Camtasia Studio Full Review and Alternatives

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Camtasia Studio, from the award-winning Techsmith, is an avid screen recorder that also takes video editing to a whole new level. With it, you can record the screen as it has been crafted with the user in mind, especially first-timers, to make sure that getting around this screen capture software is not any daunting. In fact, it still interweaves simplicity in itself on top of the powerful and robust features. By doubling as a video editing and screen recording tool, you no longer need to set up separate apps on your computer to achieve these tasks, which means you are opened up to both comprehensiveness and convenience all in one program.

Better yet, Camtasia Studio supports both Mac and Windows which are the most popular platforms – you will not miss out on what it has in store for you. It is closely related to the Snagit counterpart which helps you record the entire desktop screen, a specific area, an application window, or even a scrolling screen though lacks the robust video editing capabilities of Camtasia Studio.

In this article, we are going to dive deeper into this screen capture software to have a greater understanding of what makes it tick especially how it manages to find that perfect balance among features, user-friendliness and still deliver exemplary output. Before we dissect this software further, let us first look at some of the pros and cons.

Camtasia Studio – Free Download

Product NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
Camtasia Studio for WindowsWindows 7/8/10Free TrialFree Download
TalkHelper Screen RecorderWindows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download

Pros & Cons of Camtasia Studio

  • Powerful screen capture
  • Simple and instinctive
  • Cursor effects
  • Rich Asset Library
  • Reliable customer support
  • Features a mobile version
  • Stability issues
  • Limited hotkeys
  • Low customizations

How to Use Camtasia Studio

A Closer Look at Camtasia

Camtasia comes out as a professional-grade tool that you can call to action on Windows or Mac to deliver satisfactory results both in screen recording and video editing. Since 2011, Techsmith has all along been working towards a bug-free software and this has not been in vain as the program becomes even more refined with time.

Whether you are on Windows or Mac, the features delivered are the same across the platforms – specifically, this comparison is drawn between Camtasia Studio 9 for Windows and Camtasia 3 for Mac. In this section, we give that closer look to this Techsmith software.


1). First impression

The first time you get started with this tool, you will notice that it is laden with features but on top of that, how clear and concise they are laid out on the interface is just amazing. At the same time, you need not worry about how to get started because a sample project is loaded automatically for you.

This sample project is usually some kind of video tutorial that basically takes you through the interface and how to accomplish various tasks. You will be directed where to find even more tutorials in order for you to have everything at your fingertips. The main interface is divided into 3 major parts; the timeline, media and effects, and a live preview area to help confirm all the changes take effect as you want.

2). Where to use Camtasia?

Now that we know what this program can achieve, who gets to benefit from such software? Below are some of the use cases of this powerful tool.

      • Screen record training videos – If the content you need to train your audience happens to be on the screen, this screen recorder will help you capture that, then, using the built-in video editor, refine the recorded video before sharing.
      • Record game-play – With the gaming industry growing with each new day, you can take advantage of the screen recording feature to capture your gameplay to share walkthroughs or even showcase your prowess by sharing to socials like YouTube.
      • Make video tutorials – At one point or the other, you may want to teach other users how to use certain software and this top screen recorder lets you do exactly that without much hassle. In simpler terms, recording how-to videos is made even easier.
      • Video editing – We have been only considered editing videos captured by Camtasia but that does not limit you there entirely. You can also take advantage of the built-in video editor to refine your other videos not necessarily recorded with Camtasia Studio.
      • Meeting, webinar, and presentation recording – For instance, if you are on a meeting on an app like Skype, you can record it conveniently with this software for future reference.

3). Camtasia as a Screen Recorder


As a screen recording software, Camtasia does not limit you in any way regarding what you can capture be it software, website, presentation, videos, or any content on your desktop. Further, you have the freedom to capture the full screen, a window, a specific region, or application as you deem necessary.

For personalization purposes, you can record footage from the webcam and add in your main video using the picture-in-picture mode. For audio, you can grab it from the built-in microphone in the form of narration, capture the system sound or opt not to record any if you wish to add audio from clips that you will import during the video editing process.

