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iLovePDF is an online service that delivers many handy tools for use on your PDF files. These tools are provided at your fingertips for free with no charges at all. With just a few clicks, you will be able to accomplish the intended task within no time. iLovePDF is web-based so you need to have an internet connection in order to be able to explore all of what it offers.

As an online service, you will have to constantly upload the files that need work if you have saved them on platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox, you can simply import them to save time and enjoy the convenience. The user interface is very simple to use even for a first-time user. Every tool has a title and description indicating what each is able to accomplish in regard to PDFs. Without further ado, let us get to know what features iLovePDF comes with, in this review article.

Free Download iLovePDF

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What Can iLovePDF Do?

iLovePDF is very feature-laden as we will find out in the subsequent parts of this article. It features popular tools to manage PDF files including;

Merge PDFs

In the instance you many single PDF files with related content, you may need to put them together in one file for easier management. iLovePDF is capable of joining these files in bulk and later output a single file containing all the previously single PDFs.

Split a PDF

As an opposite of the merge feature, iLovePDF is able to separate a PDF comprising of sets of PDFs inside of it into single and independent files that can then have further actions performed on them independently.

PDF Compression

At one point or the other, a PDF file may be too large to be shared through a certain medium. In that case, a need arises where the PDF file has to reduced in size in order to fit the required maximum size. iLovePDF is able to perform the resizing process without compromising much on the final PDF quality.

Convert PDF to Word

With iLovePDF, you will be able to easily convert PDF files to Microsoft document formats including DOC and DOCX. The conversion is so good that is it can achieve a near 100% accuracy.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint

Have a PDF that you want to make a presentation from? If so, look no further as you have the perfect tool to make the process less tedious. iLovePDF is able to convert PDF files directly to PPT and PPTX presentations with just a few clicks. A lot of work will be done for you by this app and all you have to do is make some extra modifications after the file is converted.

Convert PDF to Excel

Do you have data in PDFs and you don’t want to type afresh in Excel? iLovePDF will extract the data from the PDF in question and output it in Excel spreadsheet format for you to manipulate as you want. This saves you a lot of time and effort that you would have used to type everything.

Convert PDF to JPG

This feature comes in two ways. One is whereby you are able to convert each PDF page into an image of JPG format and the other where all images present in a PDF file are extracted for you so that you can use them as you see fit.

Add Page Numbers

A PDF file may have been saved without including page numbers which are usually important in order to know how pages follow one another. Instead of having to go through much hassle adding numbers, iLovePDF has a simple tool to help you add numbers to the PDF. On top of that, you have freedom in regard to the positioning, dimensions, and typography of the numbers.

Add Watermark

This feature will allow you to personalize your PDF file even further by enabling you to stamp text or an image as an overlay on the PDF. To enhance the watermark, you can modify the transparency, typography, and position to your exact preference.

Rotate PDFs

iLovePDF is not left behind when it comes to this handy feature. This tool will help you rotate single and even multiple PDFs at once to ensure they appear in the required orientation. You will be able to achieve this without any significant struggle.

iLovePDF has a lot to offer as evidenced above. From conversion and other options to tinker with on PDFs, you will have access to just that tool that you need to work on your PDF. It is good to note that, for the conversion processes mentioned, the reserve can be done in the same easy manner. For instance, just like we can convert a PDF to Word, a Word document can be converted to PDF using iLovePDF.

Give this tool a go today and enjoy wonderful features.

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