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HiPDF is a powerful all-in-one online solution for almost all your PDF management tasks. As an online app, it can be used on all the popular Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, making it a very reliable tool.

Even better, to complement the online functionality, even more, you are open to integrated cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box. This makes it to process PDFs on the go even though a desktop version of this program is also available for offline use. Some of the features at your disposal cut across PDF creation, conversion, editing, OCR, and more.

Coupling this service with the much-coveted batch processing feature together with encrypted connections brings both efficiency and security at the best levels. Therefore, you get to have expedited PDF processing, obtain high-quality output and still keep your documents away from the reach of unauthorized parties. Here are some of the HiPDF pros and cons before we look at the main features;

Pros & Cons of HiPDF

  • Accessible of multiple platforms
  • Guarantees document security with 256-bit SSL connections
  • Supports batch functionality
  • Integrates popular cloud services
  • Features an online OCR
  • Presents all tools in one place
  • Pretty simple to get around
  • Very limited trial version compared to counterparts
  • Ad-laden interface on the free version

How to Use HiPDF

Key Features in HiPDF

HiPDF combines a range of PDF tools and features so that you have a comprehensive experience while working with PDF files. After going through this online service, we have found the following to be some of the most outstanding features.

PDF Converter and Creator


Wondershare recognizes the need for converting and creating files and therefore presents a plethora of features to have you accomplish just that.

In terms of PDF creation, HiPDF allows you to make PDFs out of other documents, therefore culminating into apps that convert Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Publisher to PDF, Image (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF) to PDF, TXT to PDF, RTF to PDF. By converting other documents into PDF, sharing and management become way convenient.


HiPDF’s PDF Converter also helps you to convert PDFs into other editable formats or images. For instance, you get to convert PDFs into editable Microsoft Office formats and also extract data from scanned PDF files using the included OCR tool. The tools are opened up to hear help you to convert PDF to Word/Excel/PowerPoint, PDF to JPG/PNG/GIF/TIFF/BMP, PDF to Text, PDF to EPUB, PDF to HTML, PDF to RTF, PDF to PAGES, and PDF to DXF. Here, you can obtain editable documents, image files, webpages, plain text, and even ebooks from any PDF, native or scanned.

In each of these scenarios, format, layout, and overall quality are retained to the greatest extent to avoid the need for post-processing editing. The processing also happens very fast thanks to tasks being handled on the server. Not forgetting that you have the batch convert and OCR features at your disposal.

PDF Editor


While PDF editing is popular with offline PDF tools, HiPDF boasts this feature too despite being an online tool, even though not as comprehensive as the sister Wondershare PDFelement software.

All in all, you get to tweak the PDF file by adding text, images, drawing shapes (lines, circles, squares), and signing the document for personalization and authentication purposes. Consequently, information is passed just like you intended.

Extra PDF Tools

When you are not creating, converting, or editing PDFs, HiPDF also offers a ton of extra tools that go a long way to make PDF management a smooth process. We will list out these nifty features below and briefly get you acquainted with what to expect:

  • Compress PDFs – This feature allows you to reduce the PDF file size at different levels. To be specific, High (high compression with less quality, Medium (good compression at near the same quality), and Low (little compression with high-quality). You just need to pick the level that meets your needs and compress.


  • Merge PDFs – To avoid the hassle of handling multiple related PDFs, it is convenient to join or combine them into a single document. And this feature is just what you need, just add PDF files to join and hit the Merge button.
  • Split PDFs – Simply split a PDF file into individual pages either by a page range, equal parts, all pages, or just the even pages. This way, you get just the information you need without having to unnecessarily deal with the entire document.


  • Crop PDFs – When you need a PDF to fit a certain resolution or adjust parameters like margins, this is the tool for you. Once the PDF is uploaded, you are provided with movable placeholders that you can adjust to your precise positions. This way, you also get rid of unwanted areas of a document.
  • Unlock PDFs – Of course, even when you have a document password, it can still be tedious having to input the password every time, especially if it is a document you keep using frequently. This hassle can go by unlocking the PDF using this wonderful tool. All you need is to provide the correct password and HiPDF will handle the rest.


  • Reorder PDF Pages – If a PDF has its pages in the wrong order or the pages were merged in the wrong sequence, this feature comes in handy to rearrange the PDF pages by simply dragging and dropping page thumbnails.
  • Extract PDF Images – When you are only interested in the images in a PDF file, it is not necessary to convert the entire file considering HiPDF has the right tool for that. This tool saves you a ton of time and effort by just extracting all the images in a PDF as the original quality, aspect ratio, and resolution.
  • Rotate PDF Pages or Files – In the instance your PDF pages or the entire file is not oriented correctly, the rotate tool comes in handy. You can choose to rotate even, odd, or all pages at once, individual pages, specific pages, or the entire file. Therefore you can opt for Page Mode or File Mode depending on the task at hand.


  • Some of the other HiPDF tools let you accomplish various actions like deleting PDF pages, protecting PDFs with passwords, replacing text, redacting information, signing PDFs, or simply facilitating easy sharing via email or direct URL links. Not forgetting the bonus of image tools too.


Wondershare HiPDF presents several paid plans so that you can select the one that suits your needs on desktop, mobile, web, or any other platform. And yes, you get a free trial version but pretty limited. Looking at the plans available, we have identified HiPDF Pro Plus to be the most popular one as it maximizes productivity. Here is the pricing breakdown;


Monthly Pricing

Annual Pricing

HiPDF Free

HiPDF Pro (Web)



HiPDF Pro Plus (Web + Desktop)




HiPDF achieves the goal of providing users with a complete set of PDF tools all under the same roof. It gives you great control over your documents and sets you on a path to a smooth workflow overall.

Just like PDFelement, HiPDF showcases its prowess by delivering powerful tools with an extra touch of cross-platform accessibility as an all-in-one PDF solution. When you couple all that with ease of use, you have a superior PDF tool at your disposal.

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