Another nifty feature is whereby, by simply connecting your iPhone/iPad to your Mac, the capture app by Techsmith will help you capture the screen directly with gesture support.

4). Camtasia as a Video Editor


This tool has quite a good share of features here and all are geared towards giving you that pristine quality at the end of the day. Here is a list of the video editing features that you are opened up to.

      • Easy editing – This is realized when you consider the drag-and-drop feature that makes it overly simple to add, remove, move sections, and trim media.
      • Interactive quizzes – Camtasia helps you add quizzes in your video and results in enhanced interactiveness with the audience to measure and encourage learning.
      • Annotations and Cursor FX – With annotations, you get to highlight areas of focus and with the cursor effects, you get a polished and professional look to your video.
      • Transitions and Animations – Transitions come in handy to blend the flow between videos while animations affect the behavior of the video depending on what you want to achieve like commanding attention on to a specific area.
      • Device mockups – Camtasia provides you with device frames that you can use during video editing to make your footage appear to play on a specific device like a laptop, desktop, or even an Android or iOS device.
      • Audio effects – With these, you can adjust, pitch, gain, add audio points, minimize background noise, optimize audio levels so that you guarantee the highest quality for your video audio.
      • Green Screen and Chroma key – If you wish to replace the background in your videos and use a custom one, the green screen is your Swiss Army Knife. The Chroma key feature is what makes it possible to achieve a green screen effect.
      • Themes – By using themes, you are able to maintain a constant look and feel for all your productions and this goes a long way to help the audience identify with your brand.
      • Table of Contents and Closed captions on videos – For instance, if you are planning a screen recording to YouTube and you need viewers to have a way to jump directly to a certain point in the video, Camtasia brings you this feature that helps you add interactiveness by creating navigation points. On the other hand, closed captions can be added directly to your video and go a long way to facilitate understanding.

5). Templates, Presets, and Packages

This tool boasts of built-in video templates that help you save greatly on both the time and effort besides being able to customize the same to achieve your desired goal. Presets will open you up to the tools you use the most with the ability to save them as you see fit. On the other hand, Camtasia packages simply help you have all your templates, themes, presets, libraries, among others in a single easy-to-manage file.

6). Rich Sharing Options


Once you have recorded the screen and successfully edited the output video, the next thing is to share it with the target audience. Camtasia boasts support for some of the most popular video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Google Drive, Vimeo, Techsmith’s, or as a local file that you can decide on further actions later. On top of that, you have total control over the production so you can always choose how you want the output to be.

7). Pricing

For starters, you get to download this tool for a 30-day free trial period. This is the time you have to make a comprehensive evaluation of the features offered since they will no longer be free once the period expires. However, you can expect your output videos to have a watermark on them until you purchase the paid version. For flexibility purposes, you are opened up to 4 plans of Camtasia depending on your needs as follows.

      • Camtasia Individual – This is offered at $249.99 as a one-time fee for a single license on Mac and Windows
      • Camtasia Business – Here, you will incur a one-time fee of $249.99 also and volume discounts are available. Site licenses are also provided in this plan.
      • Camtasia Education – This is offered at $169.99 with volume discounts, site licenses, and tax exemption. For educational purposes, this is an ideal choice.
      • Camtasia Non-Profit – At $223.99, governments and non-profit organizations can obtain this plan and enjoy site licenses, volume discounts, and tax exemption.

After you have put your area of application, you can comfortably settle on one of the plans outlined here. When you purchase this software you get to enjoy priority hands-on support and at the same time opens you up to the official Camtasia Certification course.


Camtasia is an awesome software that will kick the ball out of the park for you by delivering a simple user interface that gears you to professional and high-quality screen recording and video editing. The companion Fuse mobile app lets you work between your Android phone or iPhone/iPad to ensure a continuous workflow no matter the device you are on. The learning curve is not any steep so this program has got you covered even if you are a novice.

Camtasia Studio may not deliver all the robust features in screen recording and video editing but the fact that you get to accomplish these two tasks on the same software helps Camtasia blow the competition out of the water. Grab the free trial version for a comprehensive feature evaluation before you can consider to upgrade.

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