Ezvid Full Review and Alternatives

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Ezvid is a fully-fledged video editor app that also doubles as a screen recording software and thus hits two birds with one stone. It is a proprietary movie maker tool that brings cutting-edge features that are all geared towards that professional touch on your tutorials, presentations, guides, demos, gameplay walkthroughs, among others.

To be specific, these outstanding features include narration recording, voice synthesis, real-time drawing, great control over the playback speed, and even the implementation of the webcam in the screen capture task. The basic steps involve you capturing the screen, editing the resulting video, and then saving it, or uploading it to an online video-hosting service like YouTube.

Ezvid delivers a plethora of features but that does not mean that it cannot still present a simple and intuitive user interface that also comes with customizable hotkeys to facilitate hands-free recording and help you accomplish tasks faster. You are not limited in any way whatsoever regarding what you can record on your screen which makes it a very powerful and one of a kind screen recorder and video editing software.

Ezvid – Free Download

Product NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
EzvidWindows 7/8/10Full VersionFree Download
TalkHelper Screen RecorderWindows 7/8/8.1/10 Full VersionFree Download

Pros & Cons of Ezvid


      • Clear interface – The user interface is pretty user-friendly with everything clear and concisely laid out so that you have an easy time getting around and making the most out of Ezvid.
      • Built-in editor – Instead of seeking other external tools to help you edit your screen capture, Ezvid already has a video editor built into itself without any extra cost.
      • No watermarks – Rest assured that your output will not have any intrusive watermark like the name of the tool creator like what other free apps do – you will have a clean video.
      • Text-to-speech – In the instance you are not in a position to capture your own voice narration, the text-to-speech feature just requires you to type what you need to be narrated, and then it will handle the rest for you.


      • Limited to 45-minute recordings – Per session, Ezvid does not support capturing more than the 45-minute mark.
      • Recording widget cannot be hidden – If you are expecting a clean interface without distractions when you start recording, forget that since a persistent recording widget will be shown.
      • Cannot save to PC – You are not able to save the video files locally in your computer but instead can only upload to YouTube.

How to Use Ezvid

Ezvid Key Features Overview

In every industry and area of application, every software strives to showcase its prowess in getting the job done in the most efficient, fulfilling, convenient, and result-oriented way. Our program of focus here in this review article does not fall short of this in any way as you will come to learn with the ton of features delivered.

This is what makes Ezvid tick in the tasks you plan to undertake like for those of use looking to meet a good video maker or even a slideshow maker in a screen recording software. In fact, it fuses the screen recorder and video editing timeline all in one interface.

All-Encompassing Screen Recording


Of course, this is the first functionality that you would be looking for and this screen recorder has all the tools to get you started. You can either choose the simple and direct option to record the entire screen or choose to rock the advanced settings that open you up to the following screen capture modes

      • Screen capture – In this mode, you get to recording everything on the screen without leaving anything out. This is the perfect mode for gameplay recording although this tool advises you to use the windowed mode instead.
      • Webcam capture – Just as the name suggests, you have the chance to capture footage from the webcam to demonstrate actions or personalize the video.
      • Region capture – This comes in handy when you need to record content that is on a specific area of the main screen without the need to record the whole screen and edit out the unwanted parts.

An extra feature you get here is transparent capture but rest assured that it will take a toll on your general computer performance as it consumes a lot of resources. Another awesome feature is that you can apply real-time drawing on the video to highlight areas that need user focus like in the case of demos.

Audio and Voice Recording


Audio is a very important part of a video as it helps one understand better where the video fails to be obvious in the intended message. And that is why Ezvid lets you include audio in your video either in the form of narrations or voice-overs using the microphone or the system audio like for the case of gameplay sound.

You can choose to record audio separately or together with the screen recording depending on how you want things done at the end of the day. The default mic will be automatically normalized and optimized to guarantee the optimum audio recording quality.

To help you tweak the audio, you are opened up to FX presets that you can use on the audio directly on the timeline. If you do not wish to record, you can take advantage of the included stock music library and make the final video captivating.

Gameplay Recording


Unlike other similar software, this tool has a dedicated way of dealing with game recording. This is realized considering that this Windows tool will guide you on how to capture games in the recommended windowed mode and where to go to get information on how to run the game in the specified mode once you have provided the name of the game.

This is aimed at giving you the best results possible since the gameplay is known to cause issues with some programs and Ezvid is not willing to be among them.

Extra Features


On top of the main features, there is a plethora of nifty features that are at your disposal. One of them is a library organization feature where you can define the naming system for your recordings like the title, description, and category.

Remember the voice synthesis feature too that accepts text and outputs it in the form of a voice narration. To manage your video and audio, the timeline provided at the bottom of the interface is all that you need.

On this timeline, you can delete, duplicate, split, and adjust the video playback speed. On the other hand, you have the chance to spice up the video with text, videos, and pictures on your computer.

What You Need to Run Ezvid

To have a smooth operating Ezvid, you need to make sure that you meet the system specifications required.

We have gone the extra mile in this review to list for you the specs that you need on your Windows computer to squeeze all the juice from this screen recorder and video editing software. Here are the system requirements;

      • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
      • CPU:                  2.0 Ghz processor
      • RAM and HDD: 1 GB RAM and 10 GB of free space on the hard drive


Ezvid is truly a powerful screen recorder software with some nifty editing features provided on its timeline to refine the output. It will not only record video and audio but will also bring timeline-based editing features on top of an option to synthesis text into narrated audio.

Ezvid also gives you control over the video and audio output all on a user-friendly interface that does not pose a steep learning curve that is a characteristic of many similar programs in the screen recorder category. It may fall short of some features here and there but the much it can offer proves to be pretty reliable and satisfactory with no watermarks, ads, and within moments, great results can be made out of this instant slideshow maker.

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