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iLovePDF consolidates the tools necessary to work with PDFs all under the same roof for that extra convenience, especially when it comes to access. Instead of being bombarded with all tools without proper presentation, iLovePDF sets every action/task as a separate individual tool, just like SmallPDF. This way, you are only opened up to options relating to the specific task at hand.

Talking about tasks, iLovePDF lets you convert, merge, split, edit, compress, watermark, unlock, protect, organize, repair, and sign PDFs in just a matter of a few clicks. Flexibility is another advantage of this PDF tool as it can be used both online and offline without any limitations.

The online version even goes further to include cloud services (Dropbox and Google Drive) that prove extra convenient when importing, exporting, and sharing PDF files.

We all love saving time and that is why iLovePDF boasts the batch processing feature to help you work on multiple files simultaneously. Before we dig a bit deeper into key features, let us look at some pros and cons.

Pros & Cons of iLovePDF

  • Offers batch processing options
  • Very affordable
  • Multiplatform
  • Overly efficient and simple to use
  • Offers file management options
  • Presents Android and iOS apps
  • Limited processing in free mode

How to Use iLovePDF

Key Features in iLovePDF

As earlier mentioned, iLovePDF delivers a ton of tools and this section is dedicated to getting you acquainted with some of the highlight features. Without further ado, let us get started on what to expect from the iLovePDF desktop or online version.

Convert Word to PDF


To facilitate the universal viewing and convenient sharing of Word files, iLovePDF gives you the option of converting DOC or DOCX files into PDF format. The conversion is done in a very diligent way that retains the original layout and formatting while keeping the original quality intact.

You can rest assured that the converted file will be shared in an unmodifiable state and still can be opened easily via any PDF viewer tool. Processing multiple Word documents has also been made very easy for you thanks to the batch convert feature and the overly convenient drag-and-drop feature. Another special feature here is the rotate option that lets you orient the document pages as you prefer prior to the conversion process.

Convert JPG to PDF

ilovepdf-convert jpg to pdf

When the need to convert JPG image files into PDF comes knocking, iLovePDF has a quick, easy, and dedicated tool for that. Maybe you are concerned about the total file size, you need to share images in a signed document, or you just need to send multiple images in a single PDF file, iLovePDF is perfect for the job.

Apart from converting single or multiple images into PDF, you can also adjust the page orientation (portrait or landscape), define a specific page size (Fit, A4, or US Letter), and set margins (No margin, small, or big). As a bonus, you can also merge multiple JPG images into a single PDF file instead of converting each image into an individual PDF – this brings a touch of easy management.

Merge/Split PDF


There are instances when you have more than one PDF that needs to be combined into a single file. While this can be painstaking without the right tool, iLovePDF PDF merger jumps in to save the day for you. You simply need to add the PDF files, arrange them as needed, perform rotation where necessary and finally complete the merge process. The original quality, layout, and formatting will be maintained during the merge therefore no worries there.


iLovePDF is also capable of splitting a merged or multi-page PDF file in a pretty versatile way. Versatile in that you can choose to split by a custom or fixed page range, extract specific pages or all the pages into individual PDF files. The advantage of PDF splitter is that you can grab and share just the specific content you need instead of going through the hassle of dealing with a full PDF file. Besides, you also have the option to merge the extracted page ranges into a single PDF file.

Compress PDF files


There are moments when the size of PDF files does not match our requirements and we cannot delete content to reduce the size. This is the moment that calls for the use of a PDF tool that can compress an already existing document to a certain optimum size. iLovePDF tackles this task head-on and delivers 3 preset compression modes as follows;

  • Extreme compression – this mode gives you the highest compression level but at the expense of quality (expect a low-quality PDF file).
  • Recommended compression – this mode keeps the compression at a balanced level to yield a good compression coupled with a good quality output.
  • Less compression – here, little compression is performed and therefore helps realize a high-quality PDF file.

Once you are certain of the kind of compression you are after, iLovePDF PDF compressor will handle the rest for you, optimizing the file to your requirements. If a website has restricted upload to a specific file size, you can comfortably bridge the gap now.

Unlock PDF


In the instance you come across a password-protected PDF file, it is quite tedious having to input the password every time you have to work with the file. Worry no more as iLovePDF has the perfect online tool to get rid of the password without much hassle. If the PDF also happens to have not been oriented in the right way, you have an extra rotate option to use before the actual PDF unlock.

More iLovePDF Features

Apart from the above-mentioned features, iLovePDF has even more for you. This is to keep to its slogan of ‘Every PDF tool you need, at your fingertips. Here are the additional features/tools that you are opened up to;

  • PDF to PowerPoint
  • PDF to Excel
  • PowerPoint to PDF
  • Excel to PDF
  • PDF Editor
  • PDF to JPG
  • HTML to PDF
  • PDF to PDF/A converter
  • Add page numbers to PDF
  • Watermark PDFs
  • Rotate PDFs
  • Sign/Protect PDFs
  • Repair PDFs
  • Organize PDFs
  • WordPress plugin
  • Developer API

The good thing about these tools is that they are all very simple to use and 100% free. This list plus the previous tools covers pretty much all the actions you need to apply on PDFs.

iLovePDF Pricing

Here is a comparison of the various iLovePDF price plans that are at your disposal;





Monthly billing



Custom pricing

Yearly billing


$5/month ($60/Year)


– Access all tools

– Limited processing

– Work from the web

– Access all tools

– Access OCR

– Unlimited processing

– Work from mobile, web, and desktop

– Ad-free

– Customer support

– All Premium features

– Dedicated hardware

– Custom contract

– Flexible payment

– Dedicated customer support


iLovePDF is your swiss army knife in almost all tasks involving PDF files. It offers a plethora of options ranging from PDF conversion, editing, compression, merging, splitting, just to mention a few. You can comfortably work with the free version though still, the paid plan is more affordable compared to other similar tools.

The other good thing is that it can be used both online and offline on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS) therefore, bringing about flexibility and the ultimate reliability. The ease of use and quality results seals the deal on just how good iLovePDF is at handling PDF files.

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