Callnote Recorder Full Review and Alternatives

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Callnote is not only delivered to you as an avid, unlimited Skype call recorder but also goes the extra mile to open you up to editing tools that you can use to refine your Skype recordings. Audio and video can be recorded separately and not in any normal quality but that HD kind of quality that is best suited for top-notch production before sharing.

On top of that, Callnote can record multiple audio tracks when the need arises without having to tinker with any extra options and all can be found in the same saving directory. It also happens to be one of those tools that take the automatic approach when recording Skype calls and this mode has proven to be a fan favorite for many Skype call recording enthusiasts.

In the instance you are just chatting, this Skype call recorder will also record that for you and save in text format. With the integration of Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote, YouTube, and Google Drive, sharing becomes convenient to a great extent.

Features of Callnote

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Callnote Recorder

How to Use Callnote for Skype

Callnote is very feature-laden but that should not at all intimidate you when you need to use it. We have made the learning curve less steep in a great way by bringing you a step by step guide to sail you to quality Skype recordings.

Step 1: Download and install Callnote on your Windows computer in readiness to record Skype calls. When this is done, launch both Callnote and Skype.

Step 2: Head over to Skype and place a call. Immediately you do that, a Callnote window will pop up ready to record your call. Just click on the red icon to start recording the Skype call. You also have a chance to pause and resume the recording in the same window.

Step 3: To stop recording the Skype call, simply end the call on Skype. At the bottom of Callnote, you should be able to notice a status message advising you that the recording has been saved successfully with extra details like the date and time. To find all your recordings, head over to the “Library” section, and apply necessary actions.

This is an effortless piece of Skype call recording software that will lace your shoes perfectly. It is fast and efficient enough to make sure that you never miss any recording you need thanks to the automatic Skype call recording mode. Moreover, Callnote is largely multilingual and hence can be localized to any of the supported languages and in doing so facilitate easy user experience.

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