original file and the converted HTML file.

Support Multilingual Documents

Most of the PDF to HTML conversion tools available are not able to handle documents written in more than one language when the need arises. IntraPDF comes to change this for you with support for multiple languages including English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, Danish and Greek. If your PDF file contains these languages, you can be sure it will be converted to HTML without missing anything. This comes as an exclusive feature for IntraPDF that you cannot find in other tools.

Resize Pages

This is another exclusive feature from IntraPDF when you need to convert PDF to HTML. Basically, you are provided with a zoom feature that allows you to resize the pages of your HTML file without compromising on the original layout of text, images, and vector graphics. Any viewer of the HTML document will be able to zoom as desired with just a few clicks and content layout will still be preserved.

Some extra features are added for you to explore when you need to convert PDF to HTML. One of them is the ability to use IntraPDF form the command line especially when you need to convert 100 or more PDF files at a time into HTML. For convenience and easy management, IntraPDF creates a folder for each PDF document that will contain the resulting converted HTML files and images.

Despite the great features coming with this tool, IntraPDF does not avail them to you for free. You can get access to these PDF to HTML conversion tool features starting from $49.95. You will get a free trial period in case you need to give a test to the features before purchasing. There you have it in regard to full IntraPDF review.

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