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Looking to convert image files like JPG to PDF? You are in the right place as this review article looks at Image2PDF which is a great tool that will help you to convert any JPG image into PDF file format.

This tool lives on the web hence getting rid of any hassle of installing software on your PC. On top of that, you will save on your storage and CPU resources to a great extent. Image2PDF can support a maximum file size of 100MB but all files combined should not exceed 150MB. A single selection cannot exceed 20 files as a go.

The reason for this Image2PDF review is to explore and have a full picture of the features to expect. It does not just convert JPG images to PDF but also brings you extra features to make sure the output is in its best. Read on to find out what more you can do in regard to JPG to PDF conversion.

Number Of Images Per Page

When working with multiple JPG images that need to be converted to PDF, you may want to combine some of the images together to form one single PDF page. This Image2PDF review has noted that this tool allows you to decide on the number of images you would want to be fit in a single page from 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 9 images per page.

You do not have to separate images that have similar content when you can combine them to one PDF page with Image2PDF.

Adjust Page Layout

During the conversion process, you may need to have the output in a specific layout page-wise. Image2PDF gives you total freedom when deciding on the layout to work with supports for A-series like A4, Letter, Legal, Tabloid/Ledger, ANSI series, ARCH series, B series, and C series.

In fact, there is support for almost all common and popular paper sizes. You will be able to get the preferred size of paper as your PDF output without much struggle. All you need to do is select the appropriate size for your content.

Page Orientation

Besides being able to select the preferred page layout size, Image2PDF also gives you total control on the orientation to go with the page layout. You can select one among automatic, portrait and landscape resolutions.

If you are not sure the orientation to work with, Image2PDF will implement the automatic orientation feature to decide on the best one that matches your content. This, in turn, saves you time that would have been wasted thinking and deciding on the right orientation.

Page Margin

In the instance you decide to have more than one images on one PDF page, Image2PDF gives you the option to set the necessary space between the images and the margins as well. This greatly helps in making sure the content appears correctly and in the best arrangement. If no margins are required, you can always have your page borderless.

Quality, Resolution, Orientation and Color Space of Images

When converting images to PDF, many factors come into consideration in regard to the output quality. For starters, the quality of the image determines the size of the final file. You have a choice among standard, low, medium and high qualities which means that the higher the quality, the larger the file size. In regard to resolution, choose your preferred dpi for the output in the PDF.

On the other hand, the color space has a great effect on the file size. Colored images will cause file size increase as compared to image files in black and white. Image2PDF lets you customize all these options to make sure the JPG to PDF conversion brings out the best results. Better yet, you also get the chance to define the rotation that should be applied to the images of interest. Retain original orientation or change to portrait or landscape and if need be rotate by a number of degrees.

Private and Secure

Any time we deal with a tool that requires us to upload files to be worked on, an issue arises regarding the privacy and security of the files against third-party access. It is always advisable to have information about how your uploaded files are handled by the service you use. In regard to this, Image2PDF handles your uploaded and converted files in the best way.

It may come as a surprise to know that this tool does not save your uploads and all the data is completely deleted after you are done with the JPG to PDF conversion process. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your files falling into the wrong hands without your consent.

Get acquitted with all these features when you get started with this tool. As evidenced by this Image2PDF review, there are tons of features provided at your fingertips. Does it fit as a go-to JPG to PDF converter?

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