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Coming out as one of the best ebook converter programs out there in the market, Epubsoft Ebook Converter has really made a name for itself especially when you look at the cornucopia of options it delivers at your disposal.In fact, you will be able to convert EPUB, AZW, PDF, MOBI among other file formats into a wide range of output formats and devices. These conversions are made possible for you without caring about any DRM protections that may be coming with the files you are processing. Things even get better than this. Working on multiple files at once is also supported by this app by utilizing the batch conversion feature that will consequently help you save a great deal of time when compared to converting one file after another. In fact, Epubsoft Ebook Converter allows you to convert over 50 ebooks all at the same time.

On top of the native method of adding files into a program, this tool boasts of the convenient drag-and-drop feature that also goes a long way to help you easily realize the batch conversion process. The added files will also be processed automatically and you will have a cover preview for each file you add as one way to be sure that you are working on the right file. It would be so unfortunate to convert a file only to realize later that it was the wrong one. You can rest assured that this program will give you very high conversion speeds but at no instance compromise on the output quality. To get the best out of the Epubsoft Ebook Converter, you are armed with the guide below that has the steps to follow when you need to convert ebooks. The process to convert PDF to ePub is the point of reference for this tutorial.

How to Use Epubsoft Ebook Converter

If you are running Windows 7 and above, you are set on the path to enjoying all the features delivered by this program in regard to PDF to ePub conversion. It is worth noting that a Mac version of the Epubsoft Ebook Converter is also available for enthusiasts. You may be new to this tool and wondering how exactly to get started but all that will be a thing of the past once you follow the simple guidelines below. The guide has been presented to you in a way that no matter the level of expertise when it comes to such software, you will be able to have a heaven of time accomplishing that task at hand in the most convenient way possible. Ready for the ride? Fasten your belt and jump right into the next section.

Step 1: Launch Epubsoft Ebook Converter

Once you have obtained the trial period from the official website, the installation process is not cumbersome at all and should only take a short time to complete. It is an offline tool so you do not necessarily need the internet to set it up. When you launch the program for the first time, your desktop should have the simple and interactive graphical user interface below. Just dismiss any pop-ups that ask you to buy the program. You are ready to convert PDF to ePub or any other format you are after.

launch epubsoft

Step 2: Import PDF File(s) to Transform

Of course, Epubsoft Ebook Converter will not process an empty list and for that, it is time to add the files to be converted. Labels 1 and 2 show the options you have at your disposal; the native file browser method and the much-coveted drag-and-drop method respectively. Choose one that works best for you and get adding some files.

add ebooks

Step 3: Pick a Preferred Output Format

Depending on the kind of output you are looking forward to, Epubsoft Ebook Converter opens you up to a plethora of formats that cut across general formats and even device-specific output. Label 1 shows the most common formats you can convert your PDF files into while under Label 2, clicking on the “view more options” button opens a window where you can select the specific device you wish to output to including, Apple, Amazon, Nook, Sony, Kobo among others. In this article, we pick ePub for reference so pick the one you wish to use.

select target device

Step 4: Set OutPut Path and Convert

This is a piece of cake step that you will complete in just a short while. Label 1 shows the current output path and a “Browse…” button that you will use when you need to pick a different folder. I believe the default directory is good enough as Epubsoft Ebook Converter organizes the output for you in a proper way. Label 2 gives you the button to click in the instance you want to preview the output folder to confirm that it is exactly where you want the converted ebook to go. Once you are satisfied with the destination settings, hit the “Convert Now” button to kick start the process to convert PDF to ePub as for the reference used in this article.


When the “Work Progress” turns green as shown below, this will be the indicator that the conversion process has been completed. It is now time to head over to the output folder and locate the resulting ebook file. To do this, simply click on the “Open” button to directly navigate to the target folder. The output ePub file will carry the same name as the input PDF file but with a new file extension depending on the format you chose.


And just like that, you have accomplished the process to convert PDF to the Epub format equivalent using Epubsoft Ebook Converter. The process is not complex at all as evidenced by this simple guide you have just gone through. You can rest assured that the output file is of top-notch quality and can be opened on any ebook reader without any problems in viewing. This is not the only conversion method you can use as there are a ton of other format-to-format modes you can take advantage of depending on the task at hand. With this guide, you will be able to accomplish any of the tasks you engage in regarding ebook conversion.

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