6 Best WebM to MP4 Converters for Windows/Mac/Online

webm to mp4 converter

A WebM to MP4 conversion tool is used to convert WebM files into MP4 format through free download software or online service. WebM is a young web video format that uses VP8/VP9 codecs and is made for internet streaming. As for MP4, it is a ubiquitous video format that is supported by any device regardless of the platform, network, or browser. MP4 format also utilizes a wider range of codecs including HEVC/H.265, H.264, AVC, and more, besides serving both streaming and offline playback.

Therefore, to enjoy the versatility of MP4, it becomes necessary to convert WebM to MP4 and this article gets you acquainted with the best WebM to MP4 converter tools to save you the painstaking hassle of searching.

6 Great WebM to MP4 Converter Software – Free Download

Software NameSupported OSVersionDownload Link
  • 1. TalkHelper WebM to MP4 Converter
  • WindowsFull VersionFree Download
  • 2. Wondershare UniConverter
  • Windows, MacFree TrialFree Download
  • 3. VLC Media Player
  • Windows, MacFree VersionFree Download
  • 4. CloudConvert
  • Web-basedFree DemoFree Download
  • 5. Zamzar
  • Web-basedFree TrialFree Download
  • 6. WEBM to MP4 Converter APP
  • AndroidFree VersionFree Download

    #1. TalkHelper WebM to MP4 Converter (Recommended)


    TalkHelper opens you up to a comprehensive process of converting between WebM and MP4 besides other formats like MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, MP3, and more. This WebM video converter presents an extensive list of native and device-specific presets for an overly straightforward video conversion process.

    Specifically, you can convert WebM files into MP4s that support specific devices like iPhone, PSP, Xbox, etc, not forgetting it can tailor output video files, like 3GP, for playback on old feature phones. Even better, this converter offers high-speed WebM to MP4 conversions without compromise on the original quality.


    • Fast and high-quality video conversion
    • Rich video conversion preset profiles
    • Allows you to set a specific quality level
    • Supports batch WebM to MP4 conversion
    • Features a built-in video downloader


    • Windows only

    Supported Platforms: Windows

    Best for: An all-encompassing, high-quality WebM to MP4 conversion process backed by options to batch convert videos and a ton of preset profiles.

    Download TalkHelper Video Converter

    #2. Wondershare UniConverter


    Wondershare UniConverter blends a WebM video converter, compressor, editor, DVD burner, and more, all under the same roof. Boasting full GPU acceleration, this video converter promises conversion speeds of up to 90X coupled with the ability to convert multiple WebM files into MP4, all at once.

    Amazingly, you can compress WebM videos of up to 8K quality, either individually or in bulk, at a single click, and still retain the original quality. Even better, you get powerful video editing options (trim, crop, merge, add subtitles/watermarks, etc) to help tweak and personalize the output MP4 files even further.


    • Allows you to compress WebM files without quality loss
    • Supports fast GPU-accelerated WebM to Mp4 conversion
    • Presents some video editing options including a smart trimmer
    • Offers a built-in video player and DVD burner
    • Helps you to add subtitles
    • High-quality output at all times


    • A bit expensive

    Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac

    Best for: A comprehensive WebM to MP4 converter tool featuring a rich video toolbox that allows you to also compress, edit, and burn clips to DVDs when necessary.

    Download uniconverter

    #3. VLC Media Player


    VLC goes past just being a fully-fledged media player to offer a reliable WebM to MP4 converter without the need to seek external programs. This WebM converter tool supports a wide range of video sources including streaming media and DVDs.

    For a hassle-free process to turn WebM to MP4, you can make good use of the built-in video/audio conversion profiles that guarantee good quality even before you can make further adjustments. As a free, powerful, and offline WebM converter, VLC presents a flawless process without ads, spyware, or any kind of user tracking.


    • Free and open sources
    • Boasts built-in and customizable conversion presets
    • Supports hardware decoding for fast conversions
    • Available on all the popular platforms
    • Allows you to directly convert video streams
    • Provides a built-in video/audio player


    • No way to batch convert WebM to MP4

    Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

    Best for: A free but effective way to convert WebM to MP4 on all the popular platforms.

