4 Best Ways to Convert Scanned PDF to Word Online & Offline

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While it is easy to convert native PDF files into editable Word formats, scanned PDFs can prove to be a headache, especially when you do not have the right tool and method to follow. A scanned document calls for the use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to help extract data from image files.

To rid you of the hassle of searching for the right OCR software to help convert scanned PDF to Word, we are presenting you with online and offline solutions to get you going. Without further ado, let’s dig in.

This Tutorial Covers

Method #1). Convert Scanned PDF to Editable Word Document Using Desktop PDF Converters

In this first section, we are going to cover offline software to convert a scanned document into an editable Word equivalent.

We will feature the fully-fledged TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR and Able2Extract Pro coupled with their comprehensive tutorials.

1). Using TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR

TalkHelper Converter OCR delivers exemplary results when it comes to converting scanned PDF into editable Word. It supports over 40 OCR languages and maintains very high-quality output levels that see to it that all the necessary data is extracted as required. There is no steep learning posed by this offline program and is therefore suitable for any user. Now, here is how to turn a scanned PDF into Word using TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR.

Step 1: Select the PDF to Word mode. With TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR set up on your computer, click on the “PDF To Word” option under the “Convert PDF To Other Files” category from the panel on the left.


Step 2: Add a scanned PDF file. Click on the “Add File(s)” button, and from the “Open” window, go to the PDF source folder, highlight the target file, and hit the “Open” button.


Step 3: Enable the OCR feature. Head over to the “Convert Mode:” section and activate the “OCR (Support Scanned PDF)” feature coupled with the matching document recognition language.


Step 4: Turn the scanned PDF into Word. Click on the “Convert” button at the bottom of the interface to commence the conversion.


Once it is done, click on the middle document-like icon under the “Actions” tab to directly open the output editable Word document.


TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR happens to deliver very reliable and high-quality results that do not require any form of further editing to correct errors. Also, you get a chance to evaluate the features with the free trial period before you can make up your mind to purchase the paid version of this OCR tool.

Download talkhelper pdf converter


2). Using Able2Extract Pro

Able2Extract Pro is a secure and overly accurate, offline desktop PDF converter that brings you all the convenience. Boasting a built-in OCR feature, any PDF, both native or scanned, can be converted into Word without being tied to a specific platform. Better yet, when you translate scanned PDF files to Word, the original formatting is maintained to the greatest extent so that you have little to no editing instances. Now, to scan PDF to Word, follow this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Open a PDF file. Click on the “File” menu, choose the “Open…” option and from the resulting interface, navigate to the location of the PDF file, select the file, and then hit the “Open” button.


Step 2: Select the scanned document you need to OCR. Head over to the “Select” section, click the “Select All”, “Select Range…”, or “Select Page” icon depending on your preference.


Step 3: Choose the output file type. After selecting what you need to be converted, head over to the “Convert” tab and click on the “Word” icon to open the relevant interface.


Step 4: Save the output Word file. From the “Save As” window, choose the saving directory, an appropriate file name for the Word file, and hit the “Save” button to complete the process.


At this juncture, you will notice that the process to scan PDF to Word will start and you will be notified that the program is “Performing OCR” and then finally delivering an editable Word document that is also automatically opened for you.

Download Able2Extract Pro

Method #2). Convert Scanned PDF to MS Word Document Online

If you are looking to escape the need for setting up software on your computer, working with an online OCR program is your go-to option. All the processing activities happen online without any device limitations. However, you have to meet the prerequisites of a modern web browser and a good internet connection. In this section, we are featuring the Free Online OCR, SmallPDF tools, and accompanying step-by-step guides.

1). Using Free Online OCR

Just as the name suggests, you are provided with an OCR tool all for free. Free Online OCR has support for 46 languages works on both scanned and image-based PDFs. For the best quality, it is advisable to use PDF images of 200-400 DPI. This online OCR app is pretty accommodating too and has a maximum input file size of 200 MB. To make the most out of this tool to scan PDF to Word, here is a tutorial on how to do that.

Step 1: Navigate to the Free Online OCR website


Step 2: Upload the target scanned PDF file.


Step 3: Pick your document language


Step 4: Select the target output format


Step 5: Start the PDF to Word process


Step 6: Download the converted Word file.


2). Using SmallPDF

SmallPDF (https://smallpdf.com) delivers a plethora of tools with one being the ability to translate scanned PDF files to editable Word using the built-in OCR feature. It features the simple drag-and-drop method of importing PDF files, guarantees the best quality for the output, and also has your files secure thanks to the encrypted connections. Want to know how to quickly convert scanned PDF to Word? Here is a tutorial on how exactly to do that.

Step 1: Open the SmallPDF PDF to Word tool


Step 2: Upload a PDF file


Step 3: Activate the OCR feature


Step 4: Start the process to convert scanned PDF to Word

Step 5: Download the output Word document


SmallPDF is an all-around online tool that will deliver a reliable experience to convert scanned PDF to Word. Its high conversion speeds, format retention, intuitiveness among other features make it the ideal OCR choice.

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