How to Free Convert PDF To Word Doc With Google Docs


PDF is a convenient format when it comes to viewing and sharing unmodified content but has a big setback when it comes to editing. Unless you are armed with specialized programs, which usually are large and come with a very steep learning curve, there is not much you can do with PDF files.

The good thing is that the frustration that comes with such a process can be overcome by converting the PDF file to a suitable format. In this article, you will explore two step-by-step guides on how to convert PDF to DOC or PDF to DOCX with some of the most convenient tools in the market.

To be specific, you will learn how to use Google’s own Google Docs tool and the top-notch TalkHelper PDF Converter software. Let us get started.

Convert PDF To Word Doc With Google Docs

Google has not been left behind in the document opening, editing, and conversion industry. It has delivered the Google Docs online service that is very popular among users who like working on documents online. Google Docs is a very good alternative to the paid solutions out there as it is accessible for free and works in an excellent way to achieve PDF to Word conversion.

Better yet, it is able to retain the original formatting and layout hence rid you of any editing instances. On top of that, it is not platform-dependent as it can be used on any operating system as long as you meet the prerequisites; a good internet connection to handle uploads and downloads, a modern browser and a free Google account. When you are armed with that, follow the steps below to convert PDF to Word.

Step 1). Navigate to Google Docs and Sign in


On your web browser, head over to the website and sign-in with your Google account when you are prompted to. Once you do that, you will come to the interface below. Here, click on the option indicated in order to create a blank document.

Step 2). Open The PDF File To Be Converted

Once the blank document has been opened in the previous step, click on File>Open in the Menu Bar as shown below to add your target PDF file. You can also achieve the same conveniently by implementing the Ctrl+O hotkey.


You will then arrive at the interface below where you can add the file from the My Drive (Google Drive) option in case your file an existing pre-uploaded PDF document. If not so, click on the option labeled 2 to open the upload interface labeled 3. Here, you can add the files via a simple drag-and-drop option for convenience. After adding the file(s), click on the “Open” button labeled 4.


Once you open the uploaded file(s), you will notice that an upload progress bar similar to the one below will be displayed. With it, you will be able to track how far the PDF file has been uploaded. After a successful upload, the PDF file will be opened in a new tab.


Step 3). Convert PDF to Word

On the new tab, select the “Open With” drop-down menu at the top as shown and then choose the “Google Docs” option. This will trigger the conversion process and how fast it happens will depend on the size of the PDF file.


Once the PDF to Word conversion process is complete, the input PDF file will be opened automatically as a Google Doc in a new tab as shown below and will carry the same name as the input file.


Step 4). Download the Converted  DOCX File

If you are satisfied with the output file that has been displayed to you, it is time to save the file to your local machine. To do this simply head to the Menu bar and click on File>Download>Microsoft Word (.docx) as indicated.


The moment you complete this step, the DOCX file will be processed and downloaded automatically. If you are using Chrome as your browser, you will get the file as in the interface below or simply navigate to the downloads section of the browser you are using to retrieve the Word file.


Voila! That is how to achieve a successful PDF to Word conversion with Google Docs.

Batch Conversion of PDFs to Editable Words With TalkHelper PDF Converter


TalkHelper is a pretty versatile and overly comprehensive PDF tool that brings a plethora of features at your disposal. Besides partial PDF to DOC conversion, it is also capable of handling batch conversion in the most convenient way. This is because it works efficiently to deliver the output in a matter of moments without breaking a sweat.

Better yet, the output is also of high quality and retains the original formatting. At the end of the day, you get to save on both the time and effort when you engage in PDF to Word conversion of multiple files. However, a question comes in? How do you achieve batch PDF to DOCX conversion with this tool? This question is answered here as you will get a step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

Step 1). Install and Get Started


If you do not have TalkHelper PDF Converter already installed on your computer, this is the first step you have to do. You can download it from the official website as a free download trial period and upgrade later on at a very affordable price. When you launch this software to convert PDF to Word, you will get the interface below.


Step 2). Select Interface Language and Conversion Mode


TalkHelper happens to be a multilingual tool and the user interface can be localized to one of the more than 30 languages supported. You will be able to do that in the option labeled 1. Next, you need to select the right conversion mode and you can do that by clicking on the PDF to Word option marked with label number 2.

Step 3). Add PDF Files


With the right conversion mode selected, it is now time to add the multiple PDF files that you need to be converted. As indicated, that can be done in two ways. The first option is where you just select all the files then drag and drop then on the directed area of the tool. The other option is where you use the native file explorer method to navigate to the directory containing the files and select the ones that you need to be converted to Microsoft Word.

Step 4). Choose Output Directory


As indicated below use the first option to decide where the output DOC or DOCX files should be saved. You can opt to save in the source directory or customize it to a user-defined one. In the second option, you can choose how to convert each file; as a whole, specific pages or even a page range depending on your preference.

Step 5). Refine The Conversion Mode


This is a crucial step especially depending on whether you are working on native or scanned PDF files. For scanned PDF files, make sure to have the OCR option enabled and of course, match your document language as required.

Step 6). Convert


You are now ready to commence the actual batch conversion of your PDF files to editable Microsoft Word document equivalent. All you need is to click the “Convert” button as indicated below.

Depending on the size and number of PDF files you are working on, you will find the output in the directory you choose earlier in just a matter of moments.

Both of these tools will deliver high-quality output with retained formatting as much as possible. This article has gone to the extent of how to use each of them which has gone a long way to making the PDF to Word conversion process seamless and at the same time accommodates first-time users in the best way.

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