How to Convert PDF to Word Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

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PDFs offer the best way to share various types of documents like agreements, insurance, forms, among others, in an unaltered form. However, it is not that quite easy to edit PDFs unless you go through the hassle of obtaining specialized software that can be both cumbersome to work with and costly on the other end. Luckily, you can avoid this hassle by converting the PDF to another format like Word for the ultimate convenience in both editing and viewing. This article will, in that line, teach you how to convert PDF to Word using the popular Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

How to Convert PDF to Word with Acrobat Pro DC

Step 1: Open the PDF file to convert to Word. Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, click on the “File” menu and select the “Open…” option. Alternatively, simply use the “Ctrl+O” hotkey on Windows.


In the resulting window, open the folder containing the PDF file, select the source document, and hit the “Open” button.

Step 2: Export the PDF file into Word. Again, head over to the “File” menu, open the “Export To” sidekick menu, choose “Microsoft Word” from the resulting menu, and finally pick your preferred document format; Word Document (DOCX) or Word 97-2003 Document (DOC).


Step 3: Save and convert. In the resulting “Save As” window, choose the destination folder for the converted Word file, set a proper “File name:” if you wish to use a different one, and hit the “Save” button. Wait for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to word its magic on the PDF file and once the process is complete, find the converted Word document in the folder you choose.


Download adobe acrobat

Disadvantages of Using Acrobat Pro in PDF to Word Conversion

Acrobat Pro is a good PDF to Word converter tool but also happens to suffer from a few cons as outlined below;

  • Pricey – If you are just looking to convert PDF to Word now and then, spending $14.99 per month will be pretty costly in the long run, taking into account there are even free options that deliver the same results.
  • A bit cumbersome – Considering that Acrobat Pro sews in a lot of other features, not just PDF to Word conversion, it may not be easy for every user to change PDF into Word.
  • Bulky – Adobe Acrobat Pro DC takes about 1GB storage space which is way more than what most PDF to Word converters take up; some are even less than 50MB. This also means that it will take time to set up before you can start using it.
  • Sometimes slow – Depending on the complexity of the input PDF file, Adobe Acrobat may take more time to output a Word file in comparison with some of the counterparts. Also, the application may feel slow in general due to the many features included.

Convert PDF to Word with Adobe Acrobat Alternative

TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR is the best alternative to Acrobat Pro DC in the task to convert PDF to Word. It presents a more user-friendly and straightforward interface, with a more minimalistic approach to leave a small footprint on your storage space.

Setting up TalkHelper PDF Converter is pretty fast, more affordable, and the automated OCR with support for 46 languages makes it way convenient to convert scanned pdf to editable word.  Also, you get to opt for partial PDF to Word conversion, besides handy features to split, merge, and extract specific PDFs into Word documents.

Step 1: Import the PDF file to convert. With the “PDF To Word” mode selected, click on the “Add File(s)” button to pop the “Open” window, navigate to the source directory containing the PDF of interest, select it, and finally hit the “Open” button.


Step 2: Pick a conversion mode. Below the conversion list, choose a preferred “Convert Mode:” depending on the kind of Word file you want at the end of the process. Format Priority will help keep the original PDF format intact, Edit Priority mode will give you more of plain text output, and the OCR mode is meant to help you extract text data from scanned or image-based PDFs.


Step 3: Set the output folder and convert. At the top of the internet, choose your preferred saving location for the converted Microsoft Word file (you can either opt for the same source folder or customize to another one of your preferences), and then start the PDF to Word conversion process by clicking on the “Convert” button.


Download talkhelper pdf converter


This article has shed enough light on how to convert PDF to Word using Adobe Acrobat Pro to eliminate the hassle that many users can encounter on meeting this PDF converter for the first time. The step-by-step guide is comprehensive enough to accommodate all users no matter their experience levels.

Besides, and even better, we have opened you up to the best alternative program, TalkHelper PDF Converter, which will largely cut on the cost, bring better usability, deliver the output Word file faster, and hugely save on disk storage space. It is now time to transform all your PDFs at hand into the Microsoft Word format equivalent.

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