The Ultimate Guide to Find Skype Recording Locations


Skype has been at the frontline for years when it comes to satisfying the need to make video calls whether professional or personal. Previously, Skype users have had to rely on third-party programs in order to be able to record calls on Skype for future reference or sharing. At one point, Skype came to incorporate a native call recording feature which made it much more convenient compared to the hassle encountered before.

With it, you get to record a call, both the video and audio with no additional software or plugins required. As much as you enjoy the ability to record calls on Skype, you may have some trouble locating the recorded file once the process is over and that is what inspires this article. You have just finished recording a call but you can’t seem to find the Skype recording location. Where are Skype recordings saved?

Since there are several versions of Skype depending on the device you are using or even features, this article seeks to guide you on how to find the Skype recording locations so that you do not waste a lot of time especially when further actions await. Without further ado, let us look at the different versions of Skype and their accompanying saving directories.

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#1: Recording Location in Skype for the Desktop Version


This version of Skype is available on pretty much all the desktop platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac on top of bringing that unity between the platforms because of the available sync feature. There is also enhanced ease of use that sees to it that you have a heaven of a time getting around the program.

In general, the productivity of this piece of software has been improved greatly with time as can be seen by the bringing in of a call recording feature that was previously possible only with the use of third-party apps. If you have already recorded or plan to record a call on Skype, you must be wondering where to find the output file. Worry no more as this section will let you in on the exact Skype recording location when you decide to rock the Skype for desktop.

Since Skype for the desktop does the call recording in the cloud, you are provided with two options that you can use to manage the saving of the recorded call as outlined below.

      1. Save to “Downloads”. From the list of call records, click on the 3 dots at the top-right corner of the call record thumbnail to display the list of available actions. After that, click on the “Save to“- “Downloads”” option to save the recording in your defaults Downloads folder.
      2. Pick your preferred directory. To do this, click on the same dots referenced above, choose the “Save as…” option, and from the resulting File Explorer, select your preferred folder and confirm the changes.

Basically, this version of Skype gives you the freedom of deciding where you want the recording to go after grabbing it from the cloud. Therefore, you need not wait for the call recording to expire after 30 days when you can  conveniently save them in your folder of choice locally

#2: Recording Location in Skype for Windows 10 (Skype App/Skype UWP)


Skype for Windows 10 (aka Skype UWP/Skype App) is delivered to you absolutely free to help you reach the world through a simple message, video, or voice call. You will be able to enjoy free video calls on top of free voice calls as long as the other parties are on Skype.

Multiple people can join a single call and at the same time get a chance to record the same. Media sharing can be done conveniently via a simple drag-and-drop option not forgetting that you can have group chats of up to 300 participants. Call recording is our feature of interest and to be specific to find out the Skype recording location when using Skype app for Windows 10. With that in mind, it is now time to answer one question, “Where are Skype recordings saved?”

This version also happens to have your recordings in the cloud and if you need to store them locally, you have to perform some extra steps.

      1. Select the conversion from the “Recent Chats” panel.
      2. From the menu button, click on the 3-dot option and click on the “Save as” option.
      3. Pick your saving destination of choice. This will bring you that extra convenience compared to when you have to look for the saving directory defined by Skype.
      4. Give an appropriate name to the recording and hit the “Save” button.

This method takes a different approach whereby, instead of you looking for the folder, you rather get the chance to specify your preferred Skype recording location so that you can access your files much easier.

#3: Recording Location in Skype for Business


Coming with enterprise-grade security, Skype for Business from Microsoft comes in handy for both communication and collaboration in a cost-effective, reliable, and scalable manner to satisfy the business needs. With it, you are not limited in any way regarding where you can work from, you get to host online meetings, enjoy convenient accessibility, and on top of that enjoy the special call recording feature.

Once you have finished recording a call in Skype for Business, it will take 5 to 30 minutes for it to be encoded and saved on your computer depending largely on the length of the call. But where are SKype recordings saved by this app?

      1. Open the “Recording Manager” on Skype for Business. This will open the list of all your recordings.
      2. Click on the “Browse” option. This is what will take you to the Skype recording location where you can view the actual files.

Alternatively, you can simply navigate to the “Recordings” folder under your default WIndows “Videos” folder using the native File Explorer to directly access the same files without the need to do it from Skype for Business. From there, you will be ready to apply further actions to the files including actions like sharing or even archiving for future use.

Now that you are familiar with where Skype recordings are saved, you can comfortably rock any version and make the most out of it since you need not hassle looking for the recorded file. In just a matter of moments, you will be able to navigate to the saving directory where your recording will be waiting for further and necessary actions. You no longer have to rely on third-party programs to enjoy convenient Skype call recording.

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