DVDVideoSoft Free Skype Video Recorder Full Review and Alternatives

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This is a free video call recorder for Skype that has quite a list of amazing features that any Skype enthusiast may be looking for. It features a comprehensive picture-in-picture mode that lets you record audio and video from both parties although you can still choose to record only-video from the other side or just audio on both sides. Better yet, it is overly simple and intuitive making it not complex at all to get around. Regarding the recordings, DVDVideoSoft Free Skype Video Recorder sees to it that nothing less than high quality is delivered for both the video and audio Skype calls.

On top of that, it has no dependencies whatsoever and hence can be used without the need for addons like extra libraries. Another nifty feature is that you have a “Pause” button that you can use when the need arises without having to stop the whole recording, not forgetting the live Skype broadcasting recording feature that this tool boasts of.

Features of DVDVideoSoft Free Skype Video Recorder

Download DVDVideoSoft Skype Video Recorder

Software Name Free Version Professional Version

DVDVideoSoft Free Skype Video Recorder

How to Use DVDVideoSoft Video Recorder

Now that you are familiar with what this call recorder for Skype has in store for you, it is time to learn how to use it to make the most out of it. Just follow the tutorial below and you will be set for amazing results.

Step 1: Being a free program, download it from the official website and install it on your computer. On launching, you will be met by an intuitive interface that is not complex to understand.

Step 2: From the drop-down menu under the “Record mode:” section, pick your preferred mode of recording Skype calls. The available modes have been outlined in the introduction.

Step 3: Define your preferred saving directory for the recordings using the “Output folder:” section at the bottom of the interface. This will facilitate easy retrieval of the Skype recording after you are done.

Step 4: Start a call on Skype and then hit the “Record” button on DVDVideoSoft Free Skype Video Recorder. You should be able to notice that the time counter also starts to indicate that the recording process has begun. You can also “Pause” and “Resume” at any time.

Step 5: To stop the recording process, click on the “Stop” button on the DVDVideoSoft Free Skype Video Recorder. You can access the output file by clicking on the “Show in folder” icon on the same interface that will take you directly to the saving directory.

DVDVideoSoft Free Skype Video Recorder will save the video calls in MP4 format while the audio is captured in MP3 format and both of these formats are universal meaning that they can be opened on any device. Whether you are implementing it on personal or commercial purposes, it will work the magic for you without any hiccups, all for free.

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