How to Record Skype Meetings: Use SFB Recording Manager vs 3rd Party Recorder

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Skype for Business has quite a lot to offer when it comes to instant messaging, mail response, calls, and even Skype meetings. Some of the traits it boasts of include portability, accessibility, collaboration, whiteboard tools, control options among other handy features. In the instance you need to save Skype meetings for future reference or record purposes, the need for recording tools is realized. This article explores this need to let you in on the various options that you can exploit. To be precise, you will be opened up to the option to record a Skype for business meetings using the built-in recording manager from Skype itself among other solutions that cut across the Windows and Mac platforms.

These solutions will come in very handy to enable recording in Skype for Business and sail you to the ultimate convenience. While the built-in recording manager is still pretty reliable, third-party options happen to bring in more features that see to it that you have that unified process to record meetings with little to no limitations.

In this article, you will not only get to learn on the go-to solutions but also get guided on how to make the most out of each tool through the incorporated step by step tutorials. With that in mind, here are several options that will see to it that you record a Skype for Business meeting conveniently.

This Tutorial Covers

Method #1: Record a Skype Meeting with Skype for Business Recording Manager


While most of us have been accustomed to implementing third-party tools when we need to record a Skype meeting, the process can be less daunting when you take good advantage of the built-in recording manager in S4B. This is because it presents both an inexpensive and reliable way to capture your online interactions on Skype for Business when the need arises.

With it, you will be able to kiss goodbye the hassle of installing other cumbersome and time-consuming software to achieve the task at hand. No matter where you are, at home, or working remotely, you will be able to record meetings easily at the click of a button. Once you have set up Skype for Business on your computer, follow the tutorial below.

      1. Start recording. To do this, click on the “More Options” button that is represented by 3 dots and hit the “Start Recording” option. In the instance the button is dimmed, double-check your audio connection.
      2. Control the recording. To control the recording, Skype presents you with Pause, Resume, and Stop buttons that you can make use of at your convenience.
      3. Stop recording. From the control options mentioned above, click on the “Stop” button to end the recording process and you will get a notification that all active recordings have been stopped. Optionally, click on the “More Options” button and select the “Stop Recording” option.
      4. Open the recording. Again, click on the 3-dot options button, select the “Manage Recordings” option after which you will be taken to a list of all recordings. Highlight the target recording and click on the “Play” button on the right among other actions like renaming, deleting, or sharing.

The Skype for Business recording will be saved for you in the most convenient MP4 format that can be opened from almost any device though you have to be patient for the recording to be processed successfully. The good thing is that you will be notified when each milestone is reached.

Method #2: Record a Skype Meeting with TalkHelper on Windows


TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype brings you a simple and instinctive user interface that houses a reliable feature to record a Skype meeting at any time with the ultimate convenience. It will not only record meetings for you but will also provide a recording manager section for necessary further action on the output files.

On top of that, it blends perfectly be it in personal or business scenarios and you can rest assured of high-quality Skype for Business recordings at the end of the day. This tool will enable recording in Skype for Business by integrating with Skype at a deeper level making TalkHelper Call Recorder perform past what a screen saver can do. Getting started is pretty easy too as outlined in the steps below.

      1. Launch TalkHelper and connect to Skype for Business. The first time you launch this program, it will try to locate the running instance of Skype for Business client.
      2. Initiate or join a Skype meeting call to start recording. The moment you do so, TalkHelper Call Recorder will automatically start recording the call for you and the “Start” button will switch to “Stop”.
      3. Stop the recording. You can simply do this by clicking on the “Stop” button or optionally just end the call you were in and TalkHelper Call Recorder will automatically stop the recording process.
      4. Open the Skype for Business recording. Navigate to the call record file list to view the added file which will have the date, time, and duration information. From there, you can choose necessary actions like playing back or sharing.

At the end of the day, the process to record a Skype meeting becomes an overly simple mission when you have this wonderful recording manager at your disposal. Better yet, this tool to record meetings with is always updated so you can rest assured of its compatibility with the latest version of Skype for Business.

Method #3: Record a Skype Meeting with Ecamm Call Recorder on Mac


Ecamm Call Recorder is a very feature-rich program that you can implement on your Mac to record meetings that take place on Skype. There are lots of settings that you can tinker with cutting across quality adjustments, remote or local recording, saving directory, just to mention a few. Therefore, as much as it is a simple tool, that does not make it any less featureful.

Apart from working with it manually, it can also be configured to start recording automatically every time you take part in a Skype meeting. Skype may lack a native recording manager on Mac but Ecamm is here to make the process undaunting as guided below.

      1. Set up and Launch Ecamm. After downloading Ecamm, install it on your Mac and then launch it. On a successful launch, Skype for Business will be re-opened automatically and now feature a new “Recording” preferences section.
      2. Start a Skype meeting. Initiate a meeting on Skype for Business to open the necessary “Call Recorder” window. Click on the Red record button in the window to start recording.
      3. Finish recording. Click on the “Stop” button to bring the recording process to an end.
      4. Open the saving directory. Simply click on the “Search” icon in the “Call Recorder” window to open the Finder folder that holds the Skype for Business recording.

By integrating into the Skype for Business app, Ecamm brings about one of the easiest ways to record meetings on Mac and therefore, no much hassle regarding the task at hand. Moreover, considering the features it comes with under its arms, it is worth every single penny you spend.

There you have it! A rich list of options that you can bank on to sail you towards a reliable process to record meetings on your preferred platform. Simply, this means that the process to record a Skype meeting should not be any daunting anymore.

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