How to Insert PDF Into Excel: Three Easy Methods to Use


Microsoft Excel has been one of the best programs when it comes to data organization and management but at the same time, the PDF file format also plays a very important role in the document industry which means it has not been left behind too. The Excel format happens to be superior in a way that it can have PDF files embedded into it. This is a good option although there are other ways like converting the PDF into an Excel spreadsheet or optionally hyperlinking a PDF in an Excel file of choice. The task to insert a PDF in an Excel document may definitely seem complex when you mention it but that is not the case especially when you implement the how-to solutions outlined here.

Actually, you will not only get to know the apps that you can use but also be guided step by step to be proficient enough in the task to attach PDF in Excel spreadsheets. By embedding a PDF file in Excel, you will be able to hit two birds with one stone whereby you will be able to view the data in Excel and still have access to the PDF file without leaving Excel. Having said that, you are now ready to learn how to link a PDf to Excel in 3 easy methods.

This Tutorial Covers

Method #1: How to Embed a PDF File into Excel as an Object

Excel delivers a cornucopia of features that cut across the organization, manipulation, and handling of data making it one of the most popular office software from the Microsoft Office suite. Apart from that, it has a unique feature whereby, it can have other types of documents or objects embedded into it. In this article, we are interested in how to attach PDF in Excel and you are in the right section as you will learn how to do that in a matter of moments. To accomplish the task at hand, here are the steps that you need to follow.

    1. The first thing is to open the Excel document that you need to embed a PDF file.
    2. Click on the “Insert” panel on the tools ribbon at the top and under the “Text” section, click on the “Object” option.
    3. From the resulting “Object” dialog box, select the “Create From File” tab and then click on the “Browse…” button.
    4. Navigate to the location of the target PDF file to embed, click on it and then hit the “Insert” button. Alternatively, you can simply double-click on it to open and embed it successfully.
    5. You should now be looking at your PDF file overlaid on top of your sheet.
Embed a PDF File into Excel As an Object

Easy peasy! No complexity at all when it comes to this process. In under a minute, you have managed to insert a PDF file in Excel without the need for any complex software or tools. For more control over your inserted PDF file regarding the colors, lines, size, picture parameters, protection, properties, and alt text, you can simply right-click on it and select the “Format Object…” options to tinker with all that. This is especially useful if you want to anchor the inserted PDF file to a specific cell.

Method #2: How to Insert PDF into Excel as a Picture

Apart from inserting a PDF file in Excel in the form of an object, you can also alternatively insert it in the form of an image.  This process borrows from the one above with only a few different steps. How to Insert PDF into Excel – from Excel as a Picture

    1. Open the Excel document that you wish to insert a PDF file into. You can create a new one too if you want to start from a fresh Excel document.
    2. Select where you want the PDF file to be inserted on the open sheet.
    3. Head over to the tools ribbon, navigate to the “Insert” panel, expand the “Pictures” category, and select the “This Device…” option for the source
    4. Using the “Insert Picture” dialog box, navigate to the location of the PDF file to embed in Excel. By default, Excel will not be set by default to recognize non-image files so make sure to change the format to “All Files” for the PDF documents to be visible as shown below.
    5. Once you have located the target PDF file, click on it and hit the “Insert” button or simply double-click on it. The moment you do that, the file will appear in your Excel sheet instantly.


And just like that, the process of embedding content from a PDF file into an Excel spreadsheet is a knife through butter. Actually, you are not limited in any way regarding the number of PDF files you can embed so attach as many PDF files as you need. As you may have realized, the process is very easy with just a matter of a few steps.

Method #3: How to Insert PDF into Excel with TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper PDF Converter has really made a name for itself in the document industry and this does not come out of the blue but because of how comprehensive and featureful it is. This time around, it will give us a convenient way of inserting a PDF file into an Excel file. Of course, this process may seem like it is not demanding but with this piece of software, you will be able to realize a reliable and satisfying experience. With this app, you will enjoy batch conversion, format retention, and high-quality output when the process is all over. Here are the steps that you need to follow when you are looking to embed PDF in Excel. This method will explore the PDF to Excel conversion angle. Let us now dive into the steps on how to insert PDF into Excel

    1. Launch TalkHelper PDF Converter and under the “Convert PDF To Other Files” section, pick the “PDF To Excel” option.
    2. Add the PDF file(s) that you wish to embed in Excel, natively or via the simple drag-and-drop option, and if necessary define the specific pages or page ranges that you wish to extract.
    3. Define the output folder options at the top; either rock the source directory or a custom one that you prefer.
    4. Choose your preferred conversion mode; format priority, edit priority or OCR
    5. Finally hit the “Convert” button. In the instance this program automatically suggests to OCR your PDF file, it is advisable to enable that for the best results.


Once you have converted the PDF file into Excel format, you are then ready to embed that editable content in your preferred point in the target Excel file. This will just call for a simple copy-pasting process and should not take too much of your time and effort to accomplish.

With not one, not two but three methods to choose from, the task to attach PDF into Excel should not pose any complexities at all. The how-to methods featured here are simple enough and at the same time means that even a novice user can get started without the need for special skills when you put into account that you are opened up to a step by step guide. All you have to do now is pick the method that you feel comfortable with and make the process to insert a PDF file into Excel feel just like a breeze.

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