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We are in an era where the reading of physical publications is slowly becoming a thing of the past due to the advancements in technology that have brought us electronic publications in the name of ebooks that can be conveniently accessed while on the go. However, a problem comes in due to the different sizes and formats of digital book readers which pose an issue regarding the convenience of reading.

This is the instance where software like Hamster eBook Converter comes in to bridge the gap and offers ways to convert the various electronic book formats to be readable with the ultimate convenience. The simplicity brought in by this program is on another level especially when you consider that it features a wizard-like process when you are converting say like a PDF file into a compatible ebook format. To ensure that the results are top-notch, Hamster eBook Converter boasts of the utilization of a similar conversion engine like the one in Calibre which towers over other apps when it comes to ebook management. Better yet, Hamster eBook Converter supports a wide range of specific devices like Kindle, Amazon, iPad among others on top of general formats including PDF, TXT, HTML, ePub, just to mention a few.

On top of that, this program is overly multilingual which means that it can always be localized to a preferred language when the default one is not ideal. If you are looking forward to quick and reliable conversion, Hamster eBook Converter is that free go-to program for you. To have a better understanding of how this program works, we look at how to convert PDF files into the ebook equivalent formats in the next section of this article.

How to Use Hamster eBook Converter

As mentioned earlier, this software has a wizard that helps you get through the conversion process without much hassle. But even so, it is important for you to have a comprehensive guide that will ensure you have all the information required for a successful process. In this article, you will get to have a deeper understanding of what each step entails. Our article will be guided by the task to convert PDF files into ebook formats as this is a representation of the overall process that you can follow when engaging in any form of ebook conversion using Hamster eBook Converter. It is now time to dive right into the process.

Step 1: Setup Hamster eBook Converter

Basically, this step involves you downloading, installing and launching the program ready for the PDF conversion process. This program is not bulky at all and consequently, you should be done here in just a matter of moments. Once the interface is up and running, the localization we talked about before can be adjusted by clicking on the labeled icon and picking your preferred language.

launch hamster

Step 2: Import PDF File(s)

Hamster eBook Converter is pretty versatile here since it allows you to achieve this in two ways. Clicking on the “Add Files” button labeled 1 will open up the file explorer to help you navigate to the directory containing the PDF files of interest. Alternatively, you can make this process even more convenient by dragging and dropping files into the area marked with Label 2 which in turn facilitates batch conversion.

select source ebook

When you have managed to import files like below, the added files will be shown on the queue area as shown by Label one and you get the chance to add even more files by clicking on the “Add more” button labeled 2 although still, you have the option to drag and drop more files. With that done, click on the “Next” button labeled 3 to continue.

choose a PDF file

Step 3: Choose an Output Device or Format and Convert

Hamster eBook Converter will not only help you output to general ebook formats but also lets you define specific devices to output to. In the area with Label 1, you can pick the target device you want to convert the PDF file into while Label 2 provides you with the general ebook formats that you can output to. Therefore, pick your preferred output mode and continue.

supported formats and platforms

In this guide, we have chosen MOBI as our output reference format. In turn, we just need to select the MOBI format as shown and make sure that it is highlighted as shown by Label 1. All that remains now is to click on the “Convert” button labeled 2 to commence the actual process to transform the PDF files into the MOBI format equivalent.


Step 4: Pick an Output Destination Folder

The moment you click on the “Convert” button as directed in the previous step, the dialog box below will pop so that you can choose your preferred output folder in order to facilitate an easy file retrieval later on after the process is complete. Simply pick your folder under Label 1 and then hit the “OK” button labeled 1 to confirm and accept your choice.


Immediately you do that, you will be taken to the interface below that will indicate the progress as shown with Label 1 and at the same time offer you the “Stop” button labeled 2 in case you change your mind regarding going through with the PDF to MOBI conversion process. Otherwise, the conversion will continue with the percentage increment until it gets to 100% after which the interface below will be shown to you carrying a completion success message and some actions you can take.


That will mark the end of the process and Hamster eBook Converter has your converted file in the directory that you chose earlier. This guide was tested with a 300-page PDF file and the conversion process was done in less than a minute which signifies just how efficient this piece of software is.

At the end of the day, you can concur with me that Hamster eBook Converter is not just a normal app there but one that is very reliable. The user interface is pretty simple and instinctive besides offering the option to batch convert files when you need to process multiple PDF files all at the same time. Without a doubt, Hamster eBook Converter is a software that is worth your time and effort without any instance of disappointments whatsoever.

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