CamStudio Full Review and Alternatives

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CamStudio is an excellent, simple, free, and open source screen recorder software ideal for screencasts, quick demos, or tutorials on your computer that you can save locally or on platforms like YouTube. It is capable of recording both audio and video to output them in the popular AVI format and still gives you the option to convert into SWF format that is more bandwidth-friendly. On top of screen recording, this desktop software delivers captions and annotations at your disposal besides the much-coveted picture in picture mode using the webcam – versatility is guaranteed here.

It also implements its own lossless video codec which yields pristine quality videos without taking too much disk space like it is the case for some of the codes in the market. CamStudio also boasts of cursor control options during the video recording process that can either entail the entire screen, a specified region, and quality selection when it comes to the output.

Even with all these features, this desktop screen capture software still remains simple to use and get around – you need not worry as there are built-in guides to get you started. Before we continue, do not confuse this program with Camtasia Studio which is a different tool that offers similar features.

CamStudio – Free Download

Software NameSupported OSOffline VersionFree Download
CamStudioWindows 7/8/10Free VersionFree Download
TalkHelper Screen RecorderWindows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download

Pros & Cons of CamStudio


      • User-friendly interface – CamStudio features a simple interface that makes it easy to use.
      • Customizable – Considering that it can be customized, you will be working with your preferences at any one time.
      • No limitations – This program does not limit you regarding how long you can record or even the size of the file.
      • Free – It will not cost you even a dime to access all the goodies that come with this program.
      • Open source – This desktop screen recording software has its source code open which means it sees a pretty vast development channeled to it and facilitates in the creation of extensions.


      • The output file size is overly large – The AVI video files output by this tool are way above normal size but the good thing is that this program is able to convert them to SWF format.
      • Limited output formats – It can only save videos in the AVI format and then offers conversion into SWF.
      • Setup installs unwanted apps – There are potentially unnecessary and unwanted apps coming with the installer package – some are even malware.

How to Use CamStudio

This section will touch lightly on the steps to use CamStudio to capture screen video as below:

      1. Install CamStudio together with the accompanying codec.
      2. Start the screen recording by clicking on the record button.
      3. Choose how you want to record – the entire screen or a region.
      4. Choose your preferred video resolution.
      5. When done, expand the drop-down menu and hit the stop button.
      6. Save the recorded video in a directory of choice.

An Avid Screen and Audio Capture Tool


CamStudio takes the screen recording task head-on and brings the user various ways of screen capture as this review article seeks to explore. With it, the user can capture the whole screen like in the instance of a game, an application window, or a user-defined area on the screen together with audio.

For clarity purposes, it is able to highlight the mouse cursor path for you so that every step is clear to the target audience. Regarding the output, a user can shift between the AVI and SWF formats at the click of a dedicated icon. Let us look at the various options one is opened up to by this screen capture app.

        • Video options – There are lots of options to tinker with here and are aimed at that total control over the video output. To be specific, one can choose a preferred compressor codec, define the quality level, keyframes, adjust the capture and playback frame rates, not forgetting the time-lapse feature.

video option

        • Cursor options – This review has touched on the cursor and the options you get for it encompasses choosing whether to show or hide it, selecting a custom cursor, adjusting the cursor highlight parameters like the size, shape, color, and last but not the least, enabling visual click feedback depending on which mouse button is clicked.

cursor option

        • Audio options – First and foremost is that audio capture can be done using the microphone or just the system audio besides advanced options being attached to each like the volume, saving format among others. Another handy feature is whereby one can correct unsynced video and audio using the provided synchronization tool.

This review also recognizes some extra features like the auto pan whose speed can be adjusted accordingly. There is also an automatic screen recording mode that can stop the capture process after the duration you define is over. This means that you can schedule CamStudio to end the video recording even if you will not be present in-person to do it.

Advanced Annotation


Among the many features of this program is access to annotations that help the audience understand your video better or just for personalization purposes. CamStudio lets you add quite a list of annotations that include text, images, drawings, and watermarks.

It has a dedicated menu where all these effects can be accessed including comments, timestamps, and even the picture-in-picture mode that gamers love. On top of that, taking screenshots is also supported although you have to tinker with the frame rate first, drag the mouse cursor to cover the region of interest and then tap to go ahead with the actual snapshot capture.


CamStudio is without a doubt a go-to screen recorder and annotator that makes the most out of open source programs to deliver exemplary results be it in tutorials, demos, podcasts, or any other activity on your desktop screen without being hamstrung by any limitations.

It is compact, feature-laden, free, and maximizing on its allure will sail you to a reliable and convenient video screen recording task. This desktop software will record the screen, give you control over audio, offer annotation tools, and then output high-quality videos that you can share on socials like YouTube, Facebook with no hassle involved.

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