FbTube YouTube Converter Review & Free Download Full Review and Alternatives

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YouTube is one of the leading video hosting platforms which commands a great following. It is a place where lots of videos are shared for people to view depending on the content one wants to consume. You may not be able to spend all your time online and so when you come across a tantalizing video or music, you may want to save it for offline playback later on. YouTube does not offer video downloading natively and for that to happen, you need specialized software to help you achieve exactly that. This is where the FbTube YouTube Converter comes in.

It is your one-stop online program that will help you download and even convert files without the need for extra software or browser extensions. Consequently, you will be able to save on your computer resources especially the storage and processing power. Some of the output options you have include MP4, MP3, and AVI which are all at very high-quality levels. If you are a first-timer to this tool, you will definitely need a guideline on how to get around lest you get stuck and ultimately disappointed at the same time. We have got your back with this tutorial so that you can have a heaven of time converting videos.

How To Use FbTube YouTube Converter

FbTube YouTube Converter is an online tool which means that you do not have to undergo cumbersome and time-consuming software installation processes. Actually, all you need is a supported web browser software and a good internet connection. Once you have that artillery ready, follow the steps below for successful video conversion and download process. This guide has been simplified to an extent that even a novice user should be able to follow without any hiccups.

Step 1: Navigate to the Tool Website

On your browser, head over to this tool’s website in order to brace yourself for the next steps. You can confirm that you are in the right place if you have an interface similar to the one below. If you do not prefer the default interface language, you have an option to localize it to one of the other supported languages.



Step 2: Grab a Video Link from YouTube

This is a piece of cake step that just requires you to head over to YouTube, search for the video that you are interested in and copy its URL from the address bar as shown below. Alternatively, you can just search for the video or music from the input box on the FbTube YouTube Converter interface


Step 3: Paste Link and Convert

With the link you copied at hand, paste it in the box with Label 1 and hit the “Convert Video” button with Label 2.


Once you click the button, you will be served with a notification advising you to wait for the file to be processed as indicated below. The process will be done in just a matter of moments so just be patient.


Step 4: Pick an Output Format and Download

After the processing has been completed, you will be navigated to another page automatically with an assortment of output formats to choose from. Label 1 gives you details of the various output formats available in terms of quality, file size, and format while Label 2 gives you the related download button for each format. All you need to do here is pick one of the outputs and click on the “Download” button next to that format.


Clicking on the “Download” button will automatically initiate the download process and the FbTube YouTube Converter will give you a chance to choose the destination directory if you are not to go with the default one. And that will mark the end of the video conversion process. All that remains is for you to wait for the download process to complete so that you can locate your file on your local computer disk for further appropriate actions.

Just like that, you have an easy peasy process of converting video files no matter the device or platform. Better yet, you get to access this service for free without spending not even a single penny. FbTube YouTube Converter is a pretty reliable tool that will kick the ball out of the pack for you in a very convenient way. No matter your level of expertise, you should be able to get started with the FbTube YouTube Converter easily especially now that you have armed yourself with this comprehensive guide outlined here. Therefore, as much as YouTube does not provide native video downloading, having this tool form a part of your arsenal will go a long way to see to it that you get to convert and download videos without much hassle. FbTube YouTube Converter is one of the best tools that you can be sure of not coming across any disappointments.

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