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Icecream Apps bring you Icecream Screen Recorder, an easy-to-use and instinctive screencasting tool that enables you to record your Windows PC screen either as a video or a screenshot that you can later share on favorite platforms. Icecream Screen Recorder was introduced as a beta version back in July 2014 and since then has seen lots of work put into it till today. I can say it has grown over the years to a point it can give considerable competition to other software that offers similar functions. Whether it is a bug fix or addition of features, Icecream screencasting tool gets better and better.

In this article, I will review Icecream Screen Recorder form the point you download it, installation and actual usage to find out what it has to offer to make it a go-to choice when grouped together with other similar software.

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Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder – Free Download

Product NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
Icecream Screen RecorderWindows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download
TalkHelper Screen RecorderWindows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download

Download and Installation

The download does not take long if you are on a good internet connection. On my Windows 10 PC, it took less than a minute to download around 51.7MB of the installation file. The installation file is small compared to other screen recording software making it very compact and minimalistic.

Download and Installation

Just like the download process, the installation is done in under five minutes but will greatly depend on your Windows PC specifications. Installation of some extra codecs, which are optional, is what I noticed to cause the installation to take a bit long. Despite that, within a short time, you will be up and running ready to start your first screen recording project.

Launch, Welcome Screen and First Impressions

First Impressions

Once the installation process is done, launching the Icecream Screen Recorder will bring you a welcome screen containing some several recording settings that you can preset before proceeding. If you feel you do not want to have the settings, you have the option to skip and set later in the settings panel. The settings on the welcome screen include;

  • Audio recording
  • Microphone recording
  • Mouse movement recording
  • Animating mouse clicks
  • Highlighting the mouse

This brings the feeling of having complete control of what you can do with Icecream screen recorder even before you get to the real deal. Once done with selecting what you need, pressing save settings or skip options will take you to the next main screen.

Main Screen and Features

main screen

On the main screen, you are welcomed by four distinct modes that you can work with depending on the task at hand. These include;

  • Capture Video – This mode allows you to record the desktop screen be it the fullscreen, a custom area, last area (an area you had recorded previously), an autodetected area or around mouse. You can record multiple areas at the same time which can be monitored under the tasks option. You can also record the path of the mouse having a preset boundary size around it hence the name “Around mouse”.

Capture Video

  • Game capture – As the name suggests, this will enable you to record game-play. You can customize the frame rate (choose either 25, 30, 45 and 60FPS) and option to display fps on the screen, decide on the quality of the recording (small, medium or high), and also the preferred codec (either MJPEG or H264). Icecream screen recorder saves game captures as AVI or MP4 and recording is supported by hotkey F6 to start/stop in-game recording.
  • Screenshot – In this mode, you can take screenshots whether as a fullscreen, custom area, last area or an autodetected area depending on what you will prefer. Screenshots can be saved either in JPG or PNG format.
  • Capture audio – This mode is purposely for audio recording task with choice of preferred bitrate from the available high, medium and low bitrate options available.

Settings and Personalization

In every software, the settings options available determine how much you can tinker with. In this Icecream screen recorder review, the settings have our attention as a lot of personalization settings have been provided.

System Settings

System Settings

In system settings, you can choose default screenshot saving format from the available formats, Icecream screen recorder default language, whether to start or preload it when your Windows PC system starts, whether to show notifications among other extra options. In addition, you get to decide the default webcam to use in case you have more than one connected.

Saving Settings

System Settings

Under this tab, you personalize where to save videos and screenshots. Better yet, you decide on the maximum recordable file size and also the amount of free space that should be available on the disk for recording to be possible. For those of us who like customizing file names, you have been covered with an option to allow that.

Video Settings

video settings

Video settings allow you to set default video format and the quality the format should carry with it. Mouse settings can be found in this page together with watermark settings (available for PRO version).

Audio Settings

Audio Settings

Icecream screen recorder lets you choose whether to record audio in general and also specify whether to record the microphone or not. Moreso, you can select the microphone and audio device to use in case you have more than one of each. A unique feature is that you can modify the volume levels too. This comes in handy when you have system audio to include or if you have to make a narration to personalize video recordings.

Hotkeys Settings

Hotkeys Settings

Hotkeys aid in accomplishing tasks faster than when one has to interact with menus and options. Icecream screen recorder has made sure you can use hotkeys and better yet customize them to fit your preference.

Special Features

In this Icecream screen recorder review, these features have made it stand out when compared to similar screencasting software.

  • Provision of a video converter
  • A screenshot clipboard for instant sharing moments
  • You can save screenshots directly to Icecream Apps’ server and generate a shortened link to share instantly
  • You can schedule recordings that can run unmonitored
  • Availability of a “Zoom In” tool for use when recording
  • You can choose the screen to record for the case where you are connected to multiple displays

Use Free Version or Upgrade to PRO?

Icecream screen recorder comes in a free and PRO variant. The free will include a watermark from the maker in all recordings and you can get rid of it by upgrading to the PRO version. In terms of necessary features, the free version will still enable you to make a professional video without much hassle.

There you have it. Do you feel Icecream Screen Recorder is good enough to have a home on your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC?

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