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The process to convert ebooks is not usually that easy unless you have a reliable tool that can deliver undisputable results. Luckily for you, a program like Epubor Ultimate is here to bridge that gap and offer you a simple process to realize ebook conversion. This program supports ePub, PDF, MOBI and the most recent Kobo format as the various ways that you can output your file of interest.

At the end of the day, this app will ensure you enjoy your conversions by seeing to it that you get to read the converted ebook in an unfettered manner. Actually, the kind of output that is delivered to you can be opened from any supported ebook-reader without much hassle or hiccups regarding viewing or compatibility. This exclusive PDF to ePub converter software also comes with the options to drag and drop files under its arms which is a very coveted feature that comes in handy to complement batch conversion.

Consequently, you do not have to worry when you need to process multiple PDF files at once since Epubor Ultimate has got you covered. Better yet, this program is amazingly capable of processing DRM-protected files without breaking a sweat and as a result, makes it top in the list of go-to solutions. When it comes to the delivery of output, this app promises you speeds of up to 60X faster than similar functioning tools in the market. Even with the high speed, the output quality will not in any way be impacted negatively. How exactly do you employ this program when it comes to ebook conversion? We look at this in the next sections by taking the task to convert PDF to ePub following the guide below.

How to Use Epubor Ultimate

You can get started with the free trial of Epubor Ultimate on either the Mac or Windows platform without any restrictions at all. This will be the chance for you to evaluate the features you are opened up to before you can make up your mind regarding the paid version. In order to help you get to really know what Epubor Ultimate has in store for you, we have gone out of our way to bring you the comprehensive tutorial below that touches on all the key features of this software. Even if you are a novice who is coming across this program for the first time, you can start the program, give this guide a run and realize just how simple and ultimately convenient this tool is. Let us dive right into the PDF to ePub conversion task and get acquainted with the process.

Step 1: Set Up Epubor Ultimate on Your Computer

Epubor Ultimate is a pretty minimalistic program which will not take ages to download and install on your computer. For the best experience, make sure you grab this tool from the official website in order to avoid installing packages from third parties that may include malware. Once you have Epubor Ultimate up and running, the interface below meets your eyes. Just look at how amazingly simple it is.


Step 2: Import Files to Convert

From the instinctive user interface, adding files is not a hard task at all. Simply click on the “Add” option labeled 1 below to browse for the target PDFs natively. For convenience purposes, you can also exploit the second option labeled 2 that simply requires you to just drag and drop the files of interest into the indicated area. This will, in turn, facilitate the option to batch convert files.


For the case of a single file, it will be shown on the list below as shown by Label 1. You will also get some information about the PDF file like the title, author and size. On top of that, you have the chance to edit the files information or even removing the file from the conversion queue.


Those of us who like tinkering with the ebook cover and metadata like the Title, Author, Publisher among others can click the edit icon shown above with Label 2. Clicking on that icon will open the windows below that contains the editable options. Actually, this is more of an optional step but worth mentioning since there may be interested parties. Getting to know that Epubor Ultimate offers it is also pretty prudent.

edit meta data

Step 4: Pick an Output Format

Epubor Ultimate is very generous here as it lets you convert the PDF files into a wide range of formats including ePub, MOBI, TXT, AZW3, and even PDF. therefore, click on the drop-down button on the area marked below in order to open up the list of output options you have at your disposal. In this article, we select the ePub format as it is the one of interest.


Step 5: Convert

We have come to the core process which brings us a step closer to the output we are after. To convert the PDF file, click on the “Convert to EPUB” button shown by Label 1 and as a result, you will notice the animated spinner icon under Label 2 and the number of books being converted on the right side. Wait until the process is complete before you can proceed.


The moment you see the “Succeed” message under Label 1 below, it means that that conversion process has gone as expected and the output is waiting for you in the directory you defined earlier. To head over to the destination folder directly, click on the folder icon shown by Label 2. A file explorer window will be opened for you and the converted ePub will have the source name which means it shouldn’t be hard at all to locate it.



After going through the guide, this overly simple program has proven that there is more than just what meets the eye. Epubor Ultimate has managed to deliver a reliable process to convert PDF to ePub and not just in any normal way, but one that has proven to be pretty outstanding. Adding the ability to automatically detect your connected ebook reader devices and the loading of books, you get a masterpiece in your hands. No matter the platform you are running, Windows or Mac, this program is destined to give you an experience of a kind especially when you put this guide into use to steer you there.

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