How to Convert Scanned PDF To Editable Word In 100% Accuracy With OCR


At some point, you must have come across a scanned PDF file or dealt with a scanned PDF for information insemination. One outstanding trait of these type of documents is that they are usually in picture form and thus are not easily editable. To achieve editing capabilities, you have to convert the document to an editable format like Word.

Even so, not all software can convert scanned PDF to Word as you think since it requires a special feature known as OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

In this article, we will look at two of the best software you can employ when you need to convert scanned PDF to Word. A step-by-step guide is provided to make sure you do not get stuck at any point when you get started. The tools that you will be guided on are TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR and Adobe Acrobat Pro OCR.

1). Convert Scanned PDF to Word with TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR

TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR is a top versatile and leading software that comes in handy when you need to convert scanned PDF to Word. Looking for an all-around converter program? TalkHelper is that go-to converting software you can easily employ when you have to convert scan PDF to Word.

It features a built-in OCR that is able to extract any kind of data from any kind of scan document. To achieve the results of a much editable and searchable Word document With TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR, follow the steps below.


Step 1. Download, Install and Launch

TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR

This is definitely the first step if you have not already gotten started with this OCR software. You can obtain it for free form the official website for your Windows platform. The installation package of this scanned PDF to editable word converter is pretty small so downloading and installation should not take ages. Once you have installed, launch the program to get started.

Step 2. Select PDF to Word

click pdf to word menu

When TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR has opened successfully, you will be welcomed by a screen akin to the one above. Our task involves scanned PDF to Word conversion hence we have select the appropriate mode on the left-hand side of the tool where you will find several conversion modes.

Make sure to select PDF to Word mode lest you don’t get your desired results. The option is pre-selected by default when you launch the program but it is always advisable to double check.

Step 3. Add a Scanned PDF

import scanned PDF files

With the right conversion mode selected, it is now time to add the scanned PDF files in preparation for conversion to Word. This OCR to Word converter tool has two ways through which you can add files.

You can browse for the files you need to convert to editable Word normally or better yet implement the more convenient drag and drop feature. When you opt for the later, there is a target area marked where you should drop the file(s). A list of added files will be availed to you so that you can make adjustments if need be.

Step 4. Choose the Output Folder

specify output folder of converted word file

For easy locating and retrieval of converted files, TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR allows you to customize the output folder of the converted files. When you convert scanned PDF to Word with this OCR software, you can opt to save the output in the same folder as the original scan PDF or else decide on your own folder of preference. These options are very direct so you should not have trouble choosing one that works best for you.

Step 5. Select OCR Conversion Mode

enable OCR conversion mode

As mentioned earlier, we are dealing with scanned PDF files and that being so, we have to match our files with the right conversion mode. Below the added file list window, you will get several conversion modes and one of them is the OCR. You just need to enable the OCR radio button to achieve scanned PDF to Word conversion as required.

Once you have enabled it, you will immediately unlock language options below the “Convert Mode” choices. It is here that you will select the language that your scanned PDF comes with so that it can be converted accurately. This tool has support for over 30 languages when it comes to OCR.

Step 6. Convert Scanned PDF to Word


After we have had everything set as required in the above steps, it is now time to hit the “Convert” button and wait for the editable Word that will be output. You should have the editable word document within moments depending on the size of your scanned PDF. Voila! You have completed your first scanned PDF to Word conversion task. See how easy it was with TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR?



2). Convert Scanned PDF to Word with Adobe Acrobat Pro OCR

Adobe Acrobat has always and over time been the standard software for creating, editing, and viewing PDF documents. It can be used for both personal and commercial purposes but it is best suited for business purposes considering that it is pricey. Notwithstanding that, this is a great converter tool that has a plethora of features.

We are after its ability to convert scanned PDF to Word and specifically how to go about the process. At the end of this guide, you will be able to achieve scan PDF to Word in a matter of a few easy-to-understand steps. Please note that this process of converting PDF to editable is utilizing Adobe Acrobat and not Adobe Reader. Let us now jump right into the guide.


