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What’s CometDocs?

Looking to conveniently convert Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to PDF? CometDocs is just the tool you need for that. It is by far very feature-laden to give you the best when it comes to converting Excel to PDF. It is one of the best Excel to PDF converter software which comes in several variants that you can choose from. Your choice will greatly depend on your budget and the kind of features you are looking to explore during Excel to PDF conversion. In this review article, we delve into the goodies this top tool has to offer when you opt to get started with it.

Get Started With CometDocs

Since you access this tool online via your browser, getting started is pretty simple as you just need to navigate to the website. You must have ready your Excel files that you need to convert since you will be required to upload them. Once you have added the files either locally or from the supported cloud services, you now just need to choose the output format as PDF and input your email address. Finally hit the Convert button and once the process is done, a file link will be emailed to you for download.

Free Download CometDocs

Software NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
  • 1. CometDocs
  • Windows 7/10Free TrialFree Download
  • 2. TalkHelper PDF Converter
  • Windows 7/8/10Full VersionFree Download

    More in CometDocs

    Drag and Drop

    Besides the normal way of browsing files from the cloud and locally on the PC, this Excel to PDF converter has another convenient way of adding files. By simply dragging Excel files and dropping them on the target area on the website, you will be ready for PDF to Excel conversion. This is a handy tool that this review article cannot fail to recognize.

    Free Online Storage

    In case you are pressed with space on your local PC, the process of converting Excel to PDF is well supported with online storage by this great tool. If you are working with the free version, you will be opened up to only 2GB of online storage while the paid will give you 10GB of the same. Even with the free version you have a considerable amount of storage for your Excel to PDF conversion tasks.

    Batch and Priority Conversions

    At one point or the other, you may have many Excel files that you need to convert into PDF. Converting one by one can be a very time-consuming and tedious task but thanks to this great tool, you can always implement batch conversion when faced by this. In addition to that, this tool has priority conversion when you add files that need fast and first conversion as they take priority. This means you can upload many Excel files that will be converted to PDF all at once.

    Document Preview

    Not knowing what kind of output you will have can be a mystery until you are done with the conversion. Luckily, has a preview feature that gives you a sneak peek of the kind of output you are to expect at the end. If by any chance the preview does not satisfy you, you can always make adjustments to get just what you have in mind regarding the output PDF file.

    Document Management

    Unlike other similar functioning tools, this top-notch tool provides you with the various way you can manage your files. The ways you can manage your converted files include sharing, storing and hosting. It will give you options to share the converted files conveniently besides storing them safely on the cloud and hosting the same for access by the target audience.

    Integrated Cloud Services

    As we all know, it has been possible to store files online on the cloud. In this review article, we could not miss the fact that has some of the popular cloud services integrated including Google Drive and Dropbox. If your files live in any of these, you do not have to download it to your PC and then upload it to You just need the file link and input it directly and this good tool will handle the rest.

    Supports Large File Size

    Limitations on file size can be very disappointing when you have a large file to work on. Fortunately, allows for file size up to 150MB when working with the free plan and 1GB when using the premium plan. It thus means it is the best Excel to PDF converter service when working on personal files which are usually not that big. The premium plan is best suited for commercial purposes which may deal with even larger files.

    Overall, CometDocs has in this review article proven to be a good go-to service when you need to convert Excel to PDF. When you want to conveniently share Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in a form that cannot interfere with the content layout and formatting, this is the tool to give a go. The only downside is that you are limited to only 3 Excel to PDF conversions in a week for the free version but all that can be overcome by getting the subscribed plan.

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