Icecream Screen Recorder Full Review and Alternatives

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Icecream Screen Recorder is a freeware that helps you record any region on your screen as a video or simply as a screenshot. It is simple and minimalistic that you shouldn’t mistake to not be featureful. In fact, you get to capture apps, gameplay, Skype calls, webinars, tutorials, video guides, walkthroughs among others with the ultimate ease and convenience.

Being an open source screen capture app makes it available on all the popular platforms – Mac, Windows, and an Android app is also available for this screen recorder. Better yet, you can obtain it as a free download version on your desktop, evaluate the features before choosing to grab the pro license.

It also happens to support a wide array of languages which means you can always localize the user-friendly interface to one of the supported languages. You will not only capture the screen video but also incorporating accompanying audio is possible from the built-in microphone or system audio depending on how you deem it necessary.

In regards to the pros and cons of Icecream Screen Recorder, here is what to expect and facilitate and quick decision on getting started with this tool.

Icecream Screen Recorder – Free Download

Product NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
Icecream Screen RecorderWindows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download
TalkHelper Screen RecorderWindows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download

Pros & Cons of Icecream Screen Recorder


      • Ease of use – Icecream Screen Recorder is a pretty minimalistic app, with a friendly interface that makes it easy to get around and accomplish tasks.
      • Game recorder – It happens to be one of the apps that are able to capture gameplay videos in crisp quality and not dwindle in overall performance.
      • No watermarks – This screen recorder will not at any point place intrusive watermarks in your video even when you are using the free version.
      • No time limits – Unlike other similar video and audio recording programs, Icecream Screen Recorder does not pose any time limits in regard to how long your recording can be. In fact, your only limitation will be the disk space.
      • Scheduled screen recordings – Getting to capture screen videos at a time in the future without your interaction is definitely a big plus for this tool.
      • Video converter and editor – Simplicity does not prevent this tool from delivering some handy features like video editing and conversion without leaving the program.


      • Limited editing options – We acknowledge that it brings in editing options but also on the other hand is pretty limited if you are after a complete video editing experience.

How to Use Icecream Screen Recorder

Key Features of Icecream Screen Recorder

This screen capture app rides on great levels of simplicity but that does not in any way make it less powerful. You will be happy to learn that a ton of awesome features awaits you.

All of these are presented to you in a way that is convenient to implement thanks to the user-friendly interface. In this section of the review, we will breakdown and find out what each feature helps achieve. Without further ado, let us dive right in and get acquainted with all the goodies.


Screen and Audio capture

When it comes to screen recording, you can either capture the full screen or alternatively select a specific area that you need to record. The first time you launch the program, you will be asked to define some recording parameters although you still have a chance to defer them till later.

You just have to decide whether or not to enable general audio recording, capture audio from the mic, mouse movements, clicks, and even an option to highlight the same. Here are the various features that encompass the screen and audio recording experience.

        • Screen recording – Here, Icecream Screen Recorder helps capture the screen in various modes, 5 to be exact, and include, a specified region, the entire screen, an autodetected region, the last area that was previously captured, and the Around mouse mode.


        • Webcam recording – Apart from the main screen capture, you also have the chance to personalize the main footage with a webcam overlay. Basically, recording footage from the webcam is supported using your preferred device and at the same time, you get to play around with the size and placement settings in relation to the main screen recording interface.
        • Audio recording – Depending on your preference, you can choose to record system and mic audio simultaneous or just any one of them without the other. This means that adding narrations or voiceovers to your video becomes easy to achieve.


        • Video annotations – In the instance you need to direct a viewer to areas of utmost focus, annotating the video recording or screenshot is necessary. Some of the annotation tools you are opened up by Icecream Screen Recorder include arrows, texts, and various shapes.
        • Record live streaming videos – Whether it is a live webinar or a streaming video on a site like YouTube, this simple app will help you capture that without any hassle.
        • Game recording – For those of us who are gaming enthusiasts, you need not hassle looking for recording software that can keep up with the high FPS since Icecream Screen Recorder has got you covered for all your full-screen 3D games.


Schedule Screen Recordings

This is a nifty feature that many other screen recorders do not even have close proximity to. Basically, Icecream Screen Recorder lets you configure screen recordings to occur automatically at a future time without the need for your physical interaction. Therefore, you can comfortably go about your other business and not worry about missing the content you scheduled to record.

Customize Watermark 


We have had instances that software makers force watermarks into your videos especially when you are using the free trial version until you grab the pro license. Icecream Screen Recorder takes a different approach here and lets you add your own watermark, it can be a logo, so that the audience can identify with your brand.

This feature goes a long way to help you personalize any screen captures you make. It is also possible to hide the watermark altogether if you do not need to include one.

Display Mouse Effects and Hotkeys

To enhance the comprehension of your video recording, you can choose to display mouse click animations and even the key combinations for any hotkeys used during the screen recording process. This way, the user will know where to click on the screen and at the same time be sure of the hotkey buttons to press.


Advanced Direct Sharing

Icecream Screen Recorder strives to make the video-sharing as direct and convenient as possible and thus integrates services like Dropbox, YouTube, and Google Drive to facilitate direct uploads. On top of that, it features a “copy to clipboard” feature that allows you to copy the snapshot or screen recording to the clipboard and then paste them directly to apps like Skype for that efficient experience. At the click of a button, your screen capture video will be available for access by your target audience.

Video Editing Options

This recording software is not left behind when it comes to delivering some video editing features even though they are not much. You get the basic video trimming/cutting feature that helps get rid of unwanted parts of the screen capture video. On the other hand, you can adjust the speed of your videos as you see fit – either speed up and slow them down.

Video Conversion

Apart from helping you record the screen and take screenshots, Icecream Screen Recorder boasts of a built-in video converter that as you may already be guessing lets you convert your recorded videos between supported formats. This is a very important feature as you no longer need to look for third-party video converter apps.


There you have it, a ton of features to make good use of and all available in a single app – Icecream Screen Recorder. It has proven to be powerful enough even as free software and you get to enjoy all of these features without limitations when you obtain a very affordable pro license.

Before you go, have a look at the system requirements that this screen recorder demands before you can go ahead and download the installation package. The good thing is that it will run on almost any of the computers out there without any major issues.

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