CallGraph Skype Recorder Full Review and Alternatives

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No matter the version of Windows you are rocking, CallGraph Skype Recorder is here to make the process to record Skype calls less of a hassle. This program will only record the audio from Skype calls and save in the common MP3 format or use the WAV format if you prefer. While some of the Skype call recording software features only a manual mode, CallGraph Skype Recorder is among the list of apps that are good enough to feature an automatic mode that sees to it that you do not have to keep interacting with the software anytime you have to capture a Skype call.

Lessons, podcasts, and even interviews can be recorded with the ultimate convenience akin to none other. On top of that, the CallGraph Skype Recorder goes the extra mile to index your Skype call recordings so that it becomes easy to find them when you perform a search on your computer. To make the most out of this call recording software for Skype, follow the step-by-step guide in the next section.

Features of CallGraph Skype Recorder

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How to Use CallGraph for Skype

Unlike other similar functioning tools, CallGraph Skype Recorder is not complex at all and that will translate to lots of simplicity and ease of use. Here are the steps needed to record Skype calls successfully.

Step 1: Grab the free trial version of CallGraph Skype Recorder online and install it on your computer. Next, launch both CallGraph Skype Recorder and Skype simultaneously.

Step 2: Once the two programs are running, Skype will require you to restart it so that CallGraph Skype Recorder can integrate with it as required.

Step 3: Start a call on Skype and immediately click on the “Record” button on the CallGraph Skype Recorder interface. You will get a notification advising you that the Skype call recording process has begun.

Step 4: Stop the recording process. Easy peasy! Simply end your call on Skype and CallGraph Skype Recorder will automatically stop the recording too without the need for your interaction. Head over to CallGraph Skype Recorder and click on the “Folder” icon to access the Skype call recording.

At the end of the day, the CallGraph Skype Recorder will deliver excellent recordings whether personal or commercial in a very convenient way. When the need arises, it is also capable of saving your Skype recordings in transcribed form especially when you want them in text or printable format. With the free trial period, you can extensively evaluate the features before making up your mind to obtain the premium version.

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