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This is one great online YouTube video intro maker that gives you the ultimate ease and convenience when working with it. In just a matter of moments, you will be able to swing towards a catch video intro that will go a long way to brand your channel. Actually, in just a matter of two minutes or less, your video intro will have been delivered to you.

And as much as this tool requires you to pay in order to enjoy the services, it is by far more affordable when compared to other similar online YouTube video intro maker software. In addition, by delivering studio quality to the projects you undertake, anyone watching your video will definitely notice the masterpiece behind the intro and with that, you are definitely basking in the prowess. On top of that, you are not restricted to just a template since you can challenge your creativeness by taking advantage of the freedom that this program gives you.

This simply means that you can incorporate your own media assets if you do not want to rock the ones provided in the template that you pick. Flixpress does not only boast of ease of use and efficiency but also brings you the flexibility of making YouTube video intros at a whole new level. This article delves further than just the features to bring you a comprehensive guide on how to go about the process to make a professional video intro with Flixpress as covered in the subsequent section.

How To Use Flixpress

No matter what your YouTube channel is about, you will be able to craft the perfect intro using Flixpress which has just that rich content that suits all parties. Amazingly, you will be able to come about and appreciate high-quality intros without much hassle all thanks to a simple and overly instinctive online program. Going by the number of millions of users already registered, it is tacit proof that this online app is popular for what it has to offer. One thing to note though, just like most of the other online tools, you will need to register an account with Flixpress at flipxpress.com so that you can enjoy the services and better yet, the registration process is not complex at all. Let us now find out how exactly to turn that intro idea you have into reality.


Choose an Intro Template of Choice

To reiterate just how simple it is to use Flixpress, you are opened up to a pretty large list of templates that you can browse and pick one that promises to give you just what you are looking forward to. It is advisable to jump straight to the intro section so that you do not take a lot of time going through all the templates. At the same time, you also need to decide on the kind of intro template you want based on the assets you want to be incorporated; text, images, or even a combination of both. For instance, let’s say we pick the template shown below, Label 1 will give you the duration details while hovering the mouse cursor will give a preview of the template. To start working, hit the “Click to create” option labeled 2 and in the next window, hit the “Customize Now” button.


Personalize the Template

Personalization involves removing content that is not related to what your YouTube video is about and placing one that matches your topic. With this Flixpress template, you have the chance to adjust the two texts and even adjust the color too. Therefore, choose your preferred color using the drop-down menu under Label 1, type in the top and bottom texts in the input boxes labeled 2 and 3, as you are guided by the preview window labeled 4. These texts can carry something like the channel name at the top and the slogan just below it.


Add a Soundtrack

By including a soundtrack, Flixpress ensures that your intro is a little bit more captivating due to the added vibrance. The good thing is that you have a convenient way of doing this when you first click on the button referenced below.


Clicking on that button will open you up to the interface below where you have some stock audio options to choose from. There are several categories here so make sure you pick the “Short-Intro” category labeled 1 in order to narrow the list of options. In the section labeled 2, you will be able to preview each track using the “LISTEN” button and once you find one that suits you, hit the “CHOOSE” button to add it. In case you change your mind, you have the relevant buttons that can help you change or even remove the audio you have added.


Choose a Preferred Resolution

Earlier, we talked about this program delivering high-quality output for you to use. To be specific, Flixpress supports both the HD and Full HD resolutions that are recommended for a good YouTube experience. This means that you can either go for 720p or 1080p depending on the video you are looking to attach the intro. All you need to do is click on the radio button next to your preferred resolution as indicated below.


Preview or Place Order

Now that you are done with all the necessary adjustments for your template, it is prudent to render a preview first before you can finally obtain the processed final YouTube video intro. To obtain a preview, hit the “CREATE PREVIEW” button and be patient. You can do other activities since Flixpress has a good feature whereby it emails you once the process is complete. Also, it is good to note that the preview will feature watermarks but those can always be eliminated in the final video when you make an order. You can skip this and directly go to order by clicking on the “SUBMIT ORDER” button.


Once you have initiated the preview creation process, head over to your account by clicking on the “My Account” option at the top as indicated below. Next, click on the “My Previews” panel labeled 1 in order to access the preview you created like the one labeled 2 below. Here, you have the chance to view or edit the video using the options under Label 3 and once you are satisfied with the outcome, you are able to click on the “Download & Share” option shown by Label 4.


It is advisable to ensure that you place an order so that you can have the polished and clean video intro without any watermark. After placing the order, you just need to navigate to the “My Orders” section where you will have similar options just like in the “My Previews” section.

Download or Share the YouTube Video Intro

By now, the intro is ready for download or sharing among other further actions. In the “My Orders” section labeled 1, hit the “Download & Share” option that will expand the drop-down options to reveal the download qualities shown under Label 2 or the share, upload, and convert options under Label 3 depending on what you prefer.


And with that, you have been able to make a YouTube video intro that will scale your normal videos to another level of professionalism. Flixpress has proven that the task does not have to get so complicated especially when you have templates to get you there even more conveniently. You can practice more with other templates now that you have a good idea of how to go about the process. In the end, you will come to appreciate what Flixpress has to offer in regard to making intros and thus should not have any qualms upgrading to a paid plan once the free plan is exhausted. Grab this tutorial and work all the magic in your intro ideas using Flixpress.

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