    Download vlc

    #4. CloudConvert


    CloudConvert is an online WebM to MP4 converter software that not only boasts a ton of supported formats but also high-quality output at all times. Apart from video, this free service helps you to extract audio from the WebM format and save it in popular formats like MP3, among others.

    You are assured of total data security too besides a powerful API feature for developers. Using the WebM to MP4 API, it becomes pretty easy to integrate CloudConvert within your own converter app. Further, you can batch convert WebM to MP4 and still enjoy some video trimming options.


    • Extract audio from WebM files when necessary
    • Features a powerful API for app developers
    • Safe and secure to use online
    • Offers some video editing/tweaking options
    • Delivers high-quality conversions


    • Limited to 25 conversions per day

    Supported Platforms: Web-based

    Best for: Converting WebM to MP4 with total control over the quality, resolution, and size of the output MP4 file.

    Download zamzar

    #5. Zamzar


    Zamzar presents one of the simplest ways to convert WebM to MP4 considering that the entire process involves just a matter of 3 steps. To be specific, you just need to import the WebM file (even from a direct URL), set MP4 as the output format, and then hit the “Convert Now” button.

    If you are converting multiple Webm files all at once, which may take long to complete, you can provide your email address to be notified once the task is done. Luckily, the efficiency of this WebM file to MP4 converter tool helps to realize fast conversions and therefore shorter waiting times.


    • Superfast with high-quality output
    • Convert WebM to MP4 in just 3 steps
    • Offers batch processing options
    • Convert WebM files from direct URLs
    • Offers online storage starting from 5GB


    • The free version can be quite limiting

    Supported Platforms: Web-based

    Best for: Fast, online, and unlimited daily conversions of WebM files into MP4 without restrictions in the file size.

    Download zamzar

    #6. WEBM to MP4 Converter APP


    If you wish to convert WebM files while on the go, you can do so from any Android device using the WebM to MP4 Converter APP. This free download app is overly simplified to make it suitable even for novice users.

    A special feature here is that you can pick your preferred audio bitrate suitable for your output MP4 video file. To prove just how simple it is to convert WebM to MP4 using this Android app, only two steps are involved, and depending on the size of the added WebM file, you should get the output MP4 pretty fast.


    • Overly simple and efficient
    • Allows you to tinker with the audio bitrate
    • Available on all Android devices
    • Very beginner-friendly


    • Limited feature-wise

    Supported Platforms: Android

    Best for: The simplest and most efficient way to transform WebM files into MP4 format on any Android device.

    Download webm to mp4 app

    MP4 vs. WebM

    While MP4 and WebM may have similarities, here is a deeper comparison based on various parameters;

    Comparison parameterMP4WebM
    File extension.mp4.webm
    Developed byMoving Picture Experts GroupInitially On2, Xiph, Matroska, later Google
    Video codecsH.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC, MPEG-4 Part 2, MPEG-2, and MPEG-1VP8, VP9, AV1
    Audio codecsMP3, AAC, AC3, DTS, Opus, ALS, Apple Lossless, SLS, etcVorbis, Opus
    Device and OS compatibilityUniversally compatible with media players, editing software, sharing platforms, operating systems, and moreCompatible with most modern browsers, media players, and devices, but not as extensive as MP4

    MP4 to WebM: FAQ

    1. Start TalkHelper Video Converter, click “Add Media” and select “Add Video File...” to import an MP4 file.
    2. Click “Output Format” > “Popular” > “WebM” and choose a preferable sub-format.
    3. Hit the “Start Convert” button to convert MP4 to WebM.

    1. Open VLC media player, click “Media” and select “Convert / Save...”.
    2. Hit “Add...” to import a WebM file and click “Convert/Save”.
    3. Expand the “Profile” section and pick the “Audio - MP3” preset.
    4. Configure .mp3 extension for the output, and click “Start” to convert WebM to MP3.

    Both WebM and MP4 deliver high-quality video but the better format largely depends on the use case. For instance, WebM is best-suited for internet video streaming especially on HTML5, and compatibility spans across all modern browsers, besides support for video alpha transparency.


    As for MP4, it is the universally accepted ISO video format that can be used on almost any device, both for streaming and normal playback. If you need high video quality coupled with a downloadable video that can be played on any device, MP4 will be the better option.

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