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Maybe you have a PDF that carries a drawing that needs to be converted into a 2D or 3D drawing in order to make further adjustments possible. This is a process that will not just be done with any tool but instead will require a specialized piece of software that will be able to make the transformation without much hassle. Dotsoft PDF2DWG gives you exactly that especially when you consider that it works as a standalone app without the need for any CAD software or Adobe Acrobat is installed.

Every component of the input PDF file will be retained to the greatest extent in the final DWG file. For instance, vectors will become polylines, text annotations will form text objects while images will be extracted to be used as references. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and Dotsoft PDF2DWG ensures that you have both a simple and instinctive user interface all in a single window. In addition to that, you get a preview window so that you can confirm the document at hand before proceeding. You are not limited in any way regarding the size of the PDF file you are looking forward to converting on top of a status bar that gives you information on what is happening.

Expect no limitations whatsoever even when you are processing a multipage PDF file. At the same time, you are opened up to nifty features like zooming and rotating so that you are able to preview the input to the tiniest details before the PDF to DWG conversion process is even started. And here in this article, you will get to learn how to come about a successful process to convert PDF to DWG.

How to Convert PDF to DWG with Dotsoft PDF2DWG

The task to convert PDF to DWG is surprisingly done on a single interface and in a very simple way that does not prove to be mind-boggling at all. Actually, you will just be amazed to find out how the conversion is achieved using this program. The kind of experience that you get here is definitely one of a kind and is without a doubt a force to reckon with. To get rid of any instances of steep learning curves that may arise like for the case of first-time users, below is a step by step process that gives you a complete insight into the whole process.

Step 1: Setup Dotsoft PDF2DWG

This program is very minimalistic which automatically translates that the download and installation process does not take ages to complete. When you finally have the software up and running, the interface below will be presented to you with just a bunch of buttons at the top and a status indicator at the bottom. You have done the first step already so let’s continue.

main window of PDF2DWG

Step 2: Add a PDF File

Dotsoft PDF2DWG is pretty accommodating here as you can import PDF files by using the native file explorer method that can be accessed by clicking on the icon labeled 1 or alternatively and conveniently just drag and drop the files onto the area marked with Label 2. The second option will be a favorite for many as it saves on both the time and effort.

import a PDF file

Once the PDF file has been added successfully and is compatible with Dotsoft PDF2DWG, a preview will be shown to you with several actions being to your disposal. These include the option to zoom and rotate the opened file.

Step 3: Define Output Options and Save/Convert

Dotsoft PDF2DWG does not feature any file menus which means you resort to clicking on icons to apply actions. For instance, when you hover the mouse cursor on the labeled icon below, you will notice the description that tells you what the button does. As for our icon of interest, it allows us to either save the PDF file as a DWG or DXF file format. Therefore, click on this icon in order to open the relevant interface.

Define Output Options

Clicking on the save icon will navigate you to the “Designate Output File” dialog box where you will be able to set pretty much everything in regard to the output. Label 1 shows where you will need to specify your preferred output folder in the instance you do not want to save in the source directory. Label 2 indicates where you can give a different name to the output file while Label 3 opens you up to various versions of DWG drawings that you can choose from depending on the target destination in terms of the viewing and editing CAD software later on. Hit the “Save” button when you are satisfied with the adjustments you have made.


Hitting the “Save” button directed above will close the dialog box and the processing will commence. As shown below, you will only be able to monitor what is happening by checking the status area. Just be patient for all the components of your PDF file to be analyzed and exported by Dotsoft PDF2DWG in the most accurate way as much as possible.


When the status changes to “Ready”, that will be the indicator that Dotsoft PDF2DWG has completed the conversion process. As proof of this, when you navigate to the output directory, you will be able to find the converted DWG file with the name you opted for. As for our case in this article, we decided to have the same file name and save the output in the source folder and as you can see below, the DWG file is there ready for further actions.


You have just managed to convert your PDF file into a 2D or 3D DWG file that can be edited on compatible CAD software. From the interface, Dotsoft PDF2DWG may have looked like it is not capable of such a task but it has defied all odds and delivered the right kind of output. Amazingly, in just a matter of 3 steps, the process to convert PDF to DWG is done without breaking a single sweat. Without a doubt, this is an app that can be used by a novice user without much hassle especially when such a guide is available at their disposal.

Dotsoft PDF2DWG may not be that sophisticated when compared to other similar functioning programs but makes sure that the task at hand is accomplished to the most satisfactory output. It is not actually after a fancy user interface at all but most interested in the core function and which it does exemplary. Dotsoft PDF2DWG is, therefore, the go-to software that is minimalistic to a great extent and still manages to kick the ball out of the pack for you in the most convenient way.

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