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As a free video-sharing website, YouTube has become very popular over the years as evidenced by the billions of users and more so billions of watch hours every month. This does not happen just out of the blue but because the content there keeps the viewers coming back for more. Even before a user gets to the actual content, what greets them first is the introduction which goes a long way to help a viewer identify with your content and on top of that get to know that the content is from a particular person.

For the introduction to stand out, it has to pass several characteristics; short, engaging, have a content sneak peek, and brand reflection are some of the main factors. Of course, coming up with that perfect YouTube video intro will definitely feel daunting especially when you consider the plethora of programs out there that aim at outdoing each other. Luckily for you, Biteable is here to bridge this gap for you by bringing you lots of professional templates that will sail you towards that eye-catching intro you have been looking for without much hassle.

With Biteable, you will be opened up to interesting visuals, on-brand messaging and incorporate a blending soundtrack to your intro and ultimately make your viewers and subscribers anticipate for more content from you. This article dives a little bit more to let you in on the process to create a YouTube video intro using Biteable. By arming yourself with this step by step guide, you will be able to make that captivating intro that will make your YouTube channel outstanding.

How to Make a YouTube Video Intro With Biteable

Coming across a good video intro maker for YouTube can be quite a headache if you are not sure what to settle for. Biteable is here to give you a simple and reliable process to create that intro you have been looking for without the need to tinker with so many options. Biteable is rich in templates that cut across just any topic that your videos are about in order to ensure consistency at the end of the day. As we dive right into the tutorial, brace yourself for that satisfactory experience to create a YouTube intro. But first, make sure you head over to the official Biteable website and make sure to create an account since this program works online without the need to go through cumbersome software installation processes on your computer; a modern browser and a good internet connection are the prerequisites.

Step 1: Choose a Template

Instead of using complex video editing software that tends to be pricey and time-consuming, Biteable delivers a rich list of templates that you can choose from and in regard to our tutorial, we will be looking at templates from the YouTube category. Head over to the templates section so that you can choose the “YouTube” category as shown by Label 1. In the resulting list on the right side labeled 2, pick the template that involves making a YouTube Intro.


This program has lots of templates so we will use the one referenced below to guide this tutorial. This template carries around 10 templates in it so there will be a lot of deleting in order to remain with the one you need. You can actually hit the play button to preview some of the featured templates. To work with this template, hit the “Edit video” button below it.


Step 2: Remove Unwanted Parts of the Template

Once you have selected the template, you will be taken to the interface below with a timeline containing various assets. It is here that you need to pick the one that fits you and then delete the rest of the components. For instance, we choose the indicated assets below and thus have to delete all the others.


Deleting is pretty simple as you just need to click on the drop-up menu button labeled 1 and then hit the “Delete” option labeled 2 below. Follow this method to remove all the other components that you do not need on the timeline.


Once that is done, the timeline will be much cleaner and feature only what we need as can be seen below.


Step 3: Personalize the Template

Now that we have just what we need to form our intro, it is time to personalize the template so that it can feature titles and names to match your channel or the specific video that you want to add the intro to. To be specific, we will change the “YOUR NAME” and “What your vid is about” texts to our preferred ones. Under Label 1, this is where you will input your text of choice, choose your preferred font from the drop-down menu under Label 2 where you also have a chance to apply the selected font to all scenes in your projects, save the changes and preview with the button labeled 3, and the changes will be reflected in the region labeled 4.


Step 4: Adjust the Colors

Since we are working with a template, it may not necessarily have the colors we want and for that, it is time to make the adjustments by moving to the color section. Simply hit the “Color” section labeled 1 and then pick your preferred color palette or define your own customs colors in the area labeled 2.


Step 5: Add an Audio Track to the Video

The video will definitely feel a little bit boring when it does not have any audio incorporated. Luckily, Biteable has got you covered here. Head over to the next “Audio” section labeled 1 ready to spice up your YouTube intro with some soundtrack. By default, you will be asked to pick from the stock library but if you want to add your own track, hit the “Upload a track” option labeled 2. If you choose to go with the stock library, use the section labeled 3 to preview the available options, and once you have found one that augurs well with you, click the radio button next to it in the area labeled 4 to select it. Once that is done, you are ready to preview the project and therefore hit the button labeled 5 to continue.


Step 6: Preview and Download the YouTube Intro

Biteable gives you a dedicated section that lets you build the preview so that you can confirm that all the changes that you made are reflected. Make sure you are in the “Preview” section labeled 1 and then hit the “BUILD MY PREVIEW” icon labeled 2.


The building process will start and you will have a similar interface like the one below. All you need to do is be patient for Biteable to finish working on your YouTube intro.


Once the process is complete, you will be able to view the finished YouTube video intro and have a chance to preview it to check whether it is what you were looking forward to having. Since we have worked with the free version of this online program, the output will have watermarks on two corners of the video although you can get rid of that by going for a paid plan of Biteable. notwithstanding that, you have managed to create a YouTube video intro that you can use to catch the attention of your followers and viewers and at the same time give your channel that feeling of consistency.

Always have at the back of your mind that a YouTube intro can either make or equally break your channel since you will use it each and every time you have to upload a new video to YouTube. This tutorial is enough to help you make your intro as visually stunning and overly engaging as much as possible keeping in mind the guidelines that were highlighted in the introduction section of this article. Biteable is definitely the ultimate online program that will meet all these qualities for you and lead you to no disappointments at all. It would not be unfounded at all to term Biteable as the best video intro maker for YouTube.

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