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Icecream PDF Converter



Icecream PDF Converter is a very straightforward PDF tool that helps convert to and from the PDF format with high levels of simplicity. Icecream Apps has made this app all around in a big way considering that you can process various file formats including images, documents, ebooks, and webpages.

Another perk is its platform availability which starts from Windows 7 to the latest iteration of Windows 10. Besides an offline PDF converter, you are also opened up to a built-in reader, and therefore no need to look for an external PDF viewer.

Just like its competitor TalkHelper PDF Converter, Icecream PDF Converter lets you tweak various output options so as to give you total control over the output. In this review article, we will dig deeper into this nifty offline software to identify what exactly makes it shine. But before that, here is a summary of the pros and cons;

Pros & Cons of Icecream PDF Converter

  • Boasts a built-in OCR
  • Features a PDF merger
  • Offers batch processing
  • Built-in PDF reader/viewer
  • Supports encrypted files
  • No watermark on the output
  • The free version is very limiting

How to Use Icecream PDF Converter

Key Features in Icecream PDF Converter

While Icecream PDF Converter seeks to majorly convert to and from PDF format, there are a ton of features backing these processes. All these features culminate into a pretty comprehensive process with satisfactory results. Let’s dig in!

PDF Converter

As earlier mentioned, Icecream PDF Converter is a PDF conversion program and therefore presents a plethora of options that complement this functionality. Whether you are converting other files to PDF or PDFs to other files, you are open to the following;

  • Batch processing – This feature saves a ton of time and effort by letting you convert multiple documents or files all at the same time.
  • Full or partial conversion – There are times that you need not convert a whole document and using this feature, you can convert specific pages or page ranges to output just the needed information. Through partial conversion, you get to split documents.


  • Combine files – During the document conversion process, you can choose to join/merge the output files (documents or images) into a single, manageable PDF file.
  • Convert password-protected PDFs – This Icecream Apps craft lets you convert encrypted PDF documents and also lets you encrypt the converted files when the need arises.
  • Tweak layout settings – For that extra control over the output, Icecream PDF Converter lets you tinker with various options like the page size, orientation, and margins. For instance, when converting images (like JPG to PDF), you can rotate and adjust the content positioning to fit your needs. Also, you get to define your preferred image output quality (low, medium, or high). In a way, these are options you get in a PDF editor.


  • Supported formats – Icecream PDF Converter supported a range of file formats cutting across the likes of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, image formats, and more. Here is a list of supported file formats;



Built-in OCR

Obtaining text data from scanned or image-based PDFs can be a real hassle when the only option involves retyping everything. Luckily, Icecream PDF Converter recognizes this and bridges the gap by providing an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool built into the main converter.

Multiple OCR languages are supported and the accuracy delivered here is just one of a kind. With this, you no longer need to retype content from scanned PDFs, but instead, you will obtain editable documents like a knife through butter.


Icecream PDF Converter provides you with a free trial version to evaluate the features after which you need to obtain the Pro version as priced below. The wonderful thing about this pricing is that it is a one-time, lifetime purchase.

Icecream Version

Price (One-Time)

PDF Converter FREE


PDF Converter PRO



Icecream PDF Converter is a simple but powerful app that strives to get to the levels of top software like TalkHelper PDF Converter. It functions fully offline to facilitate even more privacy and performs PDF conversion conveniently. At the good pricing it offers, the features at your disposal are more than you can get with other tools.

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