Step 1. Install and Launch

Of course, you can not get started with a software that you have not installed on your computer in that case you have to download this OCR to Word converter in order to get started. You can obtain it as a free trial OCR tool for 30 days or upgrade to the paid plan if you prefer that.

After downloading, installing follows and finally you launch the tool to begin converting scanned PDF to editable Word. After launching you will be presented by the main Window below.

install adobe pro dc


Step 2. Navigate to Tools Tab

The first time you launch Adobe Acrobat Pro, you will arrive at the Home section that will feature recent files and the storages you have access to. For the scan PDF to Word feature, you will need to click on the Tools tab to have an overview of all tools available.

It is from this list that you will select the appropriate choice. In our case, we need to “Export PDF” to another format which is Word.

export PDF files


Step 3. Add a Scanned PDF

After selecting “Export PDF”, you will arrive on another interface that various formats that you can convert your PDF file into. On the same page, you get an option where you are directed to “Select a File” and in our case, you will select the scanned PDF file you need to be converted into Word. Once you have added a  scan PDF file, move on to the next step.

import a scanned PDF into DC


Step 4. Choose the Output Format (DOC or DOCX)

With the scanned PDF file added, it is time to choose the format to export to and our target format is Word. Adobe Acrobat Pro is able to export scanned PDF files using the built-in OCR into either the old DOC or the newer DOCX format and the choice will greatly depend on your preference.

Each format has advanced settings (represented by a cogwheel icon next to the format) where you can make extra changes in order to achieve the desired output.

advanced settings


Step 5. Modify Advanced Settings – With OCR

In the format advanced settings, you are opened up to various features that enable you to tweak the way the output will be delivered when you export. You will be able to modify attributes like layout, comment and image settings. And most of all, our feature of interest is also found here. Text recognition settings (OCR) are included here and enabled by default.

As you can see in the image below it is reading “Recognize text if needed” which means it can work automatically to detect when you are working with scanned PDF files even if you do not select. In case you set it manually, you can also modify the “Set Language” option so as to match with your scanned PDF language. Adobe Acrobat Pro has support for multiple languages that you can choose from. After you are satisfied with the settings, Click “OK”.

set OCR languages


Step 6. Convert Scanned PDF to Word

It is now time to dive into the actual OCR to Word conversion process. All you need to do is hit the “Export” button and you will be taken to an interface with saving options. You can choose whether to save your file locally or on the cloud if you already have an account. At the same time, you can still make modifications to the file format you had selected in case you missed anything.

In terms of saving, you can save in the same source folder which can also be a recent folder. If not that, you are free to choose a different folder to save into. No matter the one you go for, you will just need to give the file a name of choice and save. On top of that, there is also an option to open the Word file automatically after it has been saved.

convert scanned PDF file to MS docx


Below are some questions which can arise from this article;

Question 1). What’s Scanned PDF?

A scanned PDF is a Portable Document Format file containing images of a given document. The content is scanned to images which are then saved into one PDF file, you can’t search text from a scanned PDF or edit the content on the scanned PDF document.

Question 2). How to identify scanned PDF and normal PDF?

To distinguish a scanned and normal/native PDF you just need to check for the searchability of text on the document. If you can search for words in the document, you have a normal PDF and if you cannot search for anything, it is automatic that you have a scanned PDF file.

Question 3). What’s OCR?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition which is a technology used to recognize text within a digital image and is mostly used in scanned documents.

Question 4). Why OCR is required when converting scanned PDF to editable word?

OCR is important when converting scanned PDF to Word since it is able to recognize the text on the document accurately and able to export the same text into an editable Word document that also doubles as very searchable, if you don’t enable OCR in the conversion of PDF to word, the output word file will be consist of a series of images which is uneditable.

Question 5). What languages are supported in OCR?

OCR has support for most of the popular languages in the world but the number will vary depending on the tool you are using, in TalkHelper PDF Converter, there are 46 supported languages including English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, etc.

You now have a full guide on how to convert scanned PDF to Word with two of the best tools that you can get. Their performance is unlikened to any other and with the guides, you are assured to not get stuck at all.

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