DeskPDF Studio XE

Quite a number of converter apps have pitched themselves as the perfect replacement for Adobe Acrobat on the basis of rendering the same service it does. However, only a selected few can truly substantiate that claim with effect.

DeskPDF Studio XE is one of the best PDF converting programs that have been highly pitched as a feasible alternative for Acrobat. In this review, I will be looking into those claims while trying to substantiate whether the Docudesk is a worthy alternative.

Furthermore, I will be doing a personal review that follows the procedure that I have outlined for all the other apps I have reviewed in the past. Without mincing words, let’s get to the matter at hand.

Product NameSupported OSPriceDownload Link
TalkHelper PDF ConverterWindows 7/8/8.1/10$29.95Free Download
DeskPDF Studio XE Windows 7/10$49.95Free Download

DeskPDF Studio XE At First Glance


At first glance, what you see when you open the app, you see a home page that largely looks like the Microsoft Word home page. Like the Nitro Pro, this software comes designed with a compact minimalist interface that slips everything into one easily-accessible view. Here is one of the reasons why it emerges as one of the best PDF software of the year.

DeskPDF Studio is a multi-capable app that is not only a converter but also an app that can edit, sign and stamp any document into PDF. This is much like what Acrobat offers too.

Much more than this, it can also add freehand and other markups like letterhead and watermarks. This is a way for individuals and businesses to protect and certify their documents with deep assurance of security and safety.

Further to this, the app gives you the liberty to edit the texts on any PDF file: from changing font colors to font style and highlighting or underlining texts for emphasis, there is no limit to the text-editing ability that DeskPDF offers. You can even cross out specific lines to pass a message across to your audience. I dare say, what more can Acrobat boast of?

home page tabs

Another cool thing about the software is that the interface is largely user-friendly and directional, just like that of Nitro and Foxit PhantomPDF.

Unlike the display view of Icecream PDF, this app has a robust display of tabs that shows the exact function that each of them performs. From converting and creating PDFs to editing, reviewing and securing your PDF files, the DeskPDF studio app provides you an ‘at-a-glance’ view of what to use to do what. This is basic yet fascinating because not all converter apps offer this kind of view. Now, let’s get to the processes.

Creating and Converting On The DeskPDF Studio

Unlike other PDF converters that I have reviewed (especially Foxit PhantomPDF), creating and converting on the DeskPDF Studio XE is done in a rather awkward way. When I clicked on the “create and convert” tab, I expect that I can import PDF files to be worked on by clicking the “PDF from any file” icon.

I was surprised that it only turned the app into a PDF opener. So, when you want to work on a PDF file with this app, you will need to click the “folder” icon on the top left-hand side of the page. This may pose a misdirection to some users, but it should not take too long to figure out where to click if you are very familiar with Microsoft Word interface.

create and convert

Once this is done, you can start to work on your file. By all means, I can say without any sentiment that this app boasts a rich and very intuitive interface for any kind or level of user.

This program offers you the ability to create PDFs from any kind of file type – matter of fact, you can do so from some 300 file types! Isn’t this just great? From my test, I also found out that you can merge independent files together or even re-arrange the pages of an existing file on the DeskPDF Studio XE. For me, this is not just creating and converting, it has stepped up to the level of editing and reviewing.

I have always championed the cause that if you want to do something, you go all the way. With these features, DeskPDF has entrenched itself as a full-stack PDF handling software that delivers way more than the ordinary.

Other Details Of The DeskPDF Studio

Here is another factor that stands out about this app. It outputs some great quality PDFs that can conveniently rival what the top dogs offer. Beside this, it provided the option to directly send out your file via email. All you need to do is tick the checkbox that holds that detail.

Another cool thing I found out during the review is the incredibly low cost. Despite the relatively low price of purchase, I am surprised that this app gives top-notch service that can compete favorably with the offerings of the more highly priced software.

I cannot overemphasize the usefulness of the minimalist view. For me, this might as well be the height of user-friendly(ness) that this app boasts of. It has a single-dialog box that contains everything you will ever need to carry out your tasks. There are no hidden tabs or icons that you need to search for or additional features that are buried deep in multi-tabs. Everything is displayed in plain sight!  


Aside from the little issue I had with which icon imports file for editing and converting, I have no reservation saying that DeskPDF Studio XE is a highly sophisticated and very intuitive PDF handling program that provides top-notch professional PDF handling at a far less price. This, I believe is one of the many reasons why users are endeared to it and make a huge comparison between it and bigwigs in the game like Adobe Acrobat.

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