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Windows 10 has been with us now for quite some time now and we have been appreciating what this latest iteration has brought with it. Video editors especially have an even more reason to smile due to the availability of the HD Movie Maker – Pro which is an important piece of your arsenal that will help you take on any video editing process with the ultimate power and convenience. With support for most of the popular media formats, you will be able to rotate, trim, merge, caption, and title the media assets in your project without meeting any hiccups.

Actually, you are opened up to over 30 transitions and still over 30 fonts that you can choose from when applying captions. On top of that, you have at your disposal a music editor that you can use to trim, fade-in, and fade-out audio as you see fit; you can pick your own music or alternatively pick from the built-in library. With an extra touch, a video is able to be captivating enough and that is why HD Movie Maker – Pro has filters that you can use to spice up the video and tune it to be more appealing than before. Better yet, when it comes to the export process, you can rest assured that the video will be nothing less than HD quality so that it reaches the current standards.

In this article, we are not only letting you in on the features of HD Movie Maker – Pro but also want you to be acquainted with how to go about video editing using this software. Read on to get enlightened.

How to Use HD Movie Maker Pro

With HD Movie Maker – Pro, you can kiss goodbye to the need to seek third-party applications to take care of the video editing process. It gets even better since this program is not complex at all to get around and takes up the intuitiveness of the Windows operating system itself. However, even at that, you will find there are some of us especially first-timers who may not know where to start or access certain vital features. Luckily, this section of this article delves into the steps to take in realizing a reliable video editing process using HD Movie Maker – Pro. Strap on as we dive right into the guide.

Step 1: Install and Launch HD Movie Maker – Pro

On your Windows 10, launch the Windows Store and search for this program. There are two versions of this video editing software, free and paid, and for starters, it is advisable to start with the free download version. Once you have located it, download it and wait until it is installed on your PC. on completion, launch it to arrive at the interface below.


As you can observe, the interface is pretty traightforward. Label 1 shows where you need to click to create a completely new project like for our case. On the other hand, Label 2 shows the various quick tools that you can directly jump to depending on the task at hand. Therefore, hit the button under Label 1 to continue.


Step 2: Add a Video Clip

To add clips to the project, hit the “Add clip” icon labeled 1 to open up the options under Label 2. Here, you are able to specify where to place an asset on top of adding other components like credits and titles to the video editing project. For media, you just have to click on the “Photo/Video” options and import the necessary files using the native file explorer method.


To confirm that the target clip has been imported successfully, it will be displayed as indicated below. As you can observe, it has been placed at the beginning of the timeline as there are no other assets.


Step 3: Adjust the Video

For this to happen, you need to click on the added clip to highlight it so that the various actions you are opened up to can appear. Under Label 1 for instance, you are able to adjust the clip volume, rotate it as you wish, and also apply any transition based on your preferences. On the other hand, clicking on the three dots labeled 2 will expand the list of options labeled 3 and all you need to do is pick any that you want to implement.


Let’s say you pick the “Trim video” option. This will take you to the interface below where you will use the tools labeled 1 at the bottom to trim the video as you wish and confirm or preview the changes in real-time using the window labeled 2.


Going for the “Edit video” option will navigate you to the interface below where you can tinker with several features. Label 1 shows the various features to choose from, Label 2 will have the sub-options depending on the category you choose and after making the necessary changes, click the “OK” button labeled 3 to save and continue. You can explore the other features too and find out what is in store for you.


Step 4: Add an Audio Track

It is time to spice up the video with some background music or even a track that matches the content. Simply click on the “Edit soundtrack” icon shown below in order to open up the relevant interface.


On the new interface below, click on the “Insert music” icon to add an already existing piece of audio or optionally record a new one using the microphone after clicking on the “Voice over” icon as shown below.


In the instance we choose to insert music, Label 1 shows the options available cutting across the place and the source of the music; local music or from the built-in library. After you have added the audio track, you can apply effects, adjust the delay, and trim the media accordingly under Label 2 below.


Once you have trimmed and adjusted the audio accordingly to match the video, you should be looking at something like this. All you have to do now is hit the back button at the top-left corner of the HD Movie Maker – Pro to get back to the previous interface for further actions.


Step 5: Save Project and Export Video

HD Movie Maker – Pro gives you a chance to save the projects you create so that you can revisit them at any time and make necessary changes as you prefer. For that to happen, you need to click on the “Save project” icon labeled 1 below and use the native file explorer to pick a destination folder and an appropriate name for your project. With that done, it is now the perfect time to render the final video using HD Movie Maker – Pro. Simply hit the “Save video” icon labeled 2 below to kickstart the process.


The moment you hit that icon, you will be presented with the interface below that requires you to define some output parameters. To be specific, you will need to define the quality, the video format, the encoder to use, and finally your preferred bitrate as shown by Labels 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively. Finally, hit the “Make movie” button under Label 5 to start the rendering process. Again, the file explorer will be opened up for you to choose your preferred filename and saving destination folder.


HD Movie Maker – Pro will commence the encoding process and depending on the length and number of assets in your project, the waiting time will vary. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for HD Movie Maker – Pro to do its magic. Once the process is done, the output file will be opened for you in the built-in HD Movie Maker – Pro video player for you to check the results and that will mark a successful video editing task.

With these simple and comprehensive steps, you will be able to get the most out of HD Movie Maker – Pro in a very satisfactory way. And all this has become possible without having to depend on third-party programs that may be overly expensive, robust, and in addition to that feature steep learning curves. Luckily, HD Movie Maker – Pro is here for you to get rid of all that hassle for you by offering a reliable process to edit video files. It is now time to explore it further on your own and realize even more advanced features.

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