3 Easy Ways to Record a Podcast on Skype Professionally

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The world has become a small village with time all thanks to the proliferation of top-notch communication solutions that make the dissemination of information very quick and convenient. One such solution is Skype which since it set foot into the industry, has grown to be a must-have app. Considering its capabilities, terming it as the best-known tool will not be unfounded at all. In this article, we take a different angle on Skype and concentrate on how to record a podcast with it. Skype podcasting has become very common in recent times since Skype makes it possible for two people to collaborate and come up with great content.

By using Skype for podcasting, you will get to save yourself a great deal of both time and effort that would have been taken meeting in-person to achieve the same task at hand. Recording a podcast on Skype does not just come about but rather requires the ability to have the recording functionality necessary to have a shareable file later on. If you have been faced with such a need, you have landed in the right place since we are going to open you up to several options that you can take advantage of. Enough with the intro, let us dig in.

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Method #1: Record a Podcast on Skype With Built-In Call Recording Utility


Skype happens to boast of a native, built-in recording function and as much as it may not be feature-laden when compared to the third-party alternatives, it is still a very convenient feature to grip on when you need to go Skype podcasting. This is because you need not go through the process of setting up extra tools on your computer which can be tedious and time-consuming most of the time.

In just a matter of moments, you will be able to record your podcast on Skype without much hassle. Even as a built-in feature, recording podcasts on Skype can be mind-boggling especially if you are not familiar with how to use it. Luckily for you, here is a comprehensive step by step guide to follow.

      1. Start a call with the target party. Initiate a video or voice call with the contact that you wish to make a podcast with.
      2. Start recording. In the bottom right-hand corner of the Skype interface, click on the “+” icon and pick the “Start recording” option. A notification should appear at the top advising you that the podcast recording has started.
      3. Stop the call recording. Again, click on the “+” icon and select the “Stop recording” option. It is advisable to stop recording first before you hang up the call.
      4. Open the recorded Skype podcast. Navigate to your chat window and find your recording in the bottom-right side of the call window.

And just like that, you have managed to use Skype for podcasting without any kind of hassle whatsoever. With the built-in recording function, Skype podcasting is just a click away.

Method #2: Record a Skype Podcast With 3rd Party Software

In the instance the built-in recording function of Skype does not seem to satisfy your needs, you can find solace in third-party software alternatives that promise to kick the ball out of the park for you. Whether you are on Mac or Windows, finding the best Skype podcasting program is not that easy and that is why we have lined up for you two go-to solutions, one for Windows and the other for Mac. It is now the perfect time to get acquainted with the options to record a podcast on Skype.

A). Using TalkHelper On Windows


TalkHelper has been crafted with the ultimate ingenuity so that you can have a convenient process to record Skype calls in the highest quality possible on Windows. If you are in the need for Skype podcasting, this is an ideal choice for you whether you are on Skype for Business or for the desktop. Before you can even obtain the paid version, you have a free trial period during which there are no limitations whatsoever.

This tool always keeps tabs with the latest version of Skype which means that there will be no instance that it will fail to deliver the expected results. When you have to record a podcast on Skype with TalkHelper, here is the guide to take you there.

      1. Launch TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype. This will also open Skype automatically without the need for your interaction.
      2. Make Skype calls with Participants. You can choose one or more persons in the call.
      3. Start the recording. Simply click on the “Record” button to start the process to record a podcast on Skype and click on the “Stop” button anytime you need to end the recording.
      4. Open the recorded Skype podcast. To do this, hit the “Show in folder” option to navigate to the directory where the podcast has been saved and apply further actions as you deem necessary.

This Skype podcasting app has more in store for you including extra tools like the ability to adjust the quality of your podcasts. For instance, you get to tinker with the bitrate, resolution, sample rate, and frame rate depending on your preferences.

B). Using Ecamm Call Recorder for Skype on Mac


Ecamm is a very minimalistic and simple plugin that directly integrates with Skype to help you record a podcast on Mac without any limitations. In times when Skype lacked a native call recording feature, Ecamm is able to bridge this gap to help you record both the video and audio depending on what fits the needs of your podcast.

To be specific, it is best suited to record lessons, interviews, and even podcasts that are our focus in this article. You will get to appreciate top-notch quality for your podcasts on a simple and instinctive user interface that does not pose any hurdles. To make the most out of Skype podcasting on Mac, here is the tutorial to follow using Ecamm Call Recorder.

      1. Download and install Ecamm. This is a necessary step that will bring a new “Recording” preference into Skype.
      2. Initiate a podcast call on Skype. The moment you do so, a recording window will pop on your screen.
      3. Start the recording process. On the recording window that appeared, click on the Red button to kick start the process to record a podcast on Skype.
      4. End call and finish recording. When the call is ended, click on the “Stop” button to terminate the recording process.
      5. Navigate to the saving folder and find your recorded podcasts. Normally, you will find them in either the “Saved Calls” or “Movies” folder by default.

Bottom line is, Ecamm has all the necessary settings and adjustments that come in really handy when you need to go Skype podcasting. And, as evidenced by this guide, the process is not complex at all and will accommodate any user on Mac.

The ball is now in your court. Rock the option that has promised to lace your shoes in the best way and make the Skype podcasting process as convenient as it can be. With these solutions, the process to record a podcast on Skype shouldn’t be any daunting anymore.

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