Filmora9 Video Editor Review & Free Download

When it comes to expressing yourself in infinite ways, Filmora9 Video Editor is the ultimate choice that will help you edit videos towards just what you have in mind. It comes as a free download trial which you can take advantage of to evaluate features before you can make up your mind to go for the paid version. Actually, you are assured of that professional and refined look of your videos at the end of the day. Common problems like shaking, fisheye, colors can be corrected easily on top of extra features like reversing and slow motion.

Even after you are done with the video editing process, you are empowered with the option to tailor the output to match specific target destinations like for instance YouTube. Its ease of use and intuitiveness will come in handy to quickly rotate, merge, trim, split, crop and flip videos as you see fit on top of the much-coveted drag-and-drop feature that is useful in applying filters, transitions or other kinds of assets. In addition to that, you have at your disposal preset motions that you can apply to your video and at the same time get to tinker with the audio with necessary effects.

To spice up your video even further, you can apply filters, titles, and overlays that will keep the viewer coming back for me because of the output being overly engaging. In this article, we go past just the features you are opened up to and bring you a step by step tutorial that will ultimately help you make the best out of Filmora9 Video Editor.

How to Use Filmora9

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional video editor, Filmora9 Video Editor will not pose any steep learning curve when you consider just how instinctive it is as mentioned in the introduction. Now that you have come across this awesome video editor program, where do you start? Worry not as you are in the right place to learn the steps you need to take to see you through the process to edit your clips using Filmora9 Video Editor. One thing that you should have at the back of your mind is that this program has been crafted to suit any user no matter their prior knowledge about the video editing process. Just gather the media that you need to use in this process and hit the ground running with the tutorial up next.

Step 1: Set Up Filmora9 Video Editor

This program does not come in any robust installation package and therefore should not take long to get started. From the official website, you will be able to obtain the installer that will need a good internet connection to complete. The installer automates the installation process and in the end, you will be asked whether to launch the program. When you opt in to open, you will be taken to the interface below.


Let us take a few moments to understand the interface we have been presented with by Filmora9 Video Editor. Label 1 opens you up to media management and effects, Label 2 is the preview window while Label 3 indicates the timeline where you place and arrange media during video editing. Being familiar with the interface is important to have an easy time navigating.


Step 2: Import Media Assets

Filmora9 Video Editor lets you do this in a wide range of ways but the bottom line is they can be categorized as involving native addition on the simple drag-and-drop option. Label 1 shows the native sources you can use including online options while Label 2 requires you to simply drag and drop the media files in that area. Having differentiated that, pick the method that works best for you and add the files of interest.


Step 3: Add the Media Files to the Timeline

After importing the media files we need, they will be displayed in the library window as shown below. Next, we now need to add the files to the timeline so that we can organize them as we see fit before export. When adding a video clip on the timeline for the first time, you will be presented with a pop-up like the one below regarding your project settings resolution-wise. It is advisable to match the project setting with the media by picking the option shown. Please note that the values will be different based on the clip you are working with.


From the media library, drag and drop the video and audio to the timeline as shown by labels 1, and 2 respectively. Make sure to follow the track type as shown by Label 3 to ensure that you place each media on the right track; there is a separate track for video and another for audio.


Step 4: Add Other Resources to the Project

By other resources, we are referring to assets like transitions, effects, titles among others that are necessary for the final video. All these have the same process of implementation since you just need to drag and drop your feature of choice to apply. Earlier, we pointed out where to find the effects, titles, transitions, among other features as shown here again. Label 1 shows the various options you have while Label 2 shows an instance where the “Titles” category has been picked to display the various titles that you can choose from to apply on the video.


So, how exactly do you apply a title, transition, or even an effect using Filmora9 Video Editor? Once you have selected the category you need and expanded it, you simply need to pick one among the many and drag it to the position you want on the timeline video based on where the scrubber is positioned. As shown by Label 1 below, move the scrubber to the point where you want to make adjustments, click on the “Titles” category as it is our feature of reference here and in the results window, select and drag the title template onto the timeline as shown by Label 3. After that, double-click on the title to make further adjustments like the font, color, alignment, and more as you make use of the preview window.


Use the same process to apply other assets like transitions and effects as they share in the same way of implementation provided by Filmora9 Video Editor.

Step 5: Preview the Project

To check on how the final output will be even before you export, Filmora9 Video Editor gives you the scrubber under Labels 1 and 2 which come in handy to skim through the project. Actually, by just moving the play head, you will be able to quickly preview how the output will be using the window labeled 3.


Step 6: Export the Final Video

All the steps that we have undertaken above culminate in this final step. Filmora9 Video Editor makes the process convenient and easy since once you have confirmed that changes have reflected, you just need to click on the “EXPORT” button below in order to open up the relevant interface to define export options. One thing to note is that even if you are working with the free download trial version, you will still be required to create an account with Filmora9 Video Editor to access the export options besides having your video watermarked.


As at the time of writing this guide, here are the plans you are provided with by Filmora9 Video Editor. Let us go by the free plan and create an account for us to be able to export our project into a shareable video file.


After registering an account successfully, you will finally manage to get to the “Export” window before where you are required to define various parameters based on your preferences. Label 1 lets you define the platform for which the video is meant for, Label 2 is where you pick the specific format to work with, under the area labeled, there is pretty a lot to specify like the filename, the saving directory, resolution, framerate, choice to use hardware acceleration in rendering before you can finally hit the “EXPORT” button labeled 4 to complete the process.


All that Filmora9 Video Editor requires from here in this video editing process is for you to wait for the rendering process to be completed. Once it is done, you will have the interface below where you just need to click on the “FIND TARGET” button to navigate directly to the output folder in file explorer.


Congratulations! You have managed to reach the end of the video editing process and at the same time have a video file that you can share or apply your action of choice depending on your goal. Ultimately, Filmora9 Video Editor has given you an experience of a kind that has not posed any hurdles along the way.

By making Filmora9 Video Editor your go-to solution, you are setting yourself on a path that will bring you that total satisfaction in the process to edit videos. It has proven beyond any doubt to be simple and straightforward in a way that it does not matter your level of expertise or experience in regard to the video editing task. There you have it, a reliable guide to help you kick the ball out of the park without the need for a steep learning curve.

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