How to Convert PDF to Excel Online Without Email: 3 Free Services to Choose

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The need to convert PDF to Excel will see you take on a quest to look for the ideal tool to help you accomplish just that. When choosing the tool to settle for, various factors come into play depending on the level of convenience and effectiveness you are looking for. In this article, we will be looking at online PDF to Excel converter programs that will not ask for your email address or require you to register in order to access the soft-after feature to convert PDF to Excel online.

At the same time, we are lining ourselves to the free online options that will not require you to dig any deep into your pocket. While certain programs will restrict you from accessing their services when you have no email, the solutions provided here will help you escape all that and accomplish the task at hand with the ultimate convenience. Below, you will be opened up to 3 free services that will let you convert PDF to Excel online without email requirement. Apart from identifying with these online programs, you will also have a step by step guide on how to use each one of these tools in order to make the most out of them. These are the free online apps you have at your disposal.

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1). EasyPDF

EasyPDF has its own share of wonderful and outstanding features that make it one the ideal online PDF to Excel converter programs that should not miss on your radar. It boasts of three main traits that cut across security, anonymity, and no limitations whatsoever. Security is ensured by the fact that uploads and downloads are done via encrypted connections and that no email is needed to access the services. It is also a free online app that will not pose limitations especially regarding the number of PDF files you can convert into Excel.

On top or remaining anonymous during the PDF to Excel conversion process, you also get to take advantage of the incorporated OCR to convert scanned PDF files like when you need to extract tables or get editable spreadsheets. How do you accomplish this?

      1. Open the EasyPDF Excel converter. On your default web browser, navigate to to access the relevant interface.
      2. Upload a PDF file. Click on the upload icon so that you can access the native way of importing a PDF file. Locate the PDF file, click on it, and hit the “Open” button.
      3. Wait for the upload and conversion process to complete. The moment you open the PDF file, the upload process will start automatically followed by an automated process to convert PDF to Excel.
      4. Click on the “Download your file” button to save the converted Excel file locally on your computer.


In just a matter of these few steps, you will have managed to convert PDF to Excel online with no email being required. The interface is also easy to navigate and should not at all pose any hiccups when you have armed yourself with this how-to-use guide.

2). Online2PDF

Among the many PDF features that Online2PDF delivers is the ability to convert PDF to Excel while remaining completely anonymous. To be specific, being anonymous comes about by the fact that, even without email, you can access what this app brings without being limited in any way.

It is a pretty accommodating online PDF to Excel converter software that lets you work with files of up to 100MB though, at the same time, you should not exceed 150MB when you combine all the files. For your security and privacy, uploaded files are never saved on the server and are deleted once you are done with the conversion. Batch conversion is also supported and here is how to get started with this free online app.

      1. Open the tool in your web browser. Simply navigate to and continue to the next step.
      2. Add PDF file(s) to convert. Click on the “Select files” button, navigate to the source directory in explorer, select the file(s) and hit the “Open” button.
      3. Choose an output format. Next to the “convert to:” label, click on the drop-down menu and either pick XLS or XLSX depending on which one you prefer. Also, choose whether to implement OCR in your PDF file like for the case of a scanned PDF file.
      4. Click on the “Convert” button. This will commence the upload process, the PDF file will be converted for you and then the output Excel file will automatically be downloaded for you.


With no email at hand, you have still managed to convert PDF to Excel online and obtain the results you have been looking for. The quality delivered by this online PDF to Excel converter app ensures that the format and layout are maintained as much as possible in order to save you a great deal of time. All this without email requirement.

3). Investintech Online PDF to Excel Converter

When you get started with Investintech Online PDF to Excel Converter software, you have set yourself on a path to remain anonymous all through. This free online app makes that possible due to the fact that no email is required to enjoy the features. This is on top of offering powerful features like batch conversion, the ability to convert scanned PDF files with the built-in OCR feature among others absolutely free.

You will also be able to work from anywhere without being restricted to Mac, Windows, or Linux. The process to convert PDF to Excel online is efficient and overly accurate with data extraction feeling like a knife through butter when you follow the process on how to convert PDF to Excel below.

      1. Open the tool website. On your web browser, open this link to access the app interface.
      2. Add a PDF file. Click on the area indicated on the simple interface to open up File Explorer. Browser for the PDF file, click on it and then hit the “Open” button.
      3. Download the converted Excel file. The moment you add a PDF file, the conversion process will start automatically after which you will be presented with a download link. Simply click on the “Download File” options to save the converted Excel file locally.


After going through the steps above, you have noticed that no email has been asked at any one point during the guide. Therefore, you get to enjoy being anonymous and still have no limitations at all when it comes to kicking the ball out of the park.

This article is tacit proof that you can conveniently convert PDF to Excel online without email or any other personal information being asked from you. On top of remaining anonymous, these are free online solutions that will not ask a single penny for you in order to achieve the task at hand. What this means is that you have come to the end of your quest for free services that are reliable enough as online PDF to Excel converter solutions. Choose one, follow the accompanying guide, and obtain satisfactory results in the end as expected.

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