Icecream PDF Converter

The name Icecream PDF converter can come across as rather funny. When I was first introduced to it too, I had to do a double check to be sure that name was right. So, Icecream is the name of a digital firm that deals with several apps. The PDF converter is just one of the best PDF Converter application(See full list) they have. Now that we have cleared the air on the name, let’s get to meet the Icecream PDF converter.

From first glance when you open the app, what you see is a very simple and straightforward interface that can be understood and used by anyone. The very basic design and user interface of this converter is one of the endearing features of its end-use.


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TalkHelper PDF ConverterWindows 7/8/8.1/10$29.95Free Download
Icecream PDF Converter Windows Vista/7/10$39.95Free Download

Conversion From PDF

At a glance, you already know what you need to do and how to go about it. Displaying two big icons with the caption “From PDF” and “To PDF” gives you a quick sense of direction as to what to click when you need to do what.

This simplistic outlook is a very endearing factor about the Icecream PDF converter that I believe many users will find useful and handy too. By the way, do not confuse this simplistic outlook with slim features. The list of format range that this app covers include conversion of PDF files to JPG, PNG, DOC/DOCX. XLS, etc.


One of the downside to the editing option that this converter offers is that, unlike Foxit Phantom PDF, you cannot edit the converted files in the app. You will need to open the file in your regular Word Processing app (if you are converting to DOC/DOCX) to edit them.

This means that you upload your file, convert it, then go to the relevant opening software to do the editing you want to and then upload back on to the app to convert back to PDF. This is much of a task if you will agree and may cause some people to prefer the in-app editing enabled converters to the likes of Icecream.

As much as this is not bad in itself, compared to other advanced PDF apps, this is a rather cumbersome process as mentioned earlier. But if you fancy the long way of doing things, this should not be a problem for you.

This takes us to the second part of the app. The aspect that converts to PDF. By all means, this is quite straightforward too.

Conversion To PDF

Just like the reverse side, all you need to do is click the “To PDF” icon and you upload your file to the app to make the conversion.

convert to pdf

For this part, the options available for uploading files to be converted are listed at the bottom of the page. At this stage, I was a little impressed with the list of options that were available. Whether, you want to make the conversion from image, ebooks, webpage or  a Word Processing software, Icecream PDF converter has got you covered.


One of the very cool options that Icecream made available in the conversion of JPG images to any other file type is the ability to merge multiple files into one PDF file or to fragment them into separate files. This option is also available for other file type conversions and is not peculiar to JPG file conversions alone (see the image above).

This option comes in handy if you are a user that send PDF attachments to clients or vendors like receipts and invoices. Hence, you can make all your invoices/receipt (or any other file for that matter) into one PDF file or you can create them into individual pages that can be sent alone.

The Downside

Although a very good converter in efficiency and functionality, like everything else, it has its own downsides. One of the shortcomings of Icecream PDF converter is the intermittent inability to fully convert images in text and total extraction of objects (graphs and lines) from some file. Better still, what I experienced is that in some cases, this converter replaces some image in the text with thumbnail icons that hints that an image was supposed to appear there.

I tried to convert the same file multiple times to find out if it was an error on my end, but the same issue occurred for that particular file. This led me to conclude that Icecream PDF converter may not be able to successfully convert files that have smaller images and/or graphs.

Beside this, conversion process, whether “From PDF” or “To PDF”, usually take a little while to convert. When compared to more robust apps like the Foxit PhantomPDF that I reviewed earlier, there is an unnecessary time lag on conversion that can be done without.


Without a doubt, Icecream PDF converter may not be able to stand at par with the tons of robust and better structured converting software out there today. However, to a very large extent, it has the capacity to deliver the most basic and intermediate conversion need that a small scale or medium scale person or organization will ever need. To this end, it can be safely recommended as a good converter out there one the one hand for its simplistic UI and UX and on the other hand, for its considerable converting options.

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