Final Cut Pro For Windows: 9 Best FCPX Alternatives


For Mac users, Final Cut Pro (FCP), now referred to as Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) is very popular when it comes to that pristine video editing process, especially for post-production. What really makes this software be that coveted? Final Cut Pro X has its own share of awesome features that are geared towards a reliable process. With this great software, the video editing task is made seamless in a great way and to be specific, using FCPX is overly easy and convenient.

No matter how heavy or complex a project is, working on it is just like a walk in the park using FCP including 360-degree videos. All assets that you may need are well-organized so that you can access and apply them without much hassle. Besides that, you have impeccable audio management options and a fast render process thanks to multithreading and hardware acceleration.

However, not everyone is on the Mac platform and besides, Final Cut Pro X is not that affordable considering it costs around $300. For anyone who may want the equivalent of these features on Windows, we have lined up a boatload of go-to apps similar to Final Cut Pro that will pretty much give you the same experience. Whether you are on Windows 7 or even the latest Windows 10, these Final Cut Pro alternatives will aptly kick the ball out of the pack for you.

Top 9 Alternatives to Final Cut Pro on Windows PC – Free Download

Software NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
  • 1. Vegas Pro
  • WindowsFull VersionFree Download
  • 2. Movavi Video Editor
  • Windows/MacFree TrialFree Download
  • 3. Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Windows/MacFree TrialFree Download
  • 4. HitFilm Express
  • Windows/MacFree TrialFree Download
  • 5. Filmora9
  • Windows/MacFree DemoFree Download
  • 6. Avidemux
  • Windows/Mac/Linux/BSDFull VersionFree Download
  • 7. WeVideo
  • Windows/Mac/ChromebookFree TrialFree Download
  • 8. Minitool Movie Maker
  • WindowsFree DemoFree Download
  • 9. Davinci Resolve
  • Windows/Mac/LinuxFree TrialFree Download

    1. Vegas Pro


    Platform: Windows

    Key Features

    • Picture-in-picture mode
    • Convenient timeline editing
    • Motion tracking and video stabilization
    • Color grading
    • Reliable workflow

    This is one of the best Final Cut Pro alternatives that boasts of nested timelines and smart split, a high level of efficiency but at the same time simple and instinctive to use. Just like FCPX, it comes with HDR editing features that set you on a path to have the best quality of output in terms of resolution. This is on top of opening you up to top-notch color grading options that come in handy for footage that has color and lighting issues.

    On your Windows PC, you get a chance to have a supercharged video production process all thanks to the comprehensive workflow that this good program offers. Coupling GPU and overall hardware acceleration see to it that you have a speedy process editing, previewing, and even the rendering process. On top of that, you get to utilize special effects like slow motion, motion tracking in addition to that satisfying audio editing process. It is also prudent to note that the video stabilization offered by this Final Cut Pro for Windows is on another level.

    download Vegas Pro

    2. Movavi Video Editor

    Movavi Video Editor

    Platform: Windows, Mac

    Key Features

    • Movie-in-movie mode
    • Chroma key
    • Titles, filters, and transitions
    • Video stabilization
    • Automatic video creation

    This is one of the top Final Cut Pro alternatives that have quite a lot in store for you to give you that comprehensive video editing process just like you would achieve with FCPX on Mac. For that magical touch to your videos, you have at your disposal filters and not just any kind of filters but rather color and artistic filters to give you exactly the feel you want.

    To match this, you have a cornucopia of animated animations that go that extra mile to make your final video feel live and captivating all from your Windows PC. Just like the animations, this Final Cut Pro for Windows also delivers animated titles for you to implement when you need to let your audience know what the video is about in various sections. To make sure that the video is presented in the right way, this great software lets you crop and rotate the clip as you see fit and on top of that get the chance to do away with black sidebars. Other than that, you have ready-to-use intros that give your final video that blockbuster touch, just like FCP when it comes to creating trailers.

    download Movavi Video Editor

    3. Adobe Premiere Pro


    Platform: Windows, Mac

    Key Features

    • VR Support
    • Motion graphics templates
    • Simultaneous projects
    • Lumetri support
    • Effects and transitions

    If you are looking for that ultimate Final Cut Pro for Windows, Adobe Premiere Pro has been leading in the video editing industry no matter where it is called to action. With its simplicity and intuitiveness, you will be able to perform color grading, color corrections, sound adjustment, adding media, and add special FX with ease regardless of your level of expertise. As one of the apps similar to Final Cut Pro X, it gives a very high level of precision when it comes to trimming footage just at the hottest frame.

    You are not limited in any way regarding your media sources and at the same time, adding or creating animated effects is just like a walk in the park when using this free download program. Do not worry about getting stuck as there are lots of tutorials that will get you out of any point that you get stuck. For those of us who love that Hollywood feel, there are effects to give you exactly that on top of the freedom to import your own compositions. This is definitely one of the Final Cut Pro alternatives that will not miss on your radar.

    download Adobe Premiere Pro

    4. HitFilm Express


    Platform: Windows, Mac

    Key Features

    • Top-notch tracking and screen simulation
    • Grading and correction of colors
    • Keying and extraction
    • Improved workflow
    • Tracking

    HitFilm Express is an alternative Final Cut Pro for Windows that you can download for free and have a chance to enjoy professional video editing features from Windows 7 all the way to the latest iteration of Windows 10. Actually, this FCP software has revolutionized the workflow by letting you in on a customizable user interface, locking various parameters, great performance, masking, combined timelines, lots of presets, and a fulfilling export process.

    When it comes to editing, you have a rich PiP mode, an adaptive trimmer, unlimited tracks, eye-popping transitions, color correction, color grading, tracking, not forgetting 3D editing. For those of us who love keying and specifically using the much-coveted chroma key, this great FCPX software for Windows PC has that and even more for you including matte cleaning, auto light wrap, layering, and spill simulation. Among the available Final Cut Pro alternatives, HitFilm Express has more features than you can even imagine.

    Better yet, you have a special particle simulator feature that literally lets you play God; you can create almost anything. The compositor tool also comes in to give you lots of unique presets and effects to spice up your video.

    download HitFilm Express

    5. Filmora9


    Platform: Windows, Mac

    Key Features

    • Multiple layers of clips
    • Mosaic and video stabilization
    • Presets for split-screen
    • Auto-ripple and preview rendering
    • Noise removal

    By featuring an endless world of effects, Filmora9 is the ultimate Final Cut Pro for Windows that will give you unlimited ways to express yourself in regard to video editing. Through layering, you are able to come up with new worlds by implementing the supported green-screen effect. Your audio will also be pristine since you are empowered with background noise removal and precise keyframing among other features that make the audio a notch higher.

    To ensure you are keeping up with the latest advancements, this free download software has support for the crisp 4K resolution making it one of the best Final Cut Pro alternatives. This program is capable of delivering an efficient workflow and at the same time lets you adjust the preview quality which sets you on a path to be more productive than what other programs offer. To fine-tune the video, you can correct fisheye and apply video stabilization when the need arises on top of implementing effects like slow motion and reverse. At the end of the day, this great program will make you a professional to the craft without much hassle.

    download Filmora9

    6. Avidemux


    Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD

    Key Features

    • Simple cutting and splitting
    • Video and audio filters
    • Encoding
    • Multithreading

    As one of the best Final Cut Pro alternatives, Avidemux is open to download and use on any popular platform thanks to its being free, open-source, and cross-platform. On top of offering video conversion, this software is ready to take you on an amazing journey of editing videos professionally. It has reliable support for non-linear video editing, lots of visual effects, muxing and demuxing capabilities, and powerful scripting options.

    In fact, all the popular formats of subtitles are supported, which is vital when you need to add subtitles in the video you are editing. Moreover, you get a rich set of filters that you can access either from the graphical user interface or the command-driven alternative depending on which mode laces your shoes best. To make the process to work with this Final Cut Pro for Windows, you can take advantage of the incorporated presets that will rid you of the need to tinker with so many options and at the same time improve the playback quality of low-quality clips.

    download Avidemux

    7. WeVideo


    Platform: Windows, Mac, Mobile, Chromebook, Linux

    Key Features

    • Jumpstart
    • Green screen
    • Cloud storage
    • Extensive music library
    • Voiceover

    If you are running on Windows PC yet you do not have enough power set to achieve video editing like that offered by FCP, this is the best among Final Cut Pro alternatives that offer all features in an online environment. This means that you get to escape the hassle to go through cumbersome software installation processes on your Windows PC. The learning curve is not steep at all and within moments, you are able to play with the green-screen feature, work with multiple media formats, and enjoy quick uploads all culminating into the ultimate flexibility.

    Moreover, this Final Cut Pro for Windows boasts of a vast range of stock media assets, videos, audio, and images, that you can grab to spice up your video without worrying about any copyright infringement. As one of the apps similar to Final Cut Pro, it opens you up to working in the cloud to ensure that you are not limited to working from just one device. This means you can skip from Windows, Mac, Linux and even mobile to continue your video editing from where you left.

    download WeVideo

    8. Minitool Movie Maker


    Platform: Windows

    Key Features

    • Templates
    • Timeline narration
    • Rich audio library
    • Auto movie options
    • Special effects and transition overlays

    This is a free download top program for that video editing experience akin to that of Final Cut Pro X. you need not necessarily have any experience when you get started with this software as it delivers a simple and instinctive user interface. With it, you are able to import assets, title the video, add effects, and transition video clips just like a pro. In addition to that, creating Hollywood-style trailers and movies just like FCP brings in all the fun you would be looking for as you get to achieve all that hassle-free.

    This is possible because of a simple timeline that opens you up to convenient trimming, splitting, pan-and-zoom, without forgetting the ability to control the playback speed. To avoid losing your project in the instance of sudden power loss, this Final Cut Pro for Windows automatically saves the projects every five seconds. At the end of the day, you have one of the best Final Cut Pro alternatives for use on your Windows PC.

    download Minitool Movie Maker

    9. Davinci Resolve


    Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

    Key Features

    • Professional editing features
    • Color correction
    • A simplified workflow
    • Fairlight audio
    • Supports multi-user collaboration

    This is without a doubt the best Final Cut Pro for Windows when you look at the powerful features it has to deliver. Actually, it is among the first of its kind to deliver that professional 8K video editing capabilities. That is not all as you are also opened up to lots of visual effects, color correction, and that fulfilling post-production of audio. At the click of a button, you get to switch from color, editing, effects, and audio with the ultimate ease. A special feature of this Final Cut Pro alternative is the ability of multiple users to collaborate on the same projects simultaneously.

    With this great software on your Windows PC, giving your videos that Hollywood effect is just like a knife through butter. At your disposal, you get a dual timeline, dedicated trimming, quick preview, PiP effects, video stabilization, dynamic zoom, efficient rendering, among other powerful features. Davinci Resolve boasts of hardware acceleration that comes in handy to accomplish editing tasks faster and make the export process take less time. Actually, this small section of this article cannot exhaust all that this program has to offer.

    download Davinci Resolve

    Arming yourself with any of these Final Cut Pro alternatives will give you that close experience like you are working with Final Cut Pro X on Mac but this time from a Windows PC. If you have been on a quest for a good program to fit as the Final Cut Pro for Windows, we have made the search process less tedious and time-consuming by letting you in on the available software for you. All you need to do now is to pick the top cream program that promises to give you the features you need to kick the ball out of the park.

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