How to Convert PDF to Excel Without Losing Formatting: A Step-by-Step Guide

convert-pdf-file-to-excel-keep-formattingDuring the process to convert PDF to Excel, it doesn’t just happen flawlessly at times especially when it comes to the formatting. You will notice that there are programs that you will use and yes as much as they are able to achieve the PDF to Excel process successfully, the formatting is usually out of place. What this brings about is you to start editing the final file in order to keep the formatting. Of course, this is a tedious and time-consuming task but the good thing is that there are solutions that will convert PDF to Excel without losing formatting.

In this article, we bring you two best PDF to Excel converter software that will bridge this gap for you in a satisfactory way. The programs that have made it to be the best are none other but TalkHelper PDF Converter and Able2Extract that you can download and get started with conveniently. Keeping columns, rows, and data when you convert PDF to table to Excel will feel just like a walk in the park when these tools form part of your artillery.

You will not only learn of the features of each program in a brief but also get guided on how to use the same software to accomplish the task at hand. It is not an easy task to keep formatting but these powerful solutions will get you to that milestone without much hassle. Without wasting any more time, let us find out what each has in store for you.

This Tutorial Covers

Method #1: Convert PDF to Excel With Able2Extract Professional

This is one of the most powerful PDF to Excel converter software that you can obtain when you are looking to convert PDF to Excel and at the same time retain the formatting to the greatest extent. Actually, this program doubles as both an efficient and overly accurate tool that will see to it that you convert PDF to Excel without losing formatting since the conversion process happens in a pretty much automatic manner for you. To ensure that you do not lose any formatting in your input PDF file, you are empowered with output customizations options that are geared towards that final Excel file that will not need any editing to correct the format.

Therefore, you will be able to convert PDF to Excel with formatting, keeping columns intact, and any other components like rows. In addition to that, this tool to convert PDF to XLS also comes in handy when you need to save on both the time and effort when processing multiple PDFs. To be specific, it supports batch PDF to Excel conversion too, and here is a tutorial on how to convert PDF to Excel and keep the formatting.

    1. With Able2Extract up and running, open the PDF file that you need to convert into Excel. Simply head over to the “Convert” panel on the ribbon at the top, click on the “Open” option, navigate to the location of the PDF file and “Open” it.
    2. Once the PDF is successfully open, still under the “Convert” panel, click on the “Excel” button since it is our target format. Quick Tip: Use the “Automatic” mode.
    3. In the resulting dialog box, pick your preferred saving directory, specify an appropriate name, and hit the “Save” button.


After going through these steps, Able2Extract will convert PDF to Excel without formatting and the output Excel file will be opened for you automatically ready for further actions.

Method #2: Convert PDF to Excel With TalkHelper PDF Converter

When it comes to converting PDF to Excel without any formatting loss, TalkHelper PDF Converter will definitely be a suitable program for that. It will convert PDF to table to Excel while keeping columns, rows, and data in a way that you need not apply further editing later. It is also a very comprehensive PDF to Excel converter software that is quick in its working and at the same time lets you batch convert PDF to Excel with formatting. On top of that, you can decide to convert specific pages or page ranges when you deem it unnecessary to convert the whole document.

There is also a built-in OCR feature that comes in very handy when you need to convert scanned PDFs into the equivalent and editable Excel format. All in all, this is a very comprehensive program that will help you keep formatting anytime you decide to convert PDF to Excel. In the next section, you will learn how to use this software to convert PDF to Excel without losing formatting as much as possible.

    1. From the “Convert PDF To Other Files” on the left panel, select the “PDF To Excel” as your conversion mode of interest.
    2. Click on the “Add File(s)” button, navigate to the directory containing the PDF file, select the file, and then hit the “Open” button.
    3. Since we want to keep formatting, click on the “Format Priority” under the “Convert Mode” and then hit the “Convert” button to kickstart the process.
    4. Wait for the conversion process to complete and then hit the folder icon on the far right side of the file row to navigate to the folder containing the converted Excel file.


Once you have located the Excel file, you can open it and confirm that the formatting has been retained. From there, you can now edit the Excel file and apply further actions that are necessary.

There you have it! Two programs that promise to keep the formatting for you anytime you dive into the process to convert PDF to Excel. With this PDF to Excel converter apps, you will no longer need to take time to correct any missing formatting like it is the case for other software out there.

Keeping columns in tables will become a very easy process and you will enjoy that comprehensive layout and format retention that go a long way to save you loads of editing time. Now that you have two choices, pick one that augurs the best with you and kiss goodbye to loss of formatting when you convert PDF to Excel.

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