Convert PDF to Excel Without Converter Software: Two Free Methods to Use

pdf-to-excel-without-softwareAt one point or the other, we have all been met by the necessity to convert PDF to Excel. As such, the majority of the time, we have resorted to third-party solutions since they happen to be more popular. However, there are some of us who would not want to download third party programs that they are not sure of how they work or even their security. If you happen to be among this group of enthusiasts, you have just come to the right place as you will be able to escape the tedious and time-consuming process of setting up third-party software on your computer for PDF to Excel conversion.

From the Microsoft suite, we will be using Word and then SmallPDF which is an online PDF to Excel converter software. You will get to learn about the features and at the same time know how to use these solutions to realize a comprehensive process to convert PDF to XLS. Word is suitable when you are working without converter software while SmallPDF is when you want to convert PDF to Excel without software. Now that you have your goal at hand that you want to achieve, here are the solutions that you are opened up to that promise to work the magic.

This Tutorial Covers

Method #1: Convert PDF to Excel in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a suite that is available on every computer out there and besides the creation and opening of documents, it is also capable of achieving document conversion capabilities without the need to rely on third party programs. In this PDF to Excel conversion task, we will use a combination of Microsoft Word and Excel that will provide a fast and simple process to sail us to the output we are looking for. This is a very suitable solution especially when you are a bit tight on time to seek and install third-party solutions. As you dive into the guide on how to convert PDF to Excel, just make sure that you have Microsoft Office on your computer. It is now a good time to learn how to convert PDF to XLS without software.


    1. Open Microsoft Word on your computer and from the “File” menu navigate to the “Open” option. Next, click on the “Browse” button in order to open the necessary dialog box. Go to the directory containing the PDF file, click on it and then hit the “Open” button.
    2. There will be a pop-up informing you that the file will be converted and so click on the “OK” button when it appears.save_as_html
    3. After the PDF file successfully converted and opened in Word, head over the “File” menu again, choose the “Save As” option and then click on the “Browse” button to pick a saving directory, an appropriate file name and format.
    4. In the “Save As” dialog box, input your preferred filename if you do not want to keep the default one, a saving directory of choice, and then for the “Save as type”, select “Webpage (*.htm;*.html)” format. Hit the “Save” button to finish the process.
    5. Now, launch Microsoft Excel, head over to the “File” menu, select “Open” and then “Browse” to open the dialog box that will help locate and open the webpage file we saved in the previous step. Head over to the saving directory, select the webpage file, and then click on the “Open” button. In the instance, a message pops up, select “Notify”.open-html-in-excel

Now you have your PDF file in Excel format ready for further actions before you can finally save. And just like that, you have managed to convert PDF to XLS without converter software.

Method #2: Convert PDF to Excel in SmallPDF

SmallPDF comes with a plethora of online tools and ultimately makes it super easy to process PDF files. Actually, it has just any kind of PDF tool you can think of all in one palace. Being online means that you will be able to convert PDF to Excel without software on your computer. All you need is a modern web browser coupled with a good internet connection to handle both uploads and downloads. It boasts of enhanced accuracy thanks to the top-notch conversion algorithm that sees to it that the original formatting is retained to the greatest extent including tables, rows, and columns.

In the instance you are looking to convert scanned PDFs, worry not as the built-in OCR feature has got you covered. It is also pretty accommodating as it supports files of up to 5GB and even batch PDF to Excel conversion. Better yet, security is always of great concern when working online but this program ensures that you are secure when implementing the software. Now that you are familiar with this PDF to Excel converter, it is now time to learn how to use the program.

    1. On your favorite web browser, navigate to the smallpdf website and from the list of available tools, pick the “PDF to Excel” one.
    2. In the resulting interface, click on the “CHOOSE FILES” button so that you can add a PDF file or files using the native file explorer method. Just navigate to the folder containing the target PDF file, click on it and hit the “Open” button. Optionally, you can just drag and drop the file into the same interface on the web.
    3. Wait for the file to be uploaded and when it is done, choose the “Convert to Excel” options and then hit the “CHOOSE OPTION” button to proceed.
    4. The PDF to Excel conversion process will begin and once it is complete, click on the “DOWNLOAD” button to save the Excel file locally on your computer. You should be able to find your file in the downloads folder ready for further actions.pdftoexcel_withoutconverter-smallpdf

Whichever method you pick, these solutions are guaranteed to kick the ball out of the park for you in a reliable way and ultimately get to avoid the need to install untrusted third-party software on your computer. These programs are comprehensive enough to help you achieve the kind of results you have been looking for. All that remains now is for you to pick the best solution between these two and get lacing your shoes in the best way possible.

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