FM PDF To Word Converter

Thus far, I have reviewed some PDF to Word converter and most have similar features and a few distinctive features. For the most part, only a few have highly distinctive features. In this FM PDF To Word converter review, I will be doing a thorough analysis of this good PDF to doc converter to determine its efficacy and strengths. However, I will also be pointing out some downside features if I come across any.

Enough said about all the “how’s and why’s”, let us take a delve into the nitty gritty of this converter so as to be able to determine what it contains and what it can deliver.

Product NameSupported OSPriceDownload Link
FM PDF To Word ConverterWindows 7/8/8.1/10$35.95Free Download
TalkHelper PDF ConverterWindows 7/8/8.1/10$29.95Free Download


FM PDF Converter

The opening display of the app has a rather simple look and feel to it such that make it look like a simplistic PDF To Word converter. One of the features of the app that jumps at you when you open the app is the clear-cut function buttons as arranged on the task bar above.

Everything you need to get the conversion work going is expressly positioned at the upper part of the app. From adding the PDF file to uploading a folder, removing a file or even clearing all the uploaded files. FM PDF to Word converter comes across as a simple-to-use and very straight-forward app. However, making a judgement about the efficacy of a PDF To Word Converter goes beyond judging things at face-value. Now. Let’s get to meet the app and check out how it delivers its work.

FM PDF To Word Converter: A Reviewer’s Analysis

First off, FM PDF converter is touted as a “state of the art free software for converting PDF into editable MS Word document”. This claim got me all happy that I have found a free converter, then I downloaded it.

To my surprise, it was not totally free! Matter of fact, the free version has more limitations than most of the other PDF To Word converters that I have seen. The limitations includes converting only the first three pages of any file that is uploaded to the app.

limitation warning

To me, this limitation does not even give me the opportunity to experience the output of the app. It would have been better if I can do conversion up to some 20 – 25 pages at least.

Moving forward, the FM converter has a formatting feature that can be used in-app. This means that you can make some little formatting to the file uploaded.

These formatting is not too elaborate, but it represents an improvement on the other PDF To Word converters that I have seen in a while. From the dashboard, you can make selections on how you want the output be formatted. You can select that the output come out with tabs, formatted, include images etc. the main function of this is to indicate the kind of things you want to see in the output.

preview and formatting dashboard

Right above the formatting taskbar is a preview tab that allows you to see at a glance the file that you are converting. The downside as earlier pointed out is that it only provides conversion for 3 pages.

The Verdict

After all the analysis, the FM PDF To Word converter comes across as a medium scale converter that has too many bottle-neck surrounding its free version. I believe that the free version of an app is supposed to allow prospects to have a full glimpse of what they want to purchase.

In the case of FM PPDF To Word converter, the reverse seems to be the case. There is very limited thing for the prospect to see and explore and this may largely impact a buying decision from any prospect